ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 175 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 175: High-Speed Roaring Flames: Torque Burst Part 2



But that carnivore-like smile of hers that I saw in the last moment was enough to fire my aggression and spirit of competitiveness once more. Next round, I’ll massacre you even more, so you’d better be ready for it!



「That wraps it up for this round! And what a round it was! Player No Face managed to score a surprising return on Player Goldberg in a truly magnificent fashion! It’s like he was a completely different person from his round one self!」


「Truly, what a terrific match that was…… Incorporating the motorcycles into himself to make up for his lack of mobility, brilliant! Still, it seems that you need outstanding control to be able to handle movements like that.」


「This will surely be a story that will be talk about for a long time to come…… Oh, won’t you look at that? Uomi Kei finally showed up.」


「Hahaha, what a cold greeting…… Hello there, everyone.」


The camera centered on Katsu who sat next to Pencilgton, and he waved her hand at it, looking slightly troubled.


The reception for his words was a warm and enthusiastic one. If Pencilgton or Sanraku ever tried to deliver a line like that to someone, it would seem like a cloud of poison escaping from their mouths.


「Player No Face called himself a mercenary, but what exactly was that supposed to mean?」


「Hmm, same goes for our John Doe here. Well then, my friend. Would you be willing to let us know a thing or two about your John Doe over there?」


「And what if your John Doe is actually a woman?」


「Oh, is that right? Sorry about that. So that would make her Jane Doe, right?」


That Pencilgton, spitting poison once again as she pleased! And her tone was that of a mother gently scolding her own children, of all things!


For some reason Natsume looked really worried as she gazed at Pencilgton’s face and eventually shifted her gaze to Katsu. Maybe she was trying to imagine what Sanraku would say to that? He would most probably make a gesture of striking the palm of his hand with his fist. Or clenching them really hard.


「But still, the two of them showed us a reall wonderful match…… Is No Face also a Pro Gamer or something?」


「I think it’s best to leave it a secret. Don’t you think it’s more mysterious that way?」


If Sanraku could hear that, he would surely scream something like: “What’s with that cringy line!?” or “Stop embarrassing me!”. Fortunately enough, Sanraku was about to start the third round, so he wasn’t able to hear it.


「Do you think it’s possible for him to actually do the impossible, the thing that no one has ever achieved before him……?」


「No, no, no, no, no, if he could win, it would mean I could win as well. Believe it or not, but my win-rate against him is actually seventy percent……」


But right about now he was certain that he would lose and pretty badly at that. But Pencilgton was kind enough to keep those words to herself and not to let them out.


But does Sanraku still remembers the original purpose of all this? That it was all for Katsu’s sake, so he could have his grand moment?


Thus marks the beginning of Round 3.



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