ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 251 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 251: Slip Slash Scramble Part 2


「…… That’s why, how about it?」


「Eh? …… Huh?」


「Ah , I knew it ! You were not listening to me at all, didn’t you, Sanraku? Want me to slap you across the face to restore your sanity?」


「No, dude, I was listening, I was listening for sure. What were you talking about? Ahh, yeah, right, you wanted to go and visit the Saint-chan? On which planet exactly?」


「I see, so it is true, just like your friend says, you were not listening to us…… I understand that you are having a duel with the Black Wolves in about a week’s time, but before that moment comes around you don’t have anything planned to do, right?」


Why is it always that everyone wants to have something to do with me? And that they always want to book an appointment with that much time before the actual meeting?


「Nah, nah, nah, that won’t do at all. You see, I need to take care of a certain Goldunine at Rabbitz before that duel and……Ah…… Fuck my life……」




I wonder why am I keeping on slipping those important information away even though I do not even mean to do that?






While everyone else freezes solid for a good moment or two, I can feel that both Katsu and Kyo-Timate grab my arms while they look at me with broad smiles on their faces. In response to that, I naturally equip the Star Cloak in a hurry. I guess now we will need to get out of those back alley asap……




「What is this all about? You old swindler?」


If you don’t mind, could you tell us some more about that story you were talking about just now?」


「You know, this is really troublesome for me right now, so I should take my leave for now. “APORT!”」


「Ah, they are running away!」


「Since it was an Instant Teleport, they should still be nearby! Do what you must to catch them, even if you have to cut off their limbs!」


「No, I’ve heard them over there!


「There they are! Over there!」


God damn iiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!! I am a fish who values freedom above all else! If a carp can become a dragon after climbing a steep waterfall, what would that make a salmon!?













「Fuh, fuhahahahahahaha…… I managed to run away…… I AM A STRONG FUCKING SALON FOR SURE……」


「Somehow, I get a feeling that thanks to events like that the level of your Vorpal Soul is increasing, Sanraku-san……」


Why would I ever need to concern myself with the problems of today, if I can get them solved tomorrow? Good luck with that bullshit, tomorrow! You have my wholehearted condolences!





Hello, hello! Nice to meet you, tomorrow! My name is today! I happened to receive a really troublesome package from our good old friend yesterday, so guess what am I going to do? Yes, that’s right! I am going to ship those troubles all to the tomorrow’s me! Good luck out there, tomorrow’s me! You’re gonna need it!


That is exactly why I needed to do something else for now. Something that would allow me to take my mind off things and keep my thoughts occupied…… and what better way to keep yourself occupied than to tackle the Sword Saint himself!?




Even though I am giving it my absolute best here, attacking as I really mean it, none of my attacks is able to reach the old man! He doesn’t even deflect them! He just straight up avoids them all like it’s no one’s business!


What the fuck is wrong with that blasted AI!? Trace AI my ass! Bullshit! No matter how you look at it, this is just a fucking TAS!!!


Tired of all of this bullshit, I lie flat on the dojo’s floor, resting for now and trying to heal the wounds in my heart before another rounds of trying my luck against this bullshit secret boss Sword Saint.


「Shit…… This is starting to give me some serious PTSD here……」


Silvia Goldberg was for the most part a human TAS as well, or maybe even something even more monstrous than that. But at least she was my opponent in the game where our experience was putting us on more or less of an even ground. Unlike this thing here……


But the swordmaster before me is a totally different story. It is not someone equal to me in terms of skill, but rather someone who would make any weak-willed person want to run away in fear on the spot……


Not only the speed of his attacks was incredible, but each and every single one of those attacks was not telegraphed at all, they all seemed to be disconnected from one another. The moment I take an action or try to attack, the appropriate counter was already coming my way with minimum window of opportunity for me to react to that.


In other words, my only hope for standing a chance here is to memorize the attack patters by the little clues that the old man is giving, which is almost like trying to memorize the music sheet. However, once I will be able to do that, I won’t need any flashy moves on my own, since I will know what comes next.


「At least that’s the theory, but putting that into practice is a whole another story……」


If I put my mind to it, I can swing both my swords about one and a half times faster than I would a normal, single sword. It is the optimal, shortest way.


To visualize what I am doing right now, I try to make my swords attacks seem like a stream of water, flowing constantly and without interruption. My sword attacks are in perfect harmony and they cannot be stopped, but once they clash with the old man’s merciless offensive, they get crushed with little to no effort.


「I mean, what kind of messed up movement is that!? …… This bamboo sword first moves to the right like this, and then it goes to the left like that…… Hmm?」


The footsteps should be something like that, more or less…… There we go.


「Did you see that, old man!? Aren’t I awesome!?」


I could not see it at all.


Uwoh, the moment I tried to do it more fiercely, I felt like I actually accelerated a little bit…… Say, are you really sure that there is no system assist in this game? Isn’t that kinda like an action game all of a sudden, where it can be easier to perform certain combos with little to no difficulty?


「Kuh…… I need to do some full scale countermeasures here…… But mark by word, old man!」


I am going to win this for sure!


…… Being enthusiastic is a good thing, I guess.


「I wonder if Silvia Goldberg will eventually achieve the rank of a monster such as this old man?」


This program was not only looking as the old man Ryuuguin. If you would be able to perceive its insides, you would see that it most probably had the soul of the old man in it as well. And even if you know that a program is based on a human, it is hard to consider the model a human being when you actually see what they managed to achieve in life. Some of those deeds are so grand that you would think that a human being would be incapable to ever pulling something like that off.


Even if we count the official matches alone, the old man has a lifetime record of eight thousand two hundred and thirty eight wins and only six loses. There is even a space in the virtual Ryuuguin Dojo for the trophies that only the old man managed to win, and no one else. He was a swordmaster that would blow his opponents away with mere swings of his bamboo sword…… So what is this that I am looking at? What even is this boss character to begin with?


「Is this…… The AI that was created by completely scanning the brain……?」


For now, why don’t I start with watching all of those six matches that this true Sword Saint Old Man lost?




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