ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 160 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 160: Backward Encounter and Pandora’s Box Part 2

Upon seeing a frozen volcano suddenly appearing right in the middle of Tokyo, the eyes of the whole restaurant focused on me entirely. Same thing about the guys that were sitting in the back……

(Of fuck, I don’t know what’s going on, but it is dangerous! Dangerous, I tell you……!)

Human beings actually eat things like that? Is that even possible? Because it certainly sounds impossible to me!

The bowl itself was almost twice as big as my head. And just how much milk was wasted to concoct a thing like that!? So much whipped cream and soft cream, it’s actually sickening! Just looking at this absolute monstrosity is making me feel dizzy!

「I, I guess I might as well try this thing out…… It’s not that I’m paying for this, and it’s an experience alright……」

I tried to grab the bowl and get it closer to myself. It didn’t budge. What the heck!? Does this weight as much as a bowling ball or what!? I can already tell that veins were popping all over my face while struggling to get it closer.

Right now I couldn’t care less about our opponents’ conversation at the back of the restaurant. My brain finished assessing the enemy right before me and came to the only possible conclusion: this enemy is a Raid Boss-class, one that was going to put both Wezaemon and Luukan to shame!

「Right, prepare for battle……!」

The fight was fierce indeed and it took me a little bit more than an hour and a half to finish the damn thing. It took me so long that the ordered product arrived at my room and even the members of Star Rain finished their meal and got on their way.

I must say, I’ve brought this upon myself. It was my fault for not looking over the menu to see what was there and what to avoid. Contrary to the popular opinion, there is no such thing as second stomach for sweets. I’ve learned that the hard way. As a result of that, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat anything more for a WHILE now.

However, during my fierce battle there was one term in particular that came as a concern in my eyes.

(Ruin War Hounds…… If memory serves me correctly that’s a really popular FPS, with six installments being published so far. Does that mean that they were going to announce the seventh one during this year’s GGC?)

Aw well, not that I would ever play a game like that. But for now, I think I must take a break…… I feel like I’m about to be sick.

When I went back to my room I didn’t even feel like doing and Full Dive for now. So I just lie on my bed, trying to make the feeling of sickness go away. After a while I could hear the sound of someone knocking onto the door to my room.

I got up the bed and put my gas mask on. But wait. What if that’s one of the hotel stuff? Should I take it off for now?

「Sanraku-kun, are you there? The Charismatic Super Model came to talk to you, so you’d better be there.」

Correction, there’s no need for me to take the gas mask off.

So with the aftereffects of the “Erebus Parfait” still lingering over me, I opened the door to see the self-proclaimed Charismatic Super Model standing there with a piece of cardboard with a smiley face over her face.

「Here, take this. It’s a present from yours truly.」

「…… Alright, there’s are no suspicious sounds. At least it seems safe.」

「Umm, are you really that kind of a person? Literally the first thing you do after receiving a gift is to check if it’s not a bomb?」

Even if the gif box does not contain a bomb, it is entirely possible that some other kind of explosive was put there, so one can never be too cautious with that.

「It’s a joke, I’m just messing with you. So, what’s that?」

「Hmm? You see, modeling is my work, so I come across these things quite often. I thought I might do cosplay one of these days.」

「I see.」

I know that I hide my face from the public, but hiding your whole body? What is this, a competition who can hide more?

「That’s why I ordered a cosplay costume yesterday and went to pick it up just now. Delivery service sure is a wonderful thing nowadays.」

「I…… see?」

「So, I thought that maybe you’d like to join me in my efforts, Sanraku-kun.」

「Don’t think you’ll manage to catch me in your own weird flow!」

Why is this girl thinking she can just get me to participate in her weird antics? Being around her was like playing around with fireworks…… inside of a firework factory. It was WAY too dangerous.

「But you don’t want people to see your face as well, right, Sanraku-kun?」

「That’s just because I can’t stand being around foreigners! Ahahaha, so how about that, you piece of crap!」

So in other words, the contents of this box are nothing else but cosplay costumes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that in and out of itself, but what worries me is Pencilgton taste and choice.

「I’ll probably regret asking, but what’s in the box?」

「A costume just right for someone going by the name of No Face.」

If I were to take a picture of her face right about now and post in on SNS, I’m sure I’d get nothing but terrified reactions. But right about now, I would like to just smash a piece of pie on that beautiful face of hers.

「By the way, what’s that over there?」

「Fufufu, are you interested? You are, aren’t you?」

I have nothing but anxiety in my heart right about now…… Hm?

「It’s a call from Katsu.」

「Whatever it may be about?」

For the time being we decided to go to the place where Katsu wanted us to meet him.

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