ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 118 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 118: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 4 Part 2

Luukan melts into the darkness like some sort of apparition and right after that it appeared behind one of the tanks, as if it was always there in the first place.

Luukan’s shadow transition was something that only a veteran of fighting with it could possibly grasp. For a complete newcomer, it might have been instant transition. So no matter how tight your defenses might be, in the face of that attack you are nothing more than a punching bag, soon to be ground into minced meat.

One of the tanks got smashed with Luukan’s paw and flew forward while rolling on the ground. Poor sap didn’t even see it coming, so responding to that attack was also impossible.

But surprisingly enough he was still breathing. Guess that’s to be expected if you sacrifice your attack power and mobility and pour everything into defense.

In addition, their communication was also quite good. One of the remaining four tanks covered the fallen one and took a fatal blow in the process, but he bought enough time for the three others to pick up their comrade and patch him up.

It was good that they were so proficient at tanking, but that would leave the debuffers vulnerable and open to attacks. However ––

「First group…… FIRE!」

「「「「ATLAS BIND!!!」」」」

The first group, about four magic casters, cast their spell at the same time in unison. Their spells turned out to be chains, and each one of them bound one of Luukan’s legs.

They shot from the ground and immobilized Luukan, but seeing how it immediately started to struggle to break free, the spell’s effects wouldn’t last for long against an opponent like that.

「Good, hold it down! Second group, back them up!」

But it doesn’t seem like SF-Zoo was quite finished, for the second group of magic casters fired their spells at Luukan.

Another chain, withered human arm, binds of ivy, stone arms…… all of those elements got placed on top of Atlas Binds, reinforcing the restraints on Luukan’s limbs.

Is that supposed to make the Atlas Bind stronger? Or simply hold it down in case Atlas Bind breaks? Just as I was considering that, Animalia came to the front.


「This is how the perfect capture looks like! Behold! ‘HANDS OF TARTARUS!!!’」

Animalia raised the weapon she was holding in her arms. It was a staff, but just one look at the thing would confirm that it was most probably a Unique Weapon, unlike anything her squad was using. When she chanted the name of the spell, Luukan’s legs started to twist and distort unnaturally. At first I thought it was a bug, but I soon realized that it was in fact the space itself being distorted around its legs.

Then, there was a giant arm that popped out of the distorted space, firmly grasping Luukan’s torso and not letting go of it.

「Eh, what is that thing!?」

「…… This is the unique ability of that woman’s weapon, “Key of Hades”. If I remember correctly, it holds the power to render any creature immobile for about thirty seconds with no ways of avoiding that effect once the spell captures you.」

「Any creature, huh……」

「It looks like SF-Zoo really has a chance at capturing Night Prowler Luukan……」

Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

If anything, even though I realize that I wouldn’t be able to best that monster at the current moment, I see that defeating it is not in the realm of impossible.

But despite being immobilized, the expression on Luukan’s face was not of an animal that was soon to be robbed of its freedom.

「Is, is that so? Look, at this rate, they will surely……」

「No, take a closer look……. Here it comes……」


That’s right. Now I remember. I finally started to understand what exactly happened at that time.

In a moment, all of the information in my brain formed one single chain that finally started to make sense.

At that moment I was sure of it. Night Prowler Luukan somehow managed to unite with the shadows and create an invisible copy of itself.

Or not. It was not the shadows. For me, it looks as though Luukan was united with the darkness itself, not only the shadow.

To be more specific, the darkness I was referring to was not the darkness on the ground or the air. It was the darkness of space itself.

And now I can clearly see that at the exact moment of attack, Luukan’s body stayed the same, with not even a single move being made by it.

–– Hypothesis.

That attack was not “Invisible Bite”. Far from it, actually.

It was something along the lines of “Being attacked by an invisible alter ego”.

And the trigger to that attack is the disappearance of moonlight, and the light of the stars itself. A state of perfect and impeccable darkness that no light could possibly hope to pierce.

An attack of an entity hidden in the darkness of the night, or even completely assimilated with it!

「Do you remember what kind of weather there was during all of your encounters with this thing……!?」

Night Prowler Luukan. It seems that I was in the wrong about the meaning of that name.

It’s not “Night Prowler” because it attacks at night. It’s a “Night Prowler” because it uses the night itself to attack you.

At the same time I arrived at that conclusion, the darkness mercilessly assaulted Animalia.



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