ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 060 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 60: Momentary Thoughts Part 8 Part 2

As Katsu kept on staring at me with sad eyes, I managed to erect a simple tent from cloth where I could rest if I ever needed to.

Also, it could very well serve as an instant save spot, even in places where save points were unable to be otherwise erected. It was a really expensive item, but at the same time it could be priceless if used correctly. It was also invaluable if for some reason you weren’t able to return to town and you absolutely needed to log out for whatever reason.

「Who would have thought that towns would have such amazing items on sale……」

However, the number of its uses was limited, and you could only use fast travel option with it to travel to places you’ve previously been to. Also, you could very well be attacked by monsters while sleeping inside of it.

Therefore, it was far better to go back to town and use a proper save spot at the inn. The risk was much lesser than with the tent.

But even so, this spot seemed to be relatively safe from monster activity, and as long as I don’t try to catch any more salmon, the sea serpent shouldn’t spawn on me.

「In other words, there should be nothing wrong or dangerous with me taking a little rest in here……」

The only response to my words was this awkward silence and sorry stares.

Even at night, thanks to the glowing moss that was covering the walls and ceiling of the cave, it was as bright as during the day. Us three people were currently going through its corridors.

「Can you imagine how surprised I was when I found out that there was a hidden area in the dungeon that I have already conquered?」

「There was much luck involved there, since it was only revealed during a specific time of the day and month, right?」

While we were being informed about everything that was to be known about this area, Katsu looked really sour about that, murmuring something about “I wanted to find this all out on my own……”

「On the night of the full moon, look for the part of the cave where glowing moss doesn’t glow…… Ah, there it is. Now, if you take a closer look……」

Said Pencilgton while reaching out his hand towards the black moss and pressing it with great vigor. Then, with some loud sound, the moss began to disappear to the sides and a path leading forward was revealed.

「I also noticed that as well.」

This area was really impressive as is, so it was actually pretty hard to notice a small detail like the part of the moss stopping to glow. This area was pretty spacious, so it was even harder.

「I found it, true, but it was a complete accident after I messed up a little bit……」

「You hearing this, Katsu? Revealing hidden content is luck based, so maybe you should start praying to the Gods……」

「…… Stop looking at me like that, or I’ll bash your face in you asshole.」

Oi, oi, that was really rude towards everything that I have stood for. Not nice, Katsu-san, not nice.

「Come on, guys, stop screwing around already. Hurry it up, put all of your weapons back into your inventory.」

「Uwah…… Now this view is really something.」

「I know, right? Even though it’s not unique or anything, I still like this place a whole lot.」

We spent another few minutes walking along a path in complete darkness, climbing uphill this whole time. Finally, we could see some light at the end of the passage, and when we emerged outside it, we could see a flower field filled with red flowers.

Looking up, this cave had no ceiling and we could see the full moon on the dark sky, illuminating the red flowers and they were swaying gently in the breeze.

There was nothing physically impossible here. With some level of effort, it should be very possible to recreate that in real life. But for some reason, the sight was simply breathtaking, more than anything I have seen in this game so far.

「What beautiful flowers!」

If I remember correctly, they were called red spider lilies…… I haven’t really seen them in real life, but in fantasy games they were a fairly common theme. As a metaphor for death.

「Right, let’s go. We’ve been keeping Set-chan waiting for far too long.」

Since Pencilgton was walking through the flowerbed with no hesitation, it seems that it was free of any traps, so we followed suit. Following after Pencilgton, we were able to see a huge dead tree in the distance. And under that tree there was……. A woman?

「S, she’s transparent!」

「You’re right. Think that’s some sort of a bug?」

「Why would a bug be the first thing that comes to your mind in this situation if beyond me……」

That’s an inside joke from shitty games, for crying out loud…… But from the look on Pencilgton’s face, she must have been “Setsuna of the Distant Past”, the one that we came here to visit.

「Hey there, Set-chan! It’s been like what, a month?」

「Ara…… Arthur, it has been a while.」

She looked kind of like a ghost and I wasn’t sure if she wouldn’t just disappear if you were to go right through her. That ephemeral NPC called “Setsuna from the Distant Past” smiled at Pencilgton in a lovely manner. However, there was something that was concerning me more than that right about now.

「Fumu…… Emul?」

「What is it?」

「Do you know what the clothes that woman is wearing are?」

「Hmm…… No, unfortunately I don’t have a clue……」

Figured as much. The clothes that woman was wearing very rather strange, even judging by fantasy standards. They weren’t made from plants or hide, but rather they looked like organic skin mixed with shells of some sort. It almost looked as if it’s been mass-produced and was giving off a sense of luxury…… Yes, pretty much like some modern-day celebrity…… I had a hunch that instead of high fantasy she belonged with science fantasy.

「She’s an Ancient One.」

In ShangriLa Frontier’s world, the word “Ancient” held a deep and esteemed meaning. If that was indeed a unique quest tied to the remnant of ancient civilization…… It was something that should have been pretty ominous, but for some reason I was really getting fired up over it.

Then Pencilgton turns towards us with a smug smile on his lips.

「Allow me to introduce them to you, Set-chan. These two idiots are…… our trump cards in the fight against Gravekeeper Wezaemon.」

When she looked at us after that brief introduction, all I could see in Setsuna-san’s eyes was a mixture of both hope and sadness.




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