ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 126 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 126: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 12 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier –– a godly game where the players can breathe dragon fire from your mouth.

No, no, no, no matter how you look at that, it was clearly a laser that you can see so often in many Roboge. But it was more than enough to uncover Luukan and leave it for Sickle’s…… magic attack to do some damage? And the greenish wall was enough to seal the movements , so now was the right time to use our trump cards.

「This will be it!」

Luukan gazes straight at me. Was it because I happened to be nearby or was it because of my curse marks?

But those eyes of his…… They looked really nice.

「Come on and try to get me!」


Emul attacked Luukan’s hind legs once more. And although it started healing right away, the damaged parts were also fragile because of that. And even the strongest monsters won’t be able to do much when their legs aren’t working like they used to.

But it doesn’t matter right now. For the diving Suzaku managed to pierce Luukan’s hind legs, all thanks to Emul who weakened them first. Truth to be told Suzaku already lost its power, but since it was still on the move it was carried forward and its legs penetrated the target. Want some oil later as a reward for a job well done?

And let me say this, no amount of oil would be enough to reward you right now!

「I’ve been waiting for this!」

In fact, I’ve been utilizing the crystal pillar quite modestly throughout this battle. It is one ability of the gauntlets, but what about the second one? The other one was the ability to store the light of the moon in the form of magical power, which would then be utilized to empower the next attack. The reason why Suzaku was keeping the clouds away was to keep tabs on Luukan’s alter-ego, but also so that I could charge the gauntlet more efficiently.

One more thing. The ability of the gauntlet itself. It’s the ability to give damage boost by converting the accumulated magical power and then releasing it all at once converted into raw destructive power. And the best thing…… there is no limit to the magic power you can accumulate. Looking at it objectively it may seem like a totally OP ability, but the truth wasn’t as wholesome as you might think. Because there were disadvantages to that ability as well. Quite grievous ones.

First of all, you needed magical energy to activate the mechanism. You can put in any amount you want, but as long as it was charging up, you wouldn’t be able to use the crystal pillar, as it would deplete the charge.

Then there’s recoil. The description of the excess mechanism states “Upon impact, the user of the mechanism shall receive a considerable amount of recoil damage”. Now, the term “considerable amount” was really ambiguous, since it could be anything from blowing my arm off to blowing away all of my surroundings. And even if the recoil damage didn’t kill me, the weapon would end up being destroyed anyways.

And lastly, if I end up using the excess mechanism, the next time I would be able to use it is a week later, or maybe even longer than that.

Now, I could have used it way sooner, but I decided to not do that. My reason for that being, it was a sort of ultimate trump card of mine, an attack that depending on the circumstances could be considered a true “Strongest Attack” in the entire game. And unless it was for an EX Quest, I didn’t want to betray that I had something like that. But……

This time around, including the first energy and recoil problems, let’s try to accumulate about eighty percent of the needed capacity. Because of that, I wouldn’t be able to use it again for about a week, but it wouldn’t be a problem. I wouldn’t need it anymore. You either go all-out or go home.

「If you try to avoid the moon with everything you’ve got, then I’ll just try to slam the moon in your face that much more.」

Each part of the gauntlet moves, and the core placed inside it shines brighter and brighter. The cause of that was…… the core of the golden crystal scorpion I fought on that day. The effect of this core was as follows: to turn the bright light of the moon into a pure destructive power that could be unleashed all at once.

There was no way for Luukan to escape. As long as the sleeping Suzaku was blocking its legs, there was no way for it to dodge or avoid. So much and as much. And even if it was able to dodge……

「But I’m faster!」

My positioning, its positioning, timing, frame priority, aggro confusion. Everything starts to tie up nicely and the spider’s web called “Operation Exterminate Luukan” leads me to only one place –– the middle of its stomach.

Now, this will be like a starter before the main dish, but will it make me so full that I won’t want to participate in the main course?

「Accept the feelings from that night…… “Super Attack: REJECT!!!”」

The solid gold broke through the dark night and then exploded.



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