ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 093 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 93: The Past Will Always Haunt you Down Part 2

「But it’s so bulky, almost like a two-handed sword now……」

There’s also the fact that I’m used to fighting with two swords only, so any other weapon would be almost impossible for me to handle. To wield something like that in an effective way, at least some level of skill would be required.

Not to mention that my playstyle is very much like “balls to the wall” kind, so a weapon like that wouldn’t be a good match for me. Not in the least. Besides, I still have my trump cards: “Yuzuki’s”.

Looking back at the battle with Wezaemon, the main problem here is that there are hardly any skills that are compatible with them. Now, separate they are fine as they are, but when you combine them into one, their weight and size increases considerably…… I need to gain some proficiency with weapons like that before actually attempting to do battle with them.

「It’s just that it’s really hard to increase your proficiency when your class is not all that compatible with something.」

You see, the relationship between classes and skills in this game is tad a bit confusing.

For example, my main class is “Mercenary (Dual Wielding)”, meaning that I excel at combat with any kinds of weapons that can be dual wielded.

Moreover, “Mercenaries” have trouble with learning magic spells, but acquire weapon skills more easily. And it’s not only narrowed to dual wielding. I could easily learn about any weapon skill that is meant for polearms, hammers, greatswords, etc. etc.

However, there was a certain catch in here…… Just because you can learn something, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to utilize that skill properly. Skills without the appropriate weapon proficiency would suffer negative modifiers in battle. Well, in theory you could improve your proficiency to negate those bad modifiers, but it was more effort than it was worth.

Then again, there is always an element of RNG involved with acquiring skills. You have a chance of obtaining skills that are truly overpowered, but it’s a relatively small chance. You are more likely to acquire something that is common or average. Putting it in layman terms: you are always getting fucked by the RNG gods……

「And believe me. RNG Gods enjoy every second of fucking others like that……」

「I get the feeling that you are getting a little bit caught up in your own delusions, lad.」

「Most probably……」

My thoughts slowly return to the problem at hand. We needed to find a certain item in this rather spacious dungeon, but we had no map or any clue as to where that item could possibly be. Without at least some information we were as good as screwed right about now.

First of all, Break was calling that place we are looking for a “forge”, but looking by the surroundings, it might as well be a “production belt”, “factory” or any other place like that. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a “forge” or a blacksmith’s “workshop”.

Since this was a dungeon in a Sci-Fi setting, it would be more probable for something as important as the Magic Unity Unit to be in a place packed to the brim with science, not where you swing hammers all day and night long.

「Then, judging from the shape of the buildings and their surroundings……」

This should be something like “territorial advantage against foreign invaders”, or at least something that would allow them some self-defense……

Yes, for example, something that would allow us to easily defeat…… the golems…… or at the very least get around them……

「Break, let’s look for a place in which we can fight the golems without being obscured by anything. Preferably something that is easy to defend but allows for good offensive options as well.」

「Sir, yes sir!」

Golem, golem, golem, golem, golem.

Fighting the same kind of monsters for so long was slowly starting to become repetitive and boring.

「Fuck me…… What is this, some sort of nightmarish matryoshka doll!? You keep on beating them and beating them but smaller ones are always coming right after that!」

「Better that than having to deal with the ones that explode on impact.」

Thankfully there were no nasty surprises like that and together with Break we were somehow managing to stand our ground, but it’s a shame that those small golems couldn’t just be omitted.

「Hopefully we wrap them all up before we end up with some serious or nasty injuries.」

「But, as long as all the golems are gone, there’s nothing more that could potentially stop us, right?」

After a while we could finally see the end of the passageway. There was an old elevator shaft that was going down from this level. It was probably the place where all of those golems were coming from.

There were husks of other golems laying about the entrance to the elevator, and compared to the rest of the buildings around here the elevator itself seemed to be in fairly good condition. It was suspicious to say the least.

「How long do you think it will take us to get to the bottom?」

「…… Looks like a really deep hole to me.」

Break took a piece of scrap that was just laying around and threw it down the elevator shaft, tilting her ears and listening for any kind of sound indicating that the junk landed at the bottom of the shaft.

「Now, whatever shall we do about this…… I highly doubt that there’s any kind of cushioning at the very bottom……」

Although we have no way to actually confirm this, it seems that this hole here is quite deep and reaches the deepest levels of this facility. That being said, it would be suicide to just try to get down to the bottom of it with no kind of lifeline at all.

Well, we want to cut down unnecessary risk as much as possible and safely get down to the very bottom of this hole……

「Having spare rope around is really convenient, Sanraku-kun. You never know when you might need one.」

「So what, does this mean there’s some other treasure hunters here who just so happened to have an Archeologist class and rope to spare?

「That’s actually really helpful, well then……」




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