ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 176 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 176: Crossfire of Tiger and Dragon: Dead Heat Part 2



There was the image of Cursed Prison who, after climbing the top of the building so that the News Helicopter could see him, jumped in the air and dunked straight onto the helicopter, forcing it to lower its altitude.


Having been dragged down by so much power, the helicopter lost its balance and gradually started to fall down towards the ground.


The moment the helicopter hit the ground, there was a huge explosion that covered a considerable amount of ground in flames, as well as devouring Cursed Prison.


Cursed Prison’s unique ability is to capture the inorganic matter and then incorporate it within himself. If so, the wall of flames could very well be just a curtain to cover its next move.


「Sorry, but the colors have changed.」


If the appearance that incorporated the motorcycles into itself was that of a knight in a white armor, the one standing before her right now was of a typical Japanese samurai.


It was holding the helicopter propellers in both of its arms, swinging them around like swords, and the helicopter’s plating was serving as its armor.


「It’s good to be more mobile, but more than that…… This form is really calming me down.」


「Going all out……? Non, non, that’s wrong, Cursed Prison.」


No matter her opponents, Silvia Goldberg was always giving it her very best. However, she was getting a feeling that her best would simply not be enough right here, right now in this battle.


「It’s time…… For me to go beyond my limits.」


After all, Justice always prevails. And the Hero of Justice always shines its brightest when clashing against an evil Villain.





If you find yourself to be underperforming when it comes to weapons, the first order of things is to find something that will allow you to even the gap between yourself and your opponent.


The special object “News Helicopter” appears on the map after a certain amount of time passes and a certain amount of damage is being dealt to the map. In the beginning I was wondering why would the helicopter behave in such a way and through the trial and error of incorporating it into Cursed Prison’s armor I came to a conclusion that it was basically a special object.


「Aside from its tremendous horse power, the helicopter even has four weapons which are way better than your standard guns.」


I don’t know how exactly does it work, but apparently Cursed Prison can strengthen the overall power and durability of the things it incorporates within itself. However, the overall damage of the bullets is not ridiculously overpowered, I’d say it is on a level of a shotgun blast. And the damage done by the propeller-swords is also enhanced thanks to Cursed Prison’s ability, which makes it possible to cut through almost anything.


「Good thing I’m mostly using Dual Wielding these days, so I’m rather used to it at this point.」


If I was completely greedy, I would love this fighting style to be AGI-based instead of STR-based. It would allow me to use this avatar in the same way as my avatar in ShanFro. But, greedy is bad, and greedy people tend to die horribly.


「With this I can cut you into thin slices.」




The helicopter engine starts to growl on my back, giving my whole body much needed power. I swung my left hand sword down, but Meetias managed to easily avoid it.


However, since I have some more mobility right now, I can do some cool tricks on my own, so let’s give it a try, shall we?


「Let me borrow from you once more…… TACHIKAZE!」


With that, I let go of my swords and reach towards the spare propellers handing on my waist, quickly assuming the “Iai” stance.


Surprisingly, it seems that Meetias was seriously thinking of avoiding even that blow. That Silvia has guts, I’ll give her that.




「Guuuh…… It’s not over yet!」


I hold my left fist close to my waist and make a move as if I was drawing out a sword, aiming at Meetias who was already into evasive motion. But the cut was apparently too shallow.


I return my hands into the Iai stance at once and close the gap between us. Even though she would probably try to evade all of my swings, I swing powerfully time after time, without giving her time to rest.


I’d surely take some collateral damage as a result, but if that meant being able to reach Meetias with one of my blows, I’d say it is well worth it. So I keep my guard up, wait for an opportunity to strike and attack with all of my might. Even though Meetias is taller than your average man, compared to a giant that is Cursed Prison he is relatively small. While I chase Meetias I pick up the swords I have discarded not so long ago, and combined them into one huge sword.


「At this rate, I…… Even a Meteor such as yourself will be unable to stop me!!!」


「I’ll stop only once I draw my last breath, so come and get it!!」


I swing my sword from the right, add a frame or two of delay and then swing from the left. Meetias managed to avoid both swing, flexing his body with minimal of movements and doing a motion as if he was going to perform a handstand. In the next moment he sprung like a spring, aiming a kick right at my jaw.


「Guh, oooh……!」


There was no sense of pain, but for a split second my vision turned to black, as if I blacked out for a moment out there. Then I felt as though all strength was leaving my body. Was I stunned just now?


「I’ve got you now!」


「You wish!」


Becoming a sandbag right about now would be really bad, since I can take a whole combo while being stunned like that. Is there anything I can do……!?


I can feel a slight shock around my abdomen, and then I can feel the effect of stun is going away and my vision was restored to me. Just in time to see Meetias positioning himself to do a full combo. If I let him connect with me, it will be all over.


「No way, you broke free from it!?」


「It’s the Flowing Iai-Fist Jutsu.」


I hold the left sword in front of me like a shield, defending myself against an elbow strike. A second later and I’d be dead. Currently my HP bar was sitting around fifty percent, while Meetias’s was at sixty percent. It may be a close call…… But from here on out I shall turn this round around.



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