ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 141 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 141: The End of Tranquility, Ancient City in the Depths Part 2

Welp, that about does it when it comes to setting up priorities. With that being out of the way, I could finally start looking for a safe room or other safe haven like that. Once that’s done, we can see what to do next.

「Right, let’s get this show on the road, shall we!」

I then jump off the Ghost Ship’s deck, using skills to reduce the amount of possible fall damage. Also, apparently when we changed areas all my HP got restored, so now I wouldn’t have to worry about dying all of a sudden, but I surely wasn’t going to take my chances here.

「Looks like there’s no monsters here. For now.」

Landing on a strangely greenish ground of the underwater city, I carefully survey my surroundings. In the distance I could see the lights of the underwater city that reached even here, looking at my feet I could see the ground and plants that were different from your typical seaweed or mud.

「…… This doesn’t really feel like a seabed at all.」

In this game what you see is what you get basically, so I guess that there is some sort of logical explanation for this whole area? It would be awfully sloppy of the developers to make this area like that “just because”.

Looking back and seeing the remains of the Ghost Ship just laying there, it was somewhat sad to look at. Especially looking at how mortifying it was when it came out of the water for the first time. But staying here was a bad idea. I had other places to be right now, an underwater city to explore and a safe room to find. The wreckage can stay here and rot away for all that I care.

「Looks like the coast is clear, it feels almost too peaceful.」

Climbing my way over the piles of debris, I was wondering if there was any backstory for this city? Like, could it be that Kutanid attacked it in the past and now made it into his lair or something like that? Once I got on top of the rubble, I could see the city more clearly.

The most characteristic thing of this entire place was that everything from the buildings to roads was glowing pale blue. And that strange glow was coming from many lamps scattered all over the place, which illuminated the city instead of natural light. This eerie glow was making this place a whole lot spookier than it should be.

However, there was one thing that I needed to be worried about.

「Is every single building here closed?」

Closed was not the most suitable word here since many of the buildings were ruined and collapsed, but the fact remained that the windows and doors were all intact. And that they were closed. What’s up with that?

Could it be that there was some reason for why the residents were all cooped up inside their houses? Could it be related to that strange smell that was suddenly appearing in the air? Was I going to find out what it belongs to in a minute or two?

「Bingo, they will start to come out of the buildings for sure…… Now then, just what kind of welcome am I going to receive here?」

A rotten odor like that of a fish that was placed in a cooler box and then forgotten about for a week or two. Indescribable noises that were neither screams nor gurgles. It wasn’t as intense as the stench of rotten food in real life, but it was more than enough for you to know that something was coming alright.

「There they go, rotten bastards!」

Seeing them appear on the Ghost Ship I was wondering if we will see more of them, but what I saw now exceeded my wildest imagination. The citizens looked more fish than human right now, and there was some kind of strange liquid oozing out of their bodies that I surely did not want to touch if I could help it. Even though they looked really gross and nauseating, I assumed a battle stance and was ready to fight at any moment now.

They were different from the ones we fought on the deck of the Ghost Ship, but still the fishmen carrying around strange equipment rushed towards me while screaming in a strange way, but it was something truly stupid, because the speed of their rush was nothing to be afraid of.

The first group pours into the room. Then the second one and the third one as well…… And then the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth…… Oi, are you shitting me!?

「Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!!!!!」

I’m all alone in here for the moment!

Fighting so many monsters on my own would be a suicide. So adapting to the situation, I quickly turned around and started to run away like I meant it.



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