ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 213 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 213: Reaching the Heavens Part 19 Part 2



There was ten seconds left. The amount of energy that I had left was very small as well. Equipping any more artillery might be very dangerous, and I might run of ammo to use those weapons, anyway.


But, there is still something I had to do. No, it was something that only I could do.


「Seiryu, fly at full speed! Towards the sky……!」




Right about now, Kutanid has the advantage over us when it comes to terrain. So what can we do right now? The only thing you CAN do to regain the upper hand it to simply overwrite that advantage of his. And make no mistake, you stupid Kutanid. The sky belongs to me and Seiryu alone!


The invisible road only I could see was stretching right in front of my eyes in a straight line and it was going vertically towards the sky. I fly up like a water current during a water fountain show, or like salmon going up the stream. Eventually overtaking Kutanid, the lone blue dragon raises with the dark night sky in as its background.




Four…… Three…… Two…… One…… I’m gonna make it in time!


This is dangerous. Only one second left before the appointed time of three minute is over…… Not being able to wear this thing again and do maneuvers like that sucks, but if that is going to let me beat Kutanid with it, I’d say it’s all but worth it.


I throw all the parts of the control unit aside from the helmet back into my inventory, and then I give Seiryu one last order, capitalizing on the fact that it is still operational.


「Ram me into that fucker……!」


I equip both Yuzuki’s and combine them into a single sword that I hold in my left arm. Then I extend my right arm towards Seiryu. The blue dragon grabbed my arm and started to swing me around with all the remaining fumes of its energy before it eventually threw me like a hammer during the Olympic Games…… and I was sent flying straight down as a result.


While falling at an extremely high speed, way higher than the Seiryu that was plummeting towards the ground devoid of power, I thrust my blade forward and activate a skill. Which was really hard to do, considering my current conditions. My whole body is being enveloped in a pale, bright light that trails behind me like a tail of a meteorite, and thanks to the blessings of laws of physics it was a moment at which Crescent Vorpal was able to surpass Kutanid, even if only for a brief moment.


It was at this moment that Kutanid, who was still trying to smash Rust with its tentacles, finally noticed what was going on and turned towards me. It tried to move out of the way at the last possible moment…… but it was already too late and the blow landed.


「Say your prayers, Kutanid……!!」


My sword, now gaining additional speed, penetration and power, was tearing through the air with such might that it was causing loud bursts and tearing noises.


The power the blade has gained was enough to crush the last jewel on Kutanid’s back to pieces and send it flying towards the ground. However, the price for doing that was indeed high.




I fell to the ground from about ten meters away, since that was the point where Kutanid was in the air. I was like a ball thrown by a pitching machine, but instead of going horizontally I was going vertically. Of course, once I crush into something, the impact will strike at me with all of its might.


What’s more, right about now I have put my everything into attack, forsaking other skills and landing abilities for the sake of power. When I hit the ground, the laws of physics will make sure that the landing will be a painful one.


My whole body goes numb and I feel weak. This must mean that my HP has dropped to the threshold of one once again. I managed to survive that, but since I landed on Kutanid’s back, I am going to fall from it and hit the ground again.


I am already out of MP. Seiryu won’t save me, because it has run out of fuel. Even if someone was to rush towards me,, they would not make it in time. And even so, I would still sustain damage.


(Does that mean that I’m going to die this time for sure……?)


However, even though I feel numb and weak, I can still move my body. And with those last ounces of strength left in me, there was only one thing I wanted to say to my friends down below.


「…… Finish it!!」


The last arrow is shot. With no way to defend against it, the last sparkling jewel on Kutanid’s back is being destroyed, leaving Kutanid with no more tentacles to fight us with. It was left on its own.


Rei runs. She picks up her sledgehammer from the ground, bounces off the ground and then off Kutanid’s body, and then slams the sledgehammer right in between Kutanid’s neck and collarbone.


The impact causes Kutanid to raise its face in pain, making it completely exposed and vulnerable.


This is it. A checkmate. Right now, Akitsu Akane jumps into the air and prepares to fire the Dragon Breath technique.


This is it. Everyone did their very best just to get us to this very moment. Akitsu Akane takes a deep breath, and a wave of dragon fire starts to burn and swell inside of his mouth.


All of a sudden, the exposed face of Akitsu Akane turns towards me and there was a sight of hesitation on it. I was wondering why it would be like then, and then it occurred to me.


I see, now I get it. As I am right now, I would also be hit with the Dragon’s Breath…… It was such a trivial matter that it never even crossed my mind. I was going to die as well, here at the very end.


If so, then there was only one thing left for me to do. While falling to the ground, I show a thumbs—up towards Akitsu Akane, and tell him just that.


「Get this thing over with!」


There was no reply. However, there was no hesitation in Akitsu Akane’s movements anymore.


「Now then, Kutanid, I presume that this is going to be a first time ever for you to experience something quite like this. So go ahead and savor this experience……」


The ground is coming ever so closer. Still, my eyes would not close. The last thing I saw was the flash of something that looked like a dragon and a faint glow of something that resembled tears being shed by someone. It fills my whole field of vision……





And then I was swallowed up into the light alongside Kutanid, and died.



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