ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 063 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 63: Momentary Thoughts Part 10 Part 2

PN: Sanraku
LV: 51 (5)
JOB: Mercenary (Dual Wielding)
Money: 73,200 Mani
HP: 30
MP: 10
STM: 60
STR: 40
DEX: 50
AGI: 70
TEC: 55
VIT: 5
LUC: 74


・ Infinite Slash
・ Drill Piercer
・ Infight Lv.1
・ Skate Foot
・ Parrying Protection
・ Hand of Fortune Lv.1
・ Greater Climbing
・ Climax Boost Lv.1
・ Five-Fold Jump
・ Sharp Turn
・ Assassin Earring Lv.1
・ Oppressive Kick Lv.5
・ Best Step
・ Hunger Wolf
・ Off-road Lv.1


Left Hand: Empire Bee Sword
Right Hand:: Empire Bee Sword
Head: Mask of Bird’s-Eye (VIT + 1)
Torso: Curse of Luukan
Waist: Leather Belt (VIT + 4)
Feet: Curse of Luukan
Accessories: None

Yup, for now this was my best attempt at organizing my inventory and keeping things under strict control. But still, while I was using the shop’s features, I also noticed that combining skills together was not the only thing it offered.

It seems that the resulting skill is decided largely by the class of the player and the level of the skills offered for combining. But how does that system works in greater detail is still nothing but a mystery for me.

For now, I think it has something to do with your general accomplishments on the battlefield?

Infinite Slash, Drill Piercer, Skate Foot, Parrying Protection, Greater Climbing, Five-Fold Jump, Sharp Turn…… They seemed to be largely similar to the skills that I’ve been using ever since the beginning of the game, although now they were slightly different in both names and effects.

Infight is a passive skill that gives a boost to melee damage at very close range, created as a result of combining an attack skill with an avoidance skill. And since I was using two swords at the moment, its effects should really come in handy.

Hand of Fortune…… I remember that name from other shitty games, but there it was called Hand of Glory or something like that. Although it was also a magic catalyst, and here it is a skill and nothing more. Fortunately enough, this skill increases its damage with LUC stat, not STR. In other words it was perfect for me, since my Luck and Skill stats were much higher than Strength.

Climax Boost is a skill that combines the effects of both Accelerator and Fighting Spirit. If your HP falls below one third of its maximum value and the HP of your enemy is higher than your HP, you will receive a tremendous boost to all of your stats. The ability itself was really useful, the problem is, it doesn’t suit my playstyle all that well. You know, paper-thin defenses and all that.

Assassin’s Earring. A skill that increases the damage of your piercing attacks for as long as you stay undetected and enemy’s aggro doesn’t focus on you.

Oppressive Kick wasn’t really a kick, but rather a stomp. It looked exactly like the motion you would do to squash a bug that was crawling at your feet. While you were doing that, it increased the damage dealt to enemies that were knocked over, knocked back or under any heavy Crowd Control status like that. It wasn’t all that useful to me, but it couldn’t have been modified into anything else, so for now it must stay with me.

Best Step, that was the skill that Emul was familiar with. It seems like it was a skill that allowed you to jump and hold your balance on even the most uneven grounds every so often, provided that the jump was uninterrupted by anything. It might be pretty situational, but may be good against enemies on walls or if I ever wanted to jump on top of some monster.

Hunger Wolf, on the other hand, was one of my favorite skills thus far. The skill itself and its mechanics were rather complex, but that’s what makes it so interesting. The more hungry you are and the less HP you have, the bigger boosts you will receive to STR, AGI, and VIT stats, but on the other hand STM, TEC, and DEX will receive a debuff. It was a very useful skill, one that will probably make or break many battles, but…… Hungry Wolf, DEX, TEC, why were all of those things triggering my trauma centered around a rather peculiar black wolf?

And then there was Off Road. It was a simple utility skill that allowed you to move at normal pace through uneven ground and obstructing surfaces such as water or mud. Moreover, for a level one skill its initial cooldown was a mere ten seconds, so this will come in handy for sure.

「…… Yeah, good enough.」

For now, these are all great skills that will surely serve me well in the near future. No, even longer than near future! Ah, to think that I was such an idiot up until now and didn’t even know that a splendid facility like that actually existed! Stupid, stupid me!

「Is that all, Sanraku-san?」

「Yeah! More or less, yeah.」

T, that gave me quite a scare there. It wasn’t anything unpleasant, but it was the fact that I could hear Elk-san’s voice whispering right into my ear so suddenly.

Elk smiled at both me and Emul, and then pointed down below the shop window. There, in her hand she was holding a small booklet. I know that smile…… It’s a smile of some business-savvy merchant.

「Would you like me to show you some secret skills that are only available here in Rabbitz? Since Emul holds you in such high regard, I’ll even give you a discount~.」

「Sanraku-san, lucky you! Elk-onee-chan’s skills are usually so overpriced that basically no one is able to afford them……」



「I’ll give you a really good discount~. What say you~?」

Elk whacked Emul to the head, preventing him from finishing his sentence. I know what he was trying to say to me, but still……

What’s so bad about having a look at the merch in store? And if I’ll have a discount, maybe I’ll be able to score some sweet deal for myself that way.

「Let’s see, let’s see……」

・ Special Sword Art 「Cresent Moon Cut」 50,000 Mani

・ Special Sword Art 「Water Mirror Slash」 80,000 Mani

・ Fatal Sword Art 「Moonlit Thrust」 70,000 Marni

・ Fatal Sword Art 「New Moon Spin」 90,000 Mani

Etc., etc. ……

「No! No, no, no, no, no absolutely no! Thank you!」

Just where the fuck is this shit discounted to you!?




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