ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 137 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 137: Red Whales and Fish Monsters Part 2

「It’s amazing, that the Mobs would be able to move an entire ship like that.」

「What are you talking about? What’s so great about that?」

「Well you see, the ship this big wouldn’t normally be able to move so fast on wind alone, and without a screw to propel it, the Mobs must be pushing it systematically to recreate the laws of physics.

In response to Rei’s question, I give her my theory on the explanation of this aspect of the game. Because if you tried to make everything in game work like in the real world, that would cause some of the weaker PCs out there to overheat and melt down. So a compromise like that would satisfy everyone, even those who like to nitpick at the details. As for the ships themselves…… I’m pretty sure that they are actually something else entirely, but with an appropriate texture slapped right on top of it, so that the game’s engine wouldn’t explode from too much work.

And it was actually amazing that even with those compromises everywhere you look, the game was still as amazing as it was.

「Well, what else can I say? This is a really good game.」

「I think so as well…… It’s a very, enjoyable game for me as well.」 I do get the feeling that Rei was talking about something more than just the graphics aspect of the game, but it’s actually right: graphics aren’t the only thing that is good about games.

When it comes to games, many different things may impress many different people…… In other words, games which can only impress people with one of their aspects are nothing more than glorified shitty games.

「I guess fishing on a moving boat wouldn’t yield you much results, but since it’s a sailing ship, and not an engine-equipped one, does that mean you could catch some bigger and faster fish? Would they even take a bite……?」

If that’s so, then let’s go fishing! I don’t know if I’ll be able to catch anything with my current fishing rod, but I won’t know unless I try, right?

It’s been about thirty minutes since I started fishing. To illustrate how well it was going…… Emul fell asleep after ten minutes because nothing  was happening. And instead of the usual nasal snoring, the muffler started to emit some strange and rather disturbing noises.

「…… Is it just me, or are the clouds starting to act funny?」

When one person muttered those words, everyone, NPCs and Players alike, looked to the sky in order to see what was going on.

The blue infinite sky and the warm rays of the sun were no longer to be found, disappearing from in front of our eyes by the second. It wasn’t that the sun itself was gone, but rather that it was being hidden by the clouds that suddenly began to gather.

「…… Say, Rei? Maybe I’m just ignorant because I’ve been playing this game for only a short while, but can weather conditions here change so drastically in a matter of minutes? Outside of some events, that is?」

「First time I ever heard about it! And I’ve been playing for a while now!」

At first, the light only started to get darker. But then it started to get darker and darker more rapidly, and before long the ship was no longer able to see the sun because of the thick veil of dark clouds that gathered in the sky.

And looking close enough, you could see that these clouds weren’t natural. They didn’t cover the world of ShanFro itself, but rather they were circulating around the ship, with it at the clouds center.

「Captain! Captain, look! It’s the same as the last time!」

「I’m, I’m not scared, not at all, I’m Papa’s son after all…… You there! Ready your weapons!」

After being shocked for a single moment, Strude then pulled himself together and started to throw orders around. While the NPCs were running all over the deck to prepare themselves for what was to come, we Players readied our weapons and were on the lookout for any sign of danger.

「When it comes to the Ghost Ship, there are usually two general patterns that herald its coming.」

「A-and what are those patterns……?」

Ask Emul, looking downright frightened and scared.

「One of them is truly horror-like, when it simply emerges from the veil of thick fog that appears seemingly out of nowhere. And the second one…… It springs up on you straight from down below!」

In a typical action game sense, there was something coming right at us from below the sea surface!

In the next moment, a pillar of blinding white light came down from the black clouds. Striking against the water surface, the light evaporates it and thus creating a huge pillar of water and steam surging into the air.

At the same time, there was a huge pillar of water shooting towards the sky from sea level, due to the tremendous impact coming from below the surface.

「Ghost Ship…… Something something Innsman, was it?」

「Crying Innsman! All hands, prepare for battle! Battle stations!」

You have to hand it to the guy, even though he was scared shitless he didn’t abandon his role as the captain. And that’s commendable.

And just like that, the ship full of scared pirates was going to clash with a Ghost Ship full of screaming fish-monsters ––––



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