ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 231 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 231: Unintentional Price of Greatness Part 2



The actual performance is really good. Initially I was reluctant towards a set of equipment like that, but in the end I was not disappointed. It was everything I would have hoped for.


Anyways, it will be good to hold those things in my inventory for now. Who knows? Maybe they will turn out to actually save my life when I’ll happen to find myself in a pinch one of these days?


「Come on, Emul! We are going to do some hunting for a little while!」


「Roger that! But where are we going to go, exactly?」


「I don’t want to waste any more time doing basically nothing, so we might as well utilize our time in some productive way!」


Like trying to push forward another Unique Scenario EX that is available to me: “The Epic of the Vorpal Bunnies”.


Receive the quest, get the coordinates, set a waypoint…… Now what was the objective here? Weissashe mentioned three delta devices that are located in the “ruins of the old castle that bears the signs of innocence”.


If I remember correctly it is that place we have seen on the way towards Fiftsia, right? The one that is full of bad memories, such as updating my curse of Luukan and fighting that retarded dragon. Although truth to be told we were in a hurry on that day and we only managed to skim through the plains area without delving deeper anywhere else.


As long as we have “old castle’s ruins” to deal with, there is only one such place that comes to mind. According to Rei, it was a fortress that was built in the Age of the Gods and it is the place where a mysterious “Line Knight” set his domain…… that is the place where I should be looking next.


「Alright, let’s test these bad boys right away. Break, we might be back sometimes later for repairs, along with impressions on those weapons.」


「Yeah, why do I get the feeling that you are going to tear them to pieces this time as well? But when that time comes……」


Break silently lifts her hammer up, as if to indicate that I would get a serious beating if I break her weapons apart one more time. Seeing her that way, together with Emul we rush out of her workshop in a hurry, as if the devil itself was on our asses.


「That was not a joke. She was actually being serious there.」


「Sanraku-san, from now on it would be in your best interest to actually take a better care of your weapons and equipment.」


「No objections here……」




「Now then, whatever should we do from here on out?」


Right about now, together with Emul we were hiding in the back alley, waiting for a group of people to pass us by.


「Where the hell did they go!?」


「Ahh, I lost sight of them!」


「That bunny! The way it was dressed was so cute!」


「I knew he was in Fiftsia! It was a good thing to actually camp here!」


I have completely forgotten about the fact that everyone was on the lookout for the name Sanraku as of late. Furthermore, Fiftsia was currently overcrowded with people who managed to advance through the game by a hefty degree.


It’s midnight! There won’t be that many players here! Haha, what fool I was to think that! That is why we are currently being chased around.


「Now then, whatever shall we do about this……?」




I don’t mind being an object of rumors, but I don’t like it when people try to interfere with my gaming experience like that.


And I would surely hate if there were people coming right after me everywhere I go, especially if that place would be the ruins of the old castle.


“If we keep on following this guy around, he’ll lead us towards the Unique Scenarios and Unique Loot!” I imagine that’s the line of reasoning for those people. They are like hyenas, wanting to get all the juicy bits without actually putting any effort into it themselves.


Party play is good and all, but right about now I really am in the mood for some solo play. I know that Emul is with me, but that’s fine and all. Playing together with NPCs is a completely unique experience as opposed to playing together with other players.


「Do I really want to use that here? No, but……」


The reason for why I chose the Blue Holy Grail was also in anticipation for situations like that, however, it was also coming with its own set of rather bothersome disadvantages.


The Blue Holy Grail’s power is Gender Reversal. And the disadvantages here are that your normal gender cannot be restored until a certain conditions are met. Those conditions being “death” and “respawn”.


At first it does not seem so bad. But it also means that unless I go battle someone or something and die to that someone or something, I would be forced to fight as a female version of myself. And that is not something that I would like for the moment.


And as long as my respawn place is here in Rabbitz, I cannot go anywhere else without exceeding at least some sort of effort. There was also an option of switching my body to the female version, but I am more accustomed to fighting as a male for obvious reasons. Plus, since that item is connected to Unique Scenario EX, it might attract some special monsters my way, and attention is the only thing that I would really like to avoid right about now.


No, wait, let’s stop for a moment and think about it. There are currently three ways in which I can approach this situation.


First one is a forced breakthrough. And bearing in mind that there might be some players coming here in the nearby future, I do not really want to turn towards that option. But since I have not done anything wrong in the first place, there should be no need for me to have to run away, right?


The second option here is what I call a Medjed Dash, and what is actually a recreation of that one stunt that I happened to perform all the way back at Thirdrema. However, at that time I wanted to cause as much commotion as possible in order for me to break through, but now I would want something quite the opposite. If I could help it, I would want to keep it as confidential as humanly possible.


The third option was to exit this place as covertly as possible, since not all the players are logged in during the night and could stay that way. There will be points throughout the night when the number of logged in players will be considerably lower than usual, and you could use that time to even play solo to some extent. But to leave the city covertly like that…… this will take a lot of time to accomplish.


「And that this why I shall take the fourth option.」


I don’t really want to think about it, but if all other players in ShangriLa Frontier assume that “Sanraku is currently in Fiftsia”, then getting out of the city unnoticed would truly be a nigh impossible of a task.


Then I guess it is a high time to change the scenery for a bit.


「Emul, open a teleport gate to Elevental!」


「Sure thing! Good to see you again in such high spirits, Sanraku-san!」


「For now you can call me General Sanraku!」


Wouldn’t that make me a half-naked general? Or a shameful general? Haha, listen up, Luukan. Sometimes in the future I’m going to get you for this.



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