ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 083 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 83: Usage, Training and Capture Part 2

「Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. Emul, bring forth the schematic.」

「R, right away!」

A moment later Break received a schematic scroll from Emul and spread it over the anvil. As the name might suggest, it wasn’t a magic scroll but a scroll containing the procedure of creating a specific weapon.

「This? Oh, and just to let you know, I’ll need two things to be able to become a “Grandmaster”.」

「Which are?」

「First of all, the Legacy of the Era of the Gods…… “Legacy Weapon”. This is mandatory for anyone who wants to deal with real weapons.」

Alright, I get it, I get it.

「There’s also the other thing that Pops mentioned…… “Magical Unity Unit” or something like that.」

Break chanted the name of the other necessary thing…… But it doesn’t ring any bells for me. Magical Unity Unit? What’s that?

Magical…… Unity…… Unit…… Magical, Unity, Unit……

「…… This, “Magical Unity Unit”…… do you have any idea what it is?」

「…… Your guess is as good as mine.」

Oh, great. It’s just fantastic to know what we are looking for. Just magnificent. For all we know, it could be literally anything.

「So…… In order to become the “Grandmaster” you need those two things: Legacy Weapon and “Magical Unity Unit”, is that correct?」

「What is this Legacy Weapon? Is this something that will serve as a normal weapon after some kind of maintenance? Like this, for example?」

As I said that, I selected the Non-Standard Weapon: Harbringer, from the depths of my inventory and manifested it onto the schematic scroll spread over the anvil. Without the energy coursing through it, the weapon was dark all over, but the weapon was definitely the one that AllSlot used after the battle with Wezaemon, although with some differences.

「Hm? …… Hmm? Hmm……?? HMM!!! HMMMMAH!?!?!?」

Break was looking at the weapon all over, mumbling to herself as if she was unsure if the weapon was real and it wasn’t a mere hallucination. She even touched it lightly a few times to be absolutely sure.

「T, t, t, th, this is……」

「It’s a little something we obtained after our battle with Gravekeeper Wezaemon. I don’t know if it is the Legacy Weapon you were talking about, but it seems that it won’t work until we get that ether reactor back to being fully operational.」

「Legacy Weapons are the arms that require ancient knowledge and materials to be crafted. They are…… Tricky to make. It looks unlike anything I’ve seen before, but as long as I can understand the mechanism behind it, it should all be fine. I mean, this blade looks almost brand new, so there’s no complaints from my end!」

「I, I see……」

Feeling a strange sense of déjà vu while looking at Break who was happily bouncing about the place. I then withdraw the “Harbinger” back to my inventory.

「If I was to break that thing into components, those guys would probably never forgive me for that……」

After the formation of our guild, I’ve noticed a few important things that changed. One of them was that the inventory space was now “shared”. Another was the fact that every single item obtained as a result of the battle with Wezaemon was transferred to that shared space. In other words, Katsu and Pencilgton were as much the owners of those items as I was.

It was somewhat of a messy system, one where you could take the item out of the shared storage and do whatever you want with it, and the other people who owned the items could literally do nothing to stop you from doing  that.

「Umumu…… Still, there’s one problem. According to Pops, Magical Unity Unit is located right here…… right in the middle of “Ancient Ruins”.」

「Ancient Ruins……」

It was the name I couldn’t possibly ignore if Break’s training plan was to proceed smoothly. No, rather than that, I need to capture that whole area so that there won’t be any problems.

All for the sake of advancing the Extra Quest that I received from Weissash, “The Epic of Vorpal Bunny”.

·         Receiver Delta

·         Coordinate Device Delta

·         Transmitter Delta

The quest was asking me to locate and gather those specific items. When I tried to get intel on where I could possibly get some of those items, the name “Ruins of the Ancient Castle” popped up…… a place that was supposedly located near Fiftia, the current frontline of the whole game. Another place where I needed to go was called “Irebendar”, and it was the ruins of the ancient city way behind Fiftsia.

「So, it so happens that every single road leads to Fiftsia, huh?」

I checked out the surroundings of Thirdrema on the map, which was strangely accurate for being written by bunny hand, and I made plans on how I was going to advance in the near future.

「But should I aim straight towards Fiftsia, or maybe somewhere else?」

Although it was true that I wanted to get to Fiftsia as soon as possible via the shortest route possible, maybe it would be worth my while to stop by some optional areas first? Maybe there was some sick loot to be found there?

「But the problem is how am I going to smuggle the two of you into town?」

It would be hard for me to run around town in my current state with two bunnies hitchhiking on my back, and I don’t suppose that every single one of them can transform themselves into humans?

「Would you like me to become a scarf again?」

「Nah, I think I’ll pass this time. Maybe I should try wearing a coat or something like that for the first time in a while……」

Et tu, Brutus?



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