ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 247 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 247: Who Is the Hunter Here and Who Is the Hunted? Part 2


Let us go back in time one more time, sometimes before the meeting with Black Wolves.


「…… Umm, so what you’re saying is?」


「Both Momo-chan and I…… We are sure to have made some back alley deals behind each other’s backs.」


「Have you heard the news yet, Kyo-Timate? Tomorrow’s meeting is going to be ninety percent farce for sure!」


「I feel like asking for a detailed explanation would be a nice thing to do right about now.」


Somehow, upon hearing those words I felt as if I just got spoiled about a video game that I was waiting for so long.


However, I should wait with making judgment after I hear a full explanation, which would often change the big picture almost completely…… You know what? Never mind, let’s just hear it.


「Momo-chan’s charm lies in the fact that she can fly off the handle in an instant, and that she can be calmed down almost instantly as well. And basically she belongs to neither of the factions within her guild, which makes her stand somewhere in between them.」


「If that’s the case, then what’s the point in back alley dealings to undermine the talks?」


「There are people out there who can make her snap back to her senses, but that’s beside the point for now. We have some other goal here: we must make all of the members of “Black Wolves” understand where they are standing.」


Apparently that was not all, for Pencilgton continued to speak after sticking out her tongue and making a rather silly face.


「You remember how I mentioned that “Black Wolves” are split into two factions? The general gamers and ShanFro only gamers?」


「Yeah. And?」


「That is the correct answer, but not entirely. If you start digging deeper into their internal affair, you will find out that the group is actually split on a more basic level. We have “Saiga-100 faction” and “Riberios faction”.」


If you think about what majority of the people wants, it is really simple: power and money, the fact that they are way higher in social ladder than anyone else. Well, there are also other reasons, but those are the most common ones…… The longing for being better than the rest.


However, a certain question arises here: which faction holds more influence within “black Wolves”?


「It is even wrong to designate them as moderate and hardcore factions. To be precise, there is a group that wants to defeat Luukan no matter what, and a group that wishes for nothing else but to remain as the strongest guild out there.」


Yes, it is even in their name: Black Wolves. The reason why their name is that and not something else is simply because it was supposed to be a kind of a pun regarding their original goal: the defeat of Nightprowler Luukan.


Obtaining power and standing at the top of the guild ladder was only a mean to achieving their end goal, not the end goal itself.


So looking at them from that perspective, the original Black Wolves must have been a specialized guild, much like SF-Zoo and Library are right now, not the all-rounded guild.


「Ahh…… Wait a moment, I think I’m starting to see the bigger picture here……」


「Strange. Whenever you say things like that, Sanraku, I don’t know if I should be amazed or actually afraid……」


「Nfufufu…… That’s right. This time around it is not about “Black Wolves” versus “Wolfgang”, but something much simpler.」


It was a clash of interests between the moderates of “Black Wolves” plus “Wolfgang” versus the hardcore faction of “Black Wolves”. It is not a dispute between two different guilds, even though it might look like that at first glance, but it is rather that one guild pries its nose in to the matters of another guild.


「And because Momo-chan and I are best buddies, I used get the fresh intel on what was happening there from the earliest stages.」


Black Wolves…… Strictly speaking, there is a faction there that only belongs to that guild because of their desire to see Nightprowler Luukan defeated.


Indeed, for them the information about Wezaemon and Kutanid must have been really interesting ,but it was nothing more than that. It was only something that would allow them to get a little bit closer towards their end goal.


「The only thing that Momo-chan cares about is the information how to get to Nightprowler Luukan and how to defeat the beast. And she thinks that Sanraku-kun has exactly those information. Honestly, she would get more info out of SF-Zoo than from us, but that does not matter to us right now.」


Now that I think about it, it was a good thing that SF-Zoo got slaughtered before we got to fight Luukan for real. That way even if they start talking, it will be of no harm to us in any way.


「Now, the real problem are going to be the players from Riberios faction, the ones who only care about being the strongest.」


After all, human desires are seemingly bottomless, and if you want to be a number one, it’s only a given that you want to be the only number one.


And for those guys, the fact that there is a weaker guild that manages to take down Unique Monsters one by one seemingly with little to no effort is like a slap to the face. It’s like seeing the same name at the top of the scoreboard at the arcade, no matter how big of high scores you are managing to amass. The fact that you cannot overtake someone like that must be simply infuriating.


It is annoying. It is disturbing. But it also pushes you to try even harder to earn even bigger of a high score.


「Most likely, the purpose of the Riberios’s faction is to exploit “Wolfgang” as much as possible…… or to absorb us.」


It is something that the strong often impose on the weak. You can dress it in whatever reasons you want, and for the weaker one that show promise, the perspective of being able to join the ranks of the strong will always be viewed as “a good thing”.


But we are not playing this game to be able to mingle with the strong. In the first place, “Wolfgang” is a casual guild, meant for us to have fun. Sure, the fact that Pencilgton still has the affinity towards being the Demon Lord is slightly disturbing, but you can be sure that she did not wanted for us to get absorbed by the larger guild. She would not liked that at all.


「This whole meeting is also more or less organized by Momo-chan and I alone. A blatant board meeting, an unfortunate guild master, nfufufufufufu…..」


The way in which Pencilgton declared that and the smile on her lips was a dead indicator that right about now she was having the most fun with this game than she ever had in the past.


「Oh, this is so much fun! Interfering in the inner affairs of “Black Wolves”! Ahh, I can already hear the cracks and tears as they begin to form, destroying them from the inside!」


「Say, Katsu? Don’t you think that the Demon Lord has been resurrected here already? Maybe we should do something about it before she starts acting up like that in real life as well?」


「Hmm, and do you really think a genuine Demon Lord would simply allow us to do that? That she did not have some means of retaliation at the ready?」


Hahaha, alright, now that is an argument I can put behind me.


Alright, this is only but a prelude to what is to come! And as a unique and spontaneous player, I cannot fall short here and show everyone a disgraceful performance!




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