ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 230 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 230: Uncontrollable Motion Part 1





Please, allow me to explain the meaning of the above sounds.


You see, that was the sound of experimenting. Experimenting for what, exactly? Experimenting for finding the optimal solutions. The best combinations. To see what works best with one another.


Also, a side note here: even though I’ve been to the accessory shop, it is impossible for me to take the INVENTORY off of the first accessory slot. Which means that ultimately I only have five accessory slots for me to do as I see fit with them!


There was a whole lot of things that I wanted to try in order to try to remove the INVENTORY even for a moment, but it is not worth of mentioning here. For now, it should suffice to say that I did the following in the meantime:


I went to the accessory shop and opened the accessory slots that were available to me.


I went to the Colosseum and verified just how Trigger Hazard works.


I also remember going to the Break’s workshop for some consultation.


Now, please do bare in mind that the above actions may or may not have been done in that specific order…… Which reminds me…… Oooohhhhhh……


There is a whole lot of things that I would like to say about Lapistella’s Star Mantle. But first and foremost, let me say this: I can store about three hundred spells worth of MP in this thing. Three hundred! With an accessory like that, even a brain-dead monkey could become an arch-wizard and be virtually unstoppable.


Of course, the amount of magic this mantle can contain is like a bucket. If you are running low on water inside of it, you can always replenish its contents with new water, however! Being able to fire off three hundred spells seemingly out of nowhere is really broken of an ability. It is said that the power and the casting speed for offensive spells in this game depends on the maximum amount of the caster’s MP, but the mantle is not only limited to the offensive spells. You can pour other types of spells in it as well.


What’s more, there is no rule that dictates how exactly or in which order you are to use your spells, so it allows you for a certain dosage of creativity. I think that this will leave a whole lot of space to experiment and come up with broken spell combinations.


For example, when it comes to short-termed decisive battles, an overwhelming barrage of spells with no recast time proves to be especially effective.


There is also the issue of MP converting to spell’s power, but it affects only that: spell power. No need for me to worry about the spell’s MP cost, since you do not need to pay any. There is also the issue of the overall DPS and if it is higher than your standard weapon attacks, but it is something that I can worry about sometime later.


「I must still verify this in greater detail, but I do wonder if the magic DPS is really amazing or something like that……」


In the first place, does the merits and demerits of chanting and non-chanting the spell even apply here? No, no, no, that’s not the issue here. The biggest merit this mantle has is that you can pre-record the spell into its gems and store it there for as long as you wish.


For example, the spells that were written on those magic scrolls that Rei was using during the decisive battle against Kutanid. The magic spells that were recorded on those scrolls…… she said that they were quite expensive. And when it comes to scrolls, expensive equals more firepower and better effects, right?


You no longer need to buy expensive magic scrolls over and over again like an idiot. You only need to buy it once and then record it onto the mantle’s gemstones. Yeas, that’s right, broken and overpowered does not even begin to cover it…… Just thinking about it makes me want to come up with different ways in which I can abuse that system.




But here is where problems started to arise.


「S-Sanraku-san……. Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure that it is okay for me to use it here?」


「Did I not tell you before that this is all for the verification’s sake? If you don’t use it here, we cannot verify anything! That being said, it might be slightly dangerous, so it would be best for you if you took a step back or two for now, Emul.」


「Yes, roger that.」


This here is Bunny Colosseum, the same Colosseum in which I was fighting against hordes of hounds, birds, mummies and all other kinds of monsters all that time ago. I heard that Akitsu Akane was going to try this place out very soon, but for now I have come here in order to give another accessory a go: “Levin Trigger Hazard”.


As far as I understand how this accessory works, it reinforces your defenses while also coming with its own demerits. The biggest problem here is the “Overflow” state, without a doubt. There is also five categories of “sealed ambers” with various degree of danger to them, and a “Hazard” status, the one that increases your mobility and correct your movements but it comes at price of your HP. So using this accessory might be beneficial, but it can also be quite dangerous to the user.


「There are too many unknown factors to this item. For the time being, let’s try to use it and see what it actually does. That way we can understand the fastest……」


Just to be on the safe side, for the duration of this test I have removed all other parts of the equipment, to avoid damaging them in any way. Now, the only thing that I was wearing was the “Levin Trigger Hazard”. When everything was ready, I hit the amber that was on my right thumb against my chest, in order to satisfy the activation conditions and to see what would happen.


BZZT! The moment the amber collided with my chest I could hear a faint sound, and in the next moment my whole body was covered in threads of black, slightly numbing static electricity. Then, that electricity started to intensify, turning into threads of jet-black thunder. And it was indeed covering my whole body, but…… It was also kind of strange. I could feel that the thunder was not originating from the ambers of the gloves, but it was rather coming from the inside of my own body. The ancient black thunder…… It was as if my avatar had become its source, the thing that was keeping it on going.


「This is……!」


I could feel the power flowing through my body. And that power was making me want to dash around like crazy, shouting out loud and go on a rampage unlike this place had never seen before.


Unable to stand it any longer, I took off and started to run. I ran and I ran, all the time going forward and without actually looking where I was going. And that’s when I collided with something.


Namely –– the wall.



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