ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 157 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 157: Running In the Shadows, Climbing and Making Noise Part 2

My acrobatic abilities are quite well-developed since in the early days of Full Dive gaming the golden rule was: “The avatar moves in a way that the player wants it to.” Nowadays, to make those actions easier to perform, various kinds of motion and system assists are being employed…… Well, if it was not implemented, I assume that many games would devolve to shitty games because of their crappy controls.

「For me, this is like a walk in the park! I could do this all day with my eyes closed, and even make a time attack out of it……!]

I mean…… In the early days of my gaming career it took me three whole days to master the arts of full dive parkour. It was a pure hell of three days with much trial and even more error to it. But thanks to that, even the most devilish of footholds was no match for me. Therefore I can jump around, and even if my next scaffoldings would appear right under my feet out of nowhere or disappear in an instant, I would have my answer ready. Oh, the memories of that shitty game are so aggravating that they make me want to…… Oupsie, let’s forget about that, since it seems that I have arrived at my destination.

「I know that there are a lot of irregularities here, but what is this……? The material here seems different from other houses? It’s so hard to climb.]

Somehow, while looking at the structure right in front of me I get a feeling that this is more of a decorative object rather than an actual tower. I could also see inside the tower, since the entrance to it was not guarded by any kind of door or lock. Because of the inversion effect, there was a humanoid-like but also not humanoid-like creature that emerged out of the floor, like some sort of apparition.

I see, so judging by the design of the dress of that person and her facial features, it was a member of the nobility, most probably a female.

And apparently that jelly-like apparition noticed my presence, for it turned its head my way and looked straight at me, smiling softly.


「…… I see that outsiders are plenty this time around.]

I can clearly see that her head is divided into sections, like an apple cut into eight pieces, and that there are small tendrils sticking out of her here and there. So apparently she was only mimicking having a normal human head. I wonder if the Reaperorca’s laser can blast through here since I was inside right now, if things turn sour?

「No, no, what was that about chasing two hares at once?]

There has to be something seriously wrong with the head of a Hunter who tries to bite off more than he can chew. So for now the logical conclusion of being faced with two different quests would be to focus on one of them and bring it to conclusion.

I take a look at the noble lady waiting for me, and then at the outside of the tower. Then at the lady again and again at the outside of the tower.

「…… And with that I’ll take my leave…… Here we go.]

It was a surprisingly easy climb, so much that even someone without my skills should be able to do it no problem. Now, if you are someone like me with a wild combination of movement enhancing skills to boot, this becomes even easier, almost like flying up the tower’s wall.

In game it looked pretty easy, but trust me: if you tried something like that in real life, not only wouldn’t you succeed, but you’d also end up with lots of sore muscles and various degrees of injuries.

「Adjust the height just right…… Now, the time should be close for Alva to shine.]

This whole operation began with Alva gathering the Reaperorca’s aggro, and now that I succeeded in getting closer to the tower, it was his time once more to lure the monster towards me.

I give Alva a signal. Part three officially begins, and he starts to swim towards the tower at a very high speed. Then I observe that for as long as the Reaperorca has a target in close proximity, it will never use its laser, only resulting in physical attacks and electric discharge. Good to know for the future.

That is why I think this enemy here is somewhat shitty. It’s tough to fight it in close quarters, and once you get more than fifty meters away from it, it can fry you up with its laser. Unless you’re good at hide-and-seek, then it is relatively easy to escape from battle and go into hiding.

「So that means once it notices an enemy that is more than fifty meters away, it’s going to blast off that laser! Alva! Sprint towards me like your life depends on it!]

However, if we wanted to make that operation a success, we would only have one chance. Otherwise it would all go to shit pretty fast.

It’s strange, really. Even though it is so far away, I can see it’s electric shocks clearly and hear its roar as if it was right next to me.

Thirty seconds to charge. Two seconds to pick a target. About five seconds before the attack reaches its target. During that time I can move freely to correct my positioning, so realistically it’s seven seconds to act…… Not that much in reality, but in game it’s more than enough.

「Sanraku! I’ll leave this guy to you!]

「Sure thing!!]

Near the top of the tower, the windowsills were my only foothold, since there was literally nothing else. I flash a smile to Alva who approaches me at a tremendous speed. Then I look the monster in the eye in the most intimidating manner I can think of.

「Sorry for leaving you like that, but I’ll take it from here!]

Small fry number one, returns. Recognizing that fact, the Reaperorca’s flames burn brighter and thunder begins to dance across its fins. Now then, come on! It’s you and me! Let’s dance!

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