ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 234 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 234: The Story of Unsightly, Biting Dog Part 2



「I did it! I did it, baby! I finally managed to reach the Root!」


Oh, wow. That face projected nothing but bad personality. Body that was way too fat and seemed physically weak. That person seemed to scream weak and unlucky if I ever saw a weak and unlucky person.


How should I put it? This guy was also giving off that “Mad Scientist” kind of vibe.


I have no idea what exactly happened in the previous two video files, but whatever that mad scientist seemed to have been doing must have resulted in a success.


「I estimate that around this time the soldiers above are still getting consumed, but…… Fuh, kukukukuku…… Oh well, they do deserve some praise in the end. After all, their sacrifice is the cornerstone of my work here……!」


「…… Sanraku-san. I really hate that person for some reason.」


「Now, now,  let’s just keep watching and hold our judgement for now.」


One should not judge a person by their looks and things they say alone, but I guess that in case of that person about eighty percent of his first impression is already set in stone. Well, the remaining twenty percent will remain to be seen after he describes what he was doing here.


Think about Shit Chronicles Online. It looked good, but everything else about it was crap. So we shall see what this guy has to offer in terms of actions and work.


「The fuck is inheritance!? The fuck about the next generation!? I admit that Amatsuki and Setsuna’s theories make sense, but…… Only those guys! Only those guys, you hear me!?」


Oh my oh my, what do we have here? Could it be that…… No, for now let’s just keep watching.


「What nonsense, they said! Utter foolishness, they said! It’s illogical for us to only live in the moment! Alice Frontier! Julius Shangri-La! They are the ones who are foolish and crazy!」


「That’s right…… That’s exactly right, I shall be the savior of mankind! No one else, but me……!」


Wait, wait, wait, wait just a minute! You’re drooling, man! It spills everywhere! I cannot smell it and it is not real, but it really bothers me! So stop doing that!


Umm, wait…… There is a whole bunch of questions that I have from hearing all this up to this part, but…… No, it’s a recorded video, so I can always re-watch it later.


「We have come here from the sky, the sky is our domain…… There are no Gods in the heavens. If so, the Gods would be here, down below……!」


Oh, for some reason I really liked that expression just now.


He said that there are no Gods in the skies because that is where they have come from. He seems to be mad to at least some extent, but was that not an important information? Or maybe that person is important as well?


「I originally wanted to experiment more with the area to the West, but…… Ah, no matter, as long as the connection is there, it is all good. I am not a pessimist like the rest of them…… This, at the root of the disaster, I…… with my own hands……!」


There was a lot of static here. (At least I think it was static)


The image here got disrupted and vanished for a moment, but the sound feed was good and continuing. That’s when you could hear a loud scream coming from somewhere within the holographic image. Then there was a loud sound of something metallic being torn apart. Then there was a loud roar, unlike anything that a human body could produce…… Oh (Could it be?)


「N-No! NOOOO! I……! I DON’T……! No, not like this, I…… God damn it……!!!」


「W-What is it!? What’s happening in there!?」


「What, you ask……? I have a rough idea, but you are certainly not going to like it.」


Now, I wonder what will happen to our salivating doggie here? Did he  reach a dead end? Or maybe……?


「Shit! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, FUUUUCK!!!! You were supposed to be dead, so how come you are so strong!? The records…… Ah, that’s right! The records! Whoever is watching this, listen well! Listen closely, below! It all comes from down below! Looking up towards the sky is a waste of time! The Universe is not even that wonderful of a place as everyone seem to think it is!」


「M-My arm……! This, this fucking monster…… D-Don’t think you’ll be able to drag me in……! Shit, it’s digging into my arm more and more! I need more time!」


「I don’t want to die…… Fuck, uguh……! Listen well, the things that lurk… below! Jizz is…… No, it’s better to use Behemot and Leviathan, alright…… Alright…… Gah, UGAAAAHHH!?」


The only thing that echoes in the video for a while is the rattling sound of flesh colliding with metal. There was also an explosion somewhere in the distance, and as that sound echoed as well, the visuals got restored.




Small wonder why Emul started to scream like mad. Everyone would want to scream seeing someone else right before them starting to get bitten and eaten by “something” in the background.


It was something with a whole lot of wriggling and swaying tentacles growing out of its body, and it was progressively eating away at the left half of the man’s body. The tentacles were moving in a sickening, warm-like motions to boot.


You can see it in that man’s eyes: it was not something that would bring you pleasure. There were tears in his eyes and his nose was running with snot, the picture of the ultimate pain.


But still, the eyes the man I assumed to be a biting dog were not of someone who was dead. There was still fire shining in those eyes. Fire and despair.


「Since it has come to this, the use of either Julius or Alice may be required! Listen well, what you are trying to do is like trying to mask the smell of manure with a deodorant! It’s not the ultimate solution! It’s only a temporary one! I put the necessary program into Delta, but you must use it!」


「It hurts, it hurts, IT HURTS…… FUCK! Useless piece of fucking junk! A fucking tug of war is not enough for you!? Not yet, NOT YET……!」


「Aah, god damn it…… A thing like that, there’s no way that it can be allowed to leave this place……! Fuck, why the fuck is this happening……!? But still, I…… I……!」


「Activation code is: “Nakima Sukue Sude”. I’m approaching my limit, but I must not let that thing get to close, or else…… Hyi!?」







After that bite, what followed was the typical ending of your R-18 tentacles games…… The poor scientist was simply dragged inside of the huge hole, never to emerge from it again.


For a while you could only hear loud slurping noises coming from the hole, but then there was silence. Then the visuals came to a stop as well…… the video was over.


「How should I say it……?」


Overall evaluation here would be nothing short of a “Great Self-Destruction”, but even so, the scientist in the video made his point on what exactly they managed to accomplish here.


「Is it not rather dangerous?」


And is it not that kind of information that you would normally obtain exclusively in the last dungeon?




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