ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 238 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 238: Information Cross Counter Part 2



「Kukuku…… Are those perhaps the words of wisdom conjured by the lovely lady? She sure knows how to give those who like to think quite a deal of trouble……」


「Really now? From the moment we were discussing that matter, my Guild master was talking about Library with the intention of eventually cooperating with you guys……」


What is important here is just how much information we can disclose to them. After a long and heated debate we have decided in a democratic way that we would sacrifice one of our jokers in order to make sure that our intentions at cooperation would be understood without any incidents.


「If you are willing to cooperate with us…… The guild “Wolfgang” is willing to disclose more information that are at our disposal. Consider this a sign of our goodwill towards the Library and its people.」


「Hoo…… Well then, we would like you to give us the World Truth Book that you have obtained after defeating Kutanid of the Abyss, as well as……」



「You can re-challenge Kutanid of the Abyss.」


In that moment the eyes of the Wannabe Magical Girl, until now calm and emotionless, opened wide in astonishment and surprise.


She might want to argue with me that this is just a theory and that I have no proof to back it up, but in that case I already have an answer at the ready: if you don’t trust my words, why don’t you go there, defeat Kutanid and see it for yourself?


But if she chooses to believe in my words, she will obtain a genuine piece of information that will be exclusive to Library, outside of the reach of Guilds such as SF-Zoo or even “Black Wolves”. It would be what is professionally called an “Empty Frame”.


「There is no way for me to prove it right off the bat…… But consider this: if you choose to believe me, the guild “Wolfgang” is going to help the members of Library in an efforts at re-matching Kutanid of the Abyss. …… What do you say to that?」


「This is not the kind of decision that I can make on my own here. Can I consult the rest of the members before making a decision?」


Even though she was saying something like that, I could already see it in her eyes: this was too good for them to simply pass it up. They were going to agree to our terms.


「In the first place, you can’t really expect all that much out of the guild “Black Wolves”. What could they possibly offer you? To help you clear the main story? On the other hand, please look at the track record of “Wolfgang” with Unique Monsters. That should be more than enough of an incentive to cooperate with us.」


We can talk about it and discuss all we want, but it is really a simple choice once it is brought down to the main points. It should also help that the guild “Wolfgang” offers to help out Library if needed. Up until now I was perfectly enacting Pencilgton’s plan, and it was proving to work wonders. At this rate, the merits of our cooperation heavily outweigh the demerits.


「What is it that you are supposed to do at such times? Shake hands?」


「Hmm, hmm…… Actually, there are some more things I would like to discuss first.」




Now it was my turn to get some job done. I was hoping that the other side would simply accept out proposal and that would be it. But this was a somewhat unexpected turn of events.


「You do realize that the players are currently traveling towards the new continent, right……? As a matter of fact, Library also sends its envoys there in order to collect information.」




「And it just so happens that we have recently received a rather interesting report. Now, if you promise to help us with that matter…… The Library is going to have no real reason to turn down your guild’s request.」


Shit, does that mean that now instead of targeting “Wolfgang” you are going to target me specifically?


「We are not interested in the least in the fact who discovers a particular information. And besides, you are talking about a “track record” but only you know how it is, right? There is no one else that can prove it.」


It was at this exact moment that the roles of buyer and seller were reversed.




No, wait just a moment. I was acting as if I was a really skilled negotiator, but in reality I don’t really think that I’ll be able to hold my own ground against this Magical Girl Wannabe. Sure, I can do some tongue shenanigans, but in order to emerge victorious here I fear that my Intelligence stat is not nearly high enough.


「Umm…… Don’t you think that you’re expectations are a little bit too high here……?」


Oh shit, not good. I could feel goosebumps starting to crawl all over my skin, creating the nastiest feeling imaginable.


「From your own words, I believe it is safe for us to assume that you have obtained the information on every single one of the Unique Monsters. Coincidentally, we have those at our disposal as well.」


And there it is! They are misinterpreting my words, and misinterpreting them in a really spectacular manner! Fuck this, I wanna go home. I want to stop all this thinking processes and just go hunt some monsters already!


「The information about that “Epic of the Vorpal Bunnies” of yours…… We do not care in the slightest about the benefits and items that come from joining forces or Unique Scenarios themselves. Sanraku-san, what we only care about is information….. You do understand that, right?」


「I see, it’s as if, it’s as if…… It’s as if signing a pact with the devil. So you want to trade information regarding the Unique Monsters……?」


Oh shit, this is really bad! My lips were moving on their own, completely out of reflex. From here on out, I really need to watch out what exactly I am going to say!


「We are not quite yet in the stage where we can talk about anything “certain”, however we know this for sure: for your information we can give you the information about a “Raging Snake God”.」


「Raging…… Evil God?」


「No, not the “Evil” God. Raging Snake God.」


Snake, huh……? The only one coming close to that description that I could think of would be Orchestra, but does that mean that Library discovered the names of all seven of the Unique Monsters?


「Now then, as you said earlier, it might actually be better to set a trial period…… What do you think? Seeing is believing as they say. However, I would feel really grateful if you would agree to become our “eyes”.」


It seems that for those guys, it was never about negotiating with the guild “Wolfgang”. They wanted to negotiate with me exclusively, without having to go through Pencilgton. No matter how you look at it, that’s just crazy. This really puts a pressure on me, but I cannot say that a situation like that would not have its share of merits.


「For the time being, could you hold on…… I shall take all of that to heart and we will think of our answer.」


「We shall await your reply, then. We do hope that it will be a right one.」


A half-naked bird-head and a Magical Girl Wannabe both laugh sincerely, as if trying to reassure one another.




Of course, I had to make haste and go back. After all, I am our Guild’s gunball.



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