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Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 43: Three Hundred Fantasies And Those Who Run Away From Them Are Actually Winning

The monster increased the density of its attacks. However, by increasing the density of its attacks it still needed to be in sync with its previous attacks…… That is, even on the next stage of battle, there would be some common elements with the previous stage.

「Number of hits…… Plus 3! As for lighting, no change to the time it strikes!]

It was like having a kind of safe zone around you, one that would allow you some breathing room, and enabled you to evade the ranged attacks without having to use evasive skills. Magic attacks were always being created in such a way that they would never overlap with one another.

I even had some short time in between lightning strikes to stop for a moment and open my status screen, right before the next attack would strike…… Their tracking was really accurate but their hitbox was relatively small, so for someone like me it was quite easy to dodge them by either strafing or rolling to the sides.

「Oi, you fucking mummy! I thought you were going to wipe the floor with me!? What’s wrong!? Come and get me if you can!? Don’t tell me you’ve run out of tricks to use!]

Maybe provocation was a hidden parameter in this game? I had the same impression with my previous battles, but some of the monsters seemed to be susceptible to taunts and would often go out of their way to get me.

So right now the monstrous wizard acts in a similar way, instead of magical attacks trying to melee hit me with its elongated torso.

「Three…… Two…… One…… Right there!]

I did my best to try and match the timing perfectly. The moment its body was closest to me…… and while it was being carried by its momentum, I used that opportunity to grab onto it.

「Hahaha! Theory may be theory, but I didn’t think I could actually pull that off! I’m so scared of my own brain cells right now!]

Regardless of whether or not you would receive damage from an attack like that, it could theoretically be possible to grab onto the enemy’s body as long as it makes an attempt at attacking you physically.

There was always a possibility that its body was actually some ether-like substance that I would be unable to grab a hold on to, but fortunately that was not the case here. So while I was taking a hold on to the wizard’s body, I reached out towards its magical wand.

Although I understood that magical attacks had a real kick to them, it was also true that they were only good from a distance, leaving the Magic Caster defenseless at close range. The only way for them to defend themselves then would be to use their wands and staffs to whack at their opponents. So what if I got rid of that staff?

「Holding onto that thing is like a habit to you…… So what will you do once it’s gone, huh!?]

「Ooooo, OOOOOOOooooooooo………!!!]

Realizing my intentions, the wizard clenches both of its hands tightly around its staff, adamant on not letting me take it away from him. But it was hard for him to resist, since I was stepping all over its elongated neck, using it as an improvised foothold. Surprisingly enough, for a pure magician it was really strong and it was hard for me with my miserable strength stat to snatch it away from him.

「Why do you think I was hoarding all of those points for!?]

I open up the status window, choose skill points allocation and dump every single point that I had left into strength.

It was a rather desperate move out of me, but at least the magician didn’t manage to shake me off of himself and I was still trying to take his staff away from him.

I was really hoping that this game was one of those cases where you could grab a hold of an enemy’s weapon……

「Even though Weapon Steal is such an outdated idea!]

Once, there was a survey conducted inside the “United Rounds”. The survey question was simple: “What function would you like to see being implemented into the game in the near future?” Number one pick of this survey was: “Getting rid of the option to have your equipment being stolen from you”. But it was one of the main selling points of the game!

And so I managed to snatch the staff away from the monster’s hands, and then I tried to make a backflip and land safely on the ground, but unfortunately the staff made me lose my balance and I fell onto the ground…… Ouch! The fall damage really hurts in this game!

Anyways, while I was massaging my Benkei’s crying spot, I noticed that after losing its staff the monster became enraged and started screaming really loudly. It then fell on all fours and reached its hand towards me, dead-set and taking away from me what was rightfully his.

「Sorry, buddy, but you’ll have to do a better job than that]

When it comes to my miserable MP, this thing was three…… No, probably four times stronger than I am, but what about raw physical strength? If it wasn’t completely invulnerable to physical strength or transparent, victory will be mine.

If it was indeed physically weak, it had no one else but itself to blame for that. Sorry, buddy, but it’s time for you to cry and give me some of those delicious tears of yours!

A Unicorn without its horn becomes nothing more than a simple horse. Pegasus without its wings is also a mere horse. So what was a magic caster without its ability to cast spells? I know it might be kicking someone who has already fallen, but its name was more than adequate here…… it would be nothing but a mere loser.

It still had some tribal skills up its sleeve, but they were really weak in comparison to his previous magic, and once I witnessed them once or twice I was more than ready to dodge them when I saw them coming my way.

And since I was an agility and speed type of player, I was the worst enemy possible for a mage that lost its magic and was forced to fight using nothing more than its physical strength.

「Right, five minutes have passed.]

「Oh yeah!]

While I was busy with avoiding the attacks of the rampaging wizard, I heard the voice of Weissash somewhere behind my back. As if on some sort of cue, the wizard instantaneously split into two and erupted into a geyser of polygons.

Behind the split Wizard’s back, I could see a ridiculously large sword…… A sword? That’s right. There was the figure of Weissash, who apparently swung some oversized bastard sword at the Wizard, effectively cutting it in half…… The wizard’s staff also disappeared. I didn’t really get to use it, but it felt truly insane holding onto it.

「It’s a pity that you were relying on the sheer strength of your bare hands in the second half of the fight, but I do believe you showed me enough proof that you possess a true Vorpal Soul in you.]

Again, what’s the deal with this Vorpal Soul?

I had a general idea, but I would really like to have at least some sort of explanation in text form. All this time Emul was going wild with joy around my feet, and I turned towards Weissash.

「You truly are a sight to behold…… In light of your achievements, I recognize you as the “Rabbitz Honorary Citizen!”]

「Hm? Eh, ah…… Sure?]

No, wait a moment what is this? Is this the quest reward? If so, I was really hoping to get something else instead!






Wai, wait, wait, wait just a frigging moment!? What the hell is this avalanche of information!? Oh, I’m able to level up again……




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