ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 143 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 143: When the World’s Out There to Get You Part 2

One of my new skills was called “Gravity Zero”. It basically works in such a way that gravity stops applying for actions such as climbing and jumping for ten seconds, depending on skill’s level. Thanks to that I could be much more mobile and I could approach the mermaid without any issues. It also took me less time than without that skill being activated.

Speaking of mermaids, she obviously seemed surprised that I could move freely, without being affected by her debuff song.

「Hello there.」


One jump. That was all it took for me to get from the roof where I was standing to reach the mermaid.

「Let me tell you this: you can be a fat ugly bastard or a smoking hot chick, doesn’t matter to me. I’ll kill you all the same.」

「Kah…… Hyuh……!?」

Anyways, the way I saw it, this avatar was seventy percent beautiful girl and thirty percent automated junk. Which wasn’t bad proportion, let me tell you.

However, when it comes to beautiful girls being monsters or bosses in games, there were as many games with a motif like that as there were stars in the sky. So killing women in games wasn’t that uncommon of an occurrence, as well as the fact that upon death they would completely shift into their monstrous counterparts.

A single flash of light in the vast emptiness of the air. My blade shoots straight towards mermaid’s throat and cut is without any resistance. This forced the mermaid to stop singling and hold onto her throat, from which the polygons of blood were splattering. Obviously, she was also unable to sing anymore. Hearing that one of their own stopped singing, I could see other mermaids in the distance look towards me.

「Now then, next please!」

While the mermaid with the cut throat was flailing about I grabbed her and used her as a parachute to make sure that I wouldn’t fall to my death now. When I was at an altitude that I knew would not cause me death upon fall, I finally release her.

If possible, I would like to get away from here for now, but seeing that the mermaids were still here, it would be impossible. Seeing one of their own die like that must have enraged them quite a bit. While I was thinking it would be ideal for them to get as close as possible, I hears some really disturbing sound right next to me.

「What the……」


The mermaid with a sharply bended neck falls right onto the roof where I was standing, limp and powerless. Blood was still oozing from her wound and she herself did not seem to understand what just happened.

Just then, freed from the debuff’s effect, Alva glares at the mermaid with bloodshot eyes, baring rows of his sharp teeth, which were significantly different and much sharper from those of a human.

「Come right at me you stupid fish! That is, if you wish to be crushed by this here Alva’s great fangs!」


Not so long ago it was holding onto its ears and flailing about…… But now I see that he behaves like a proper shark alright…… Kinda scary now that I think about it……

Seeing that, the rest of the mermaids glared at us and started to swim away. No way, now the only means of fighting them would be the long distance ones!

「The way you fight is unexpectedly wild.」

「This, this is just playing with the cards you got…… so there’s nothing I can really do about it? What about you? That sword you got there, it looks like a real piece of work. Clearly not from around there parts.」

「Look, this may seem dumb for you, but I just stared exploring this submarine city, so there’s lots of things I don’t know about, alright?」

「A submarine city? What are you talking about?」


To my question, the giant shark cocks his head as if he did not understand the question.

「This is “Luluilas”, the city of the Abyss. And inverted city located deep under the water’s surface.」

「…… Ahh, please give me a moment to think.」

Things to check #1: something strange and white starts to fall from the darkness of the sky. I wonder what that is?

「Isn’t that the ceiling of a cave?」

「That’s the seabed…… The thing that falls down is called marine snow.」

Now onto the #2: I jump around a few times, and after checking that the physics engine was working correctly, I ask the question.

「Then why aren’t we falling down?」

「It’s because of the power of the Abyss. Basically, the whole city is filled with the power of “inversion”.」

Hearing that I take a deep breath, exhale, and then ask the question that was bugging me ever since I confirmed that I could breathe normally.

「But I can breathe normally.」

「With the power of the seal being “Reversal”, the places devoid of air are now filled with it, and it is the power that can even overturn the concept of death itself.」

「I see, I see…… I get it……」

Kutanid of the Abyss…… Will I even be able to do this?



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

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