ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 088 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 88: Items Are Important But You Must Know How to Use Them Part 1

It could easily be assumed that since the recommended level for this area was one hundred, the items that you would be able to obtain here would be equally as good, maybe even netting you some rare artefacts or items from the era of the Gods.

But considering that their stats and level restrictions may be a little bit too high for me right now, it would also be safe to assume that the weapons enhanced with materials from this place would yield better results than the raw weapons from the era of the Gods.

In other words, the purpose of my visit to this place would be collecting lots of raw materials from gathering points instead of gathering something that would be unusable for me, dying, then just coming back here and repeating the whole process again. In that way I could legally cheat the system in almost any RPG out there.

However, there are also games out there where power levelling and obtaining OP weapons and items early on takes away from the fun of fighting bosses and beating the game. A good example would be obtaining shotgun early on in any survival horror game.

Now then, this will be my second attempt at doing exactly that. Respawning at Rabbitz I go to the Valley of Lost Souls again, climb the steep cliff and then do a mad dash to the nest of crystal scorpions, this time around not even trying to be stealthy about it.

「…… Hello there.」

I was found out. I got killed. Next try.

Third attempt. This time around I was going to use my accelerating skills to scout the area out for items.

The moment the group of crystal scorpions awaken and go towards me to attack, the effect of Hungry Wolf could finally be activated.

It was regretful that I wouldn’t be able to use Overheat here, but instead I had Ignition, Nitro Boost, and Climax Boost to back me up and up my stats, with added Off Road and Six Fold Jump just in case of emergency,

But soon enough the reinforcements arrived and even more enemies ganged up on me. Oh well, at least I managed to find an item before I got slaughtered this time around.

It was a small crystal mass that simply had the words “Break me apart” written all over it. So without much thinking I took a pickaxe from my inventory and started digging like mad.


After a moment of intense work of my whole body the crystal fell apart and I stuck its contents right into my inventory without even bothering to see what kind of item I actually got. Having done that, I could hear and see the scorpions approaching me, announcing that my inevitable death was only seconds away. But drunk on the feeling of obtaining the item, I wasn’t going to just die obediently like that.

Although I was killed without any problem, at least I managed to prolong the fight for a few seconds by jumping high into the air.

The sight I could see down below looked like a car crash site on a trafficked highway in a Hollywood movie. Each beast wanted to be the one that would get me, and they were swinging their stingers aggressively towards my general direction. It was a terrifying sight to look upon.

Amidst all of the commotion, their stingers would occasionally end up crushing their own armors and claws, inflicting damage onto their own brethren.

Nonetheless, I have reached the highest point of my jumps and just like a certain someone with wax wings, the only way for me now was to fall down. Right into the raging abyss filled with crystal stingers and claws.

「Gotta say, going out like that is a little bit heartbreaking!」

As I fell down I was assaulted by a myriad of stingers, and on top of dealing damage to me they also managed to poison me. Right about now I must have looked like a needle cushion. Or a fly caught in between a whole bunch of chopsticks.

·         Aronchales Jade Crystal

A mineral fossil containing high density of magical power thanks to being involved with many monsters over the years.

Not all that hard and durable, but its true value surfaces when it is used as a coating agent.

Minerals and living organisms…… It is the ultimate truth of the world that one cannot possibly exist without the other.

「Fuh…… It looks like it was more work than it was worth……」

After respawning in Rabbitz I log out to eat lunch and then log in once more. Then I check the description of the item that I managed to gather.

For the time being, there are a few things I managed to find out as a result of my little “challenge”. First of all, the crystal scorpions. It seems that they lay dormant for most of the time, but once a certain condition is met (most probably tickling their aggro as a result of vibration in the air) they would become active and go after you.

Next comes the AI governing the flock of crystal scorpions. Turns out that their AI is not all that clever. However, it didn’t need to be clever in the slightest. When you have a bunch of level one hundred characters, the sheer power and number advantage was on your side. It was like a tsunami wave, crushing everything that was in its path.

「But still…… They were able to tear each other’s plating off now that I think about it……」

Could it actually be that…… No, it couldn’t be “that”, but there would be no harm in eventually trying out that possibility. Now, onto the problems and solutions section of the show.

「First problem is the number of monsters that I attract to myself. And it seems that their number is largely random. Now, is there something I can do about it…… Except for praying, that is?」

It’s not that I don’t like a little bit of RNG in my life, but when the RNG basically overtakes the whole game and nothing can escape its clutches…… That’s where I draw the line.

Next is the problem of their power. Just how the hell was I supposed to deal with something that could just flick me with its stinger or claw and I would be dead as a result? …… In fact, I was already starting to see the answer to that problem.

「Even though it’s normally hard to do, but that’s the way to do it this time around……」

If I let them harm themselves for long enough I should be able to damage their weak parts. But if I was to do so, I would require a bunch of “safe zones” to be able to do that. And by “safe zone” I don’t mean a place where their attacks won’t reach me, but rather someplace to hide where the aggro could be taken off of me.



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