ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 258 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 258: Vortex Swirling Inside of Your Throat Part 2


The corps readied their spells, and after a moment a cannonade of long distance spells called “Forge Dragons” was released. For a few seconds out there, there was a tense silence, and then……


「Oi, oi! That sounded like a horde of wild beasts was on the move!」


Was that a snake!? It was a snake, wasn’t it!? But why would a mere snake make a rumbling sound like that……!? That sounds more like a bug, wouldn’t you agree!?


「Whoops, I gotta prepare myself as well……」


In anticipation of this day, I was rigorously getting myself accustomed to the excessive movement of the “Overflow” state, just like Elementary Schoolers would prepare themselves for the Three-Legged Race during the Sports Festival. Now I must do what is required of me, believing that the Vorpal Bunnies will do what must be done on their end as well.


Hitting a wall. Falling way too hard. Twisting my neck. Bending my body in ways that a human body should never bend. Sliding on the ground with my face. Bouncing off the ground with my face. Crushing my lungs. Doing a backflip three times in the air and sticking to the landing with my face. …… Just how many deaths have I earned for myself during those days? Probably so much that Death Penalty was no longer a concern to me, since my penalties were so severe already.




Muttering a short prayer in my heart, I hit my chest with my thumb and wait until the black thunder completely envelops my body.


Just like a track and field athlete, I wait at the ready in the crouching position, looking dead ahead. And then finally, I was able to see it.




Umm, well I’ll be damned, somen noodles…… Really? Those snakes looked just like somen noodles, but made larger and wrigglier.




At that command, the Magic Corps readies their staffs and release waves of dragon fire out of them, and the flames consume everything that was standing in their way.


「Please do your beeeeeeeessssssttttttttt!!!」


Rather than a shout of apology, I let out a cheering shout of my mouth. For a moment out there the flames go strong all across the tunnel, probably be able to even burn allied bunnies to a crisp, but then the quickly disappear. What is left in their stead is a forcibly opened path…… READY, GO!!!


Fufufu, now, let me show you my skills! Why do you think I mained cheetah as a secondary character in Gorilla Online!?


Why cheetah, of all animals? Gorilla was too ruthless for this kind of strategy, and lion was lacking in the speed department, even though its strength was nothing to scoff at. But cheetah? Cheetah was more than ideal here.


Just before I start running, I put my right foot slightly forward and make a step, which tilts my body forwards slightly.


That one step becomes a driving force. Next two steps bring about further acceleration. The word around me starts to be sucked backwards, and the rest of the fire particles that remain in front of me serve as a trail that I will follow.


As I aim towards Goldunine’s lair further down the tunnels, I can feel the many eyes set upon my back, looking at me with hope.





I need to keep up the steady flow and not stop. If I were to do that, I am going to end up right in the middle of the horde of wriggling snakes and will end up getting devoured on the spot.


But even if the snakes at the front end up getting killed, the ones in the back still press forward with little to no regard for their comrades…… and there was so many of them that they seemed endless.


How can I put it…… I also get a feeling that people who are afraid of reptiles would essentially die on the spot in this place. And that is considering the fact that you would first get accustomed to them thanks to dragons, who are technically reptiles as well.


「Even if I step on them like this…… The aggro…… should not…… come my…… way at…… all……!」


Speaking of aggro and hardships, if I was to sum up my run at the current moment, it was like trying to run forward on a conveyor belt that was going in the opposite direction, and was additionally quite bumpy. One single mistake and the fall would prove to be quite deadly for me.


If I were to run normally through this place, I would have been turned into minced meat not so far away from where Edward and the rest of the Vorpal Bunnies were. However, right about now I was like an express train, able to run as fast as I can for as long as I can, or until I happen to hit the wall all of a sudden. I’d even say that once you got used to it, it is quite easy.


But when should I stop running, exactly? Thinking about it logically, I should come to a halt once I happen to bump into one of the commanders of the snake army. But if I fail to notice them, I might as well keep on running until I crash on the wall by accident.


「All, right, I’ll be borrowing…… your heads some more……!」


Excessive movement and amplified momentum. If you wanted an example here, think of a grasshopper or a frog jumping with all of its might on the head of a snake with intention of using it as a stepping stone, but utilizing so much force that you end up trampling the snake’s skull instead.


In order to prevent that from happening, I sometimes activate “Zero Gravity” in order to run on the walls and ceiling.


Fufufu, now let me show you what my jumping can really do! There is a reason why for some time I was known as a “Feral Gazelle” in Gorilla Online, you know!


Besides, lions may be powerful, but once the crocodile catches them in its jaws it is all over for them. Same thing with the mighty grip of a gorilla, from which there was no escape. …… Gorillas are too OP, now that I think about it.


Not to mention that all the tactics that gorillas can utilize does not seem to work against the gorillas themselves. Which is pretty weird if you ask me, and could be considered as one of the many mysteries of the shitty games world. (At least for yours truly).


「…… But I must and can do without them. …… Huh? Could that be it?」


There was a vertical hole in the tunnel straight ahead of me, looking as though it was made by a mortar shell. It was different from all the other holes here, since they were all horizontal. There was a snake sitting in the center of that mortar hole, and it was oozing miasma and something that could be described as “bad vibes”.


Its body was covered with jet black scales. Its abdomen was also very swollen, totally uncharacteristic for a snake. …… Or not. There was a snake out there in the world that would fit this image quite nicely.


The rest of the snakes backed away, blocking every possible way out of this place. Once the “Zero Gravity” ends, I fall back to the ground and I face this new snake head-on.


「Well, well, well, if it isn’t Tsuchinko!」


The snake looks my way, and I can feel an intense hostility from its gaze alone. I can also hear that behind my back there are several snakes converging onto my location.


「…… Tsuchinoko? No, it does not look mobile at all, but looks can be deceiving in here…… What the actual fuck!?」


GUSH! All of a sudden, a pale palm emerges in place where the Tsuchinoko’s face was a moment ago. If I did not fall back just a step just now, I may have been respawning in the Bunny Court as a result.


「…… My bad, my bad! I shouldn’t have judged you by your appearance alone!」


Not to mention that in the next moment I regretted judging its appearance even more.


「Don’t tell me…… Something is coming out of it……!?」


Tsuchinoko opens up its mouth and start convulsing…… Then, in the next moment, a whole arm shoots out of its mouth, and it was an arm that was holding onto a sword, no less!


I can already tell that this is going to be one heck of a battle.


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