ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 170 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 170: Gaijin Theatre Heats Up Part 2

They must have thought that by choosing a Villain as well they would be able to rampage all they wanted without having to suffer any losses because of that, which was not a bad line of thinking in and out of itself. Not to mention that this would take away from us our most impactful weapon that was the roleplay.

As to Alex’s decision, it seems that Pencilgton already had an answer waiting for him.

「Do you think he’s going to bully the NPCs into oblivion as well?」

Usually, you wouldn’t expect people to be all that gung-ho about committing mass genocide on innocent civilians…… Not that many games offer you such path, but still.

「Waa, the moment you try to go to the rescue the whole building was blown up……Ahh, the gauge accumulates……」

Just how many Clown Bombs does that make today? And apparently it could move on its own a little bit after being set up…… Then what is broadcasted is the scene where Clock Fire kicks the bomb right into the building and as it explodes the whole place is reduced to nothing but rubble.

「I see, so that’s how it is…… So it also depends on how you decide to treat it……」

「I get a feeling that this is going to greatly affect the Pro Gamins scene……」

「I blame Bakatsu for this. He’s the one who dragged us into this mess, after all.」

Oh, Katsu, you poor bastard. Some cheap ass sushi or wagyu beef simply won’t cut it anymore. We’re talking about full-blown imperial feast right here.

「I’m really gonna blow some steam away fighting that octopus-like bastard, I know it…….」

「Wait a minute…… What was that all about? I know we’re odd, but at least we’re not on the level of those foreigners out there! Talk about weird and unpredictable!」

What I meant by octopus-bastard was that Kutanid guy that I was supposed to battle in the nearby future. I know that calling him and his cohorts octopus-like is really cheap, but I can’t help it but to think that this analogy describes them best. Or maybe fish-people would be better, in the end?

By the way, this whole scene reminded me of a situation where I ended up being strapped to a cannon after I ACCIDENTALY tried to blow up the base where Katsu and Pencilgton might have gone minutes earlier…… But it’s a rather long story and I would like to save it for some other time. But it got the same vibes, for sure.

After all, there are some things in life that are better left to be unspoken or forgotten. Yeah, that’s for sure. But I digress. Apparently on the screen something was starting to happen.

「It’s just, how should I say it……? I’m starting to understand why Kei thinks that you’re so strong……」

Natsume-san says so to herself while watching Pencilgton taking a mother and her child hostage once more.

Oho, what this? Well, if it isn’t the same mother-daughter pair that Pencilgton exploded in the previous match? Terribly sorry that you guys get to be mixed up with Pencilgton again!

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