ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 228 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 228: Bad Wolf, Cut Rabbit and Pervert Cat Part 2



King Pencilgton: That’s why I was trying to tell you that it would be best for us to lay low for now, so that we can wait for the situation to actually improve. But then again ,what are we supposed to do, specifically?


Katsu: You think that “Black Wolves” are actually going to demand something from us?


King Pencilgton: As long as Saiga-0 does not show up and clarify anything, they might want to press us for the information regarding Kutanid of the Abyss and Luukan. Worst case scenario, they might even want to know about Wezaemon as well.


Sanraku: I honestly can’t see a solution here that won’t make the whole thing turn really ugly.


King Pencilgton: Usually “Black Wolves” are full of good guys, but I guess even good guys have things and moments that make them forget their manners and their polite ways.


King Pencilgton: Also, as a Guild Master Saiga-100 was always the one that would be willing  to seek the compromise, but this time we are not so lucky as to count on that. This time around even she is after our asses.


King Pencilgton: For the time being I am all in for a peaceful solution. We can even get a third party involved, like the Library, to act as the mediators in the negotiations. But if they want war, then war they shall get, I say. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.


Kyogoku: Good, I was hoping it would eventually come to that.


King Pencilgton: But there is someone here whose opinion on the subject will be critical.


Sanraku: That would be me.


Sanraku: And I don’t want to disclose any information about Kutanid to the general public.


Katsu: And the reason for that is?


Sanraku: Gimmick bosses are no fun if you know what to expect.


Katsu: Hm? So does that mean……?


Sanraku: Besides, information is power, and those information are really powerful right about now.


Sanraku: And some of them are really mind-blowing.


Sanraku: Get a hold of this: you can fight Kutanid of the Abyss multiple times.




Yes, this is something that is way more valuable than simply information regarding Luukan or Kutanid.


The information that you can basically re-challenge every single Unique Monster in the game comes off as way more valuable than how to find said Unique Monsters or how to defeat them. It is an attempt at equality in MMO, but we all know that it is not possible from practical reasons.


I cannot spell enough just how much it means for us that we and monopolize Kutanid for the time being. And if the information about re-challenging would to be leaked to some people how cannot keep their mouths shut, we might as well lose that monopoly.


And if there was a guild that would monopolize Kutanid for themselves, that would surely be “Black Wolves”.


If what Pencilgton says is true, it seems that for the current moment “Black Wolves” re out of control, running around like a pack of rabid dogs. And the fact that they have been outdone not once, not twice, but three times already makes them even more dangerous.


And without the information, the process of discovering Kutanid’s quest and completing it grows increasingly more difficult and irritating. It is not impossible to do, but it is certainly irritating and difficult.


That is exactly why I told Rust and the company to not disclose the information about the World Truth Book to anyone, under any circumstances.


「Now, how to cause them to make a mistake based on that…… Well, we have a Demon King on our side, so I’ll just leave that to you.」


We can feed them wrong information to harm them or to create a nice decoy or distraction. You just need to have someone with the brains to make such a lie seem like a believable story.


「Well then, it’s time for me to just be myself and do as I please……!」


There is also a possible hint towards new Unique Scenario EX thanks to the appearance of Akitsu Akane, but for now it is something that only I am aware of.


Now, better make sure to do a good job, otherwise the boss might get angry with you!





「Break, is my order ready yet?」




「Hey there, oh fair Maiden! This is bad for my spine! This is bad for my spine, you know!」


Whoa, what a cartoonish way to be reunited!


I wonder if I witnessed something I should not have seen? Once we entered Break’s workshop we witnessed Aramis, the boots-wearing Caith Seith just laying flat on the floor, with Break stepping all over her and swinging her hammer down on her back.


「Oooh! Do my eyes deceive me? Or is this a bird-person that is not really a bird-person, Sanraku! This here Aramis has brought to you the promised item!」


「Promised……? Ohh, you mean the accessory, right?」


Come to think of it, I indeed ordered her to make me an accessory some time ago. I completely forgot about that. I mean, with so much stuff going on, it was hard for me to keep tabs on basically every little thing.


「Hey, Break? I don’t know what the cat did, but could you cut her some slack? At least for now?」


After a moment of brief silence Break reluctantly stepped down from Aramis’s back, but she seemed to be in an extremely foul mood for some reason. Also, Aramis herself had a regrettable expression, as if she was sad that she would no longer be stepped on. But together with Emul we decided to pay that no mind, if we did, we would probably arrive at some really twisted and convoluted conclusions.


After getting up and getting rid of all the soot that was covering her fur, Aramis handed me a beautifully decorated box.


「I hereby present to you, the friend of the Vorpal Bunnies and the one who does not cower from challenging even the Nightprowler Luukan itself: “Lapistella’s Star Mantle” and “Levin Trigger Hazard”, both created by Darnata, Catzeria’s finest artisan.」


「Ah, umm…… Ah, yeah, the capital city of Cait Seith kingdom…… Yes, thank you very much. If you will ever have some problems, please come to me for help. I’ll see what I can do, within the limit of my abilities. After all, I’m a friend of the Vorpal Bunnies.」


It was a kind of an unexpected roleplay here, but does that mean I managed to secure an event flag with Aramis?


It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a connection to Catzeria, and I must not forget to thank them properly, since it is only a sign of good manners. And yes, those dating sims I have played in the past prepared me to do all kinds of weird stuff just to trigger event flags.


Especially that both Emul and Alva turned out to be valuable assets to my team and a trust companions.


Now then, I know that I wanted to go to the accessory shop here in Rabbitz, but before we do that, let us first check what those accessories in particular can do.





A pure white cloak created by the technique of “jewel weaving”, giving off the impression of the starry sky.


The inner part of the cloak is black, in contrast to the white exterior, and its gem stones can store tremendous amounts of magical power inside of them.


Using magic spells in advance on the gem stones, it is possible to store one spell per gem and then unleash its effects at the wearer’s discretion. At that time, it is not needed to spend MP for activating the spell, since it is all stored inside of the gem stone.


The amount of maximum spell that can be stored in the cloak depends on the quality of the “Lapistella Star Crystal” used as a catalyst for cloak’s creation, but in case of the finest quality material it can store to maximum of three hundred spells.


The brilliance of the night sky is not bound to anyone, and it is everyone’s right to be able to equally witness its beauty.





A pair of gloves with amber ornaments decorating the right glove. By pressing the right thumb’s gem against your chest, a special effect sealed in amber can occur. In addition, a special status is bestowed upon the player: “Levin Hazard” for a certain period of time.


The “Sealed Amber” is classified according to the level of risk contained within the gem stone, as well as the attributes of the amber itself. There classes are divided into five categories: “Crude”, “Dense”, “Pure”, “Hazardous” and “Extreme”. Amongst those five, “Hazardous” is more powerful that “Extreme”, but upon use the caster also suffers a form of backlash.


The effects sealed within the amber cannot be activated by accident, and must be a conscious decision of the user.


Special status: Levin Hazard. The caster wears a cloak of jet-black thunder all around his/her body. That cloak decreases the damage taken for a period of time and deals damage to whatever touches the thunder. It can also paralyze whoever touches the thunder on contact.


Special status: “Hazard”. Upon activation grant the user the “Overflow” effect. During that state the player’s motion sensitivity is tremendously increased, and all forms of movement are corrected slightly. In addition, as compensation every ten seconds the player’s current HP is being decreased by fifty percent.



…… Oh my, that’s just broken.



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