ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 235 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 235: Revelations at the Bottom of the Earth Part 2



「If we think about it calmly, that scientist guy was trying to pass the devices to someone else, so it would be quite sick of a joke if taking them out would actually initiate some sort of a self destruct sequence…… Really sick joke indeed……」


Just to be on the safe side, I approach the hole once more and throw one more piece of junk of unknown purpose into it, to see if that would cause any reaction at all. …… No reaction even after a long moment of silence? Okay, good. I could stop being on high alert all the time for now.


It seems that there is no danger for the moment, so we are in the clear. I have put away the three devices into my inventory for the sake of safekeeping. We could start heading back now, but let us stick around just for a little bit longer.


「I know I might have said it already, but Pencilgton really is one hell of a master tactician……」


Long story short, some time ago she basically forced me to buy a certain item. The item in question wad called “Recording Eyeball”, and the only explanation that I got for it was that “if you bring it with you everywhere, it will generate you all sorts of useful information. No need to thank me.”


According to the game’s lore, the eyeball is the crystallization of the God of Fate’s tears. Anyways, it is so-called “Recording Item”. At the beginning of the game’s service it was sold as a consumable item, but apparently the players did not like the idea of such item having limited amounts of uses and it was changed to be an item that could be use as much as you wanted.


I use the eyeball to record the last video that the mad scientist have recorded before his gruesome death. That being said, if you were to use that item to record various things, yu could make a whole lot of money that way. I can easily imagine other players wanting to pay astronomical amounts of money just so that they could lay their hands on a recording like that.


As expected, even when Pencilgton was not around, she would always find a way to mess with the other one way or another.


「It might be a good idea to record a separate version of the video, but this time without all that Guro stuff, like an all ages version…… Emul, could you please shut up for a moment? Much appreciated.」


「Roger that.」


There were some Emul noises mixed in with the video’s audio, but when I gave it a quick glance it turned out to be of a really solid quality. It was not a documentary movie level quite yet, but we were slowly getting there.


But now I am really curious about the other two files, the ones that got corrupted. Was there any way to restore them? Or were they merely a flavor to the third one?


If it was the latter, than I guess it’s all fine. But if it was the former, than I had a few option on how to approach this problem.


Namely: do I repair the corrupted files here on the spot? Or maybe I should bring it somewhere where it would be possible to repair them by a specialist?


「…… Hm?」


I think that just now I was about to come up with some ideas, but…… Hm? Hmmm?


Oh well, if I want to bring those files out of here, I would need some item on which I could store all that data, anyways. So first of all I would need to find an item like that, and then I would need to find a place where they would be able to repair it.


「…… HMM!?!?」


I could feel something welling up down my throat. It was not a ball of puke, but it was a sudden idea.


Alright, alright. Time to organize my thoughts. For a moment now, all that I was thinking about was the information stored within this here supercomputer. Its corrupted data, to be more specific.


If it is just a flavor option, it all fine and good. But if its something that can be recovered, I would need an item that would allow me to store the non-physical data like that.


Could it be…… Is it possible to find such an item somewhere else? Somewhere else in here, or maybe in some other Era of the Gods’ ruins that were scattered all over the game’s world? Then you would either be able to store the data form here and take it out, or you would be able to repair it here? Take it out and…… means to do so……?


「Taking the data out…… and taking it back with you…… Carry it…… UWOH!!!」


Revelation. It just now occurred to me. A true revelation.


Not about anything new, mind you. It was only a revelation about something that I have long forgotten.






Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT JUST A FUCKING MOMENT! Can I really do it? Is it going to work out?


「Slots…… Where the hell are the slots……!? Fuck my life, do you really need to stick every little thing into slots in the far future!? Like what the hell!? No, j-just calm down, Sanraku, calm down and think. Look for the shape this thing could fit into!」


「What’s wrong, Sanraku-san!? You are making a face unlike anything I have ever seen before.」


「You are god damn right it is a face you have never seen before! Ohhh, fuck me! I have completely forgotten all about it just until now! It must have been because the impact of the INVENTORY and everything else that was happening at the time!」


Not the INVENTORY itself…… but because of the impact it made on me I have almost completely forgotten about that other particular item and just threw it into the depth of my inventory where it was gathering dust until this moment…… A translucent cube with a single ray of light tracing alongside its surface.


It is just a storage medium, but the information that are stored within it should be…… It seem to contains the knowledge of the skill that allows you to “imitate the appearance”, a skill that you would not be able to obtain otherwise, no matter how hard you would try.


Esoteric Writings…… When Pencilgton, Katsu and I managed to defeat the Unique Monster “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”, each one of us happened to receive different items as the battle drop. And it just so happens that I have received this little thing. It was a small cube. And judging by the look of it, it was a storage device for the data of some sort.


「Tactical War Beasts could not do it properly. Their mobile terminals could not handle such vast amounts of data. So how about this thing here……?」


I have no idea what that scientist was trying to do here earlier, but at least I had a clue: he was fiddling with the consoles over here, as if preparing to launch something.


Is it not something that allows you to read files and browse the other ones at the same time……? Kuh, but if so, then where is the slot that you could insert something into it!? The menus here are really pretty, but navigating this thing is a complete nightmare!


「Is that it? Or maybe it’s this thing here? Or maybe that over there? Surely it’s this thing!」


I was searching around the console completely blind, trying to find the right place. It took me a moment, but finally I placed the cube inside of the recess from which the holographic image was projected earlier, and it turned out that I hit the jackpot with that decision. And as luck would have it, the cube almost immediately started to show its real worth, proving itself to be something more than a simple accessory or a paper button.




The light…… It is overflowing –––––––––!




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