ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 259 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 259: Naked Murder Part 2


God damn it! And from the looks of it, it seems that there is very little that you can do to try and avoid the effect of decreasing the durability. If I want to play it safe I could use some long sword and hit Tsuchinoko’s body from a safe distance, however……


As far as I am concerned, I think that this arm is nothing more but a weak spot…… That is, if you understand how it all tends to work. In other words, there are two courses of action here: one that requires you to keep on hitting the arms of the Tsuchinoko until it dies, and the other that requires you to keep attacking the main body, although the damage from that second option is not so great.


But unfortunately for you, this here “Kinshou” possesses the extra effect that allows it to restore its durability on the expense of the user’s health points!


「So if you are hoping of thinning my resources, that’s too bad! You are going down before that can even happen!」


As for poor Meiki…… Yeah, sorry, but…… There is no use for you here! I’m terribly sorry, but that’s just how it is! Please accept that reality!


In the end, the most fun you can get from fighting a strong opponent is when the numerical values of the offense and defense of said opponent is inflated just right. We have exchanged a number of blow already, and so far the Tsuchinoko’s arms were covered in many cuts and open wounds. On the other hand, it only required me to focus my attention on the “Kinshou”’s blade in order to transfer some of my life force into it in order to give it back its lost Durability.


However, Tsuchinoko was still one heck of a troublesome opponent. Kinshou was fine here because of its additional effect, but Meiki did not have something like that, which would make hitting Tsuchinoko’s arms problematic.


Well, I am sure that it was not intentional design and it was nothing that was thought to hinder my progress during this quest, but who would have thought that two swords of the same set would have so critically different abilities.


But I was still managing somehow. Once I pierce Tsuchinoko’s throat with Meiki, I follow the attack with Kinshou in the exact same place, dealing the maximum amount of damage possible.


I would also like to believe that all of the wounds that I have managed to inflict on it ever since the battle begun had some effect on the way I was gaining the upper hand here.


「Damn it, I get it. I really do. But it still feels like a massive waste.」


Time for some potion gacha…… Oh, that’s right.


Brandishing my Whale Rabbit Moon like that leaves me constantly on the brink of death, but it is also the reason why I can do so well right now…… I then look at the Tsuchinoko…… or rather Goldunine Leptica Three.


「Second form, huh……?」


Was it a result of inflicting enough damage? Or maybe it was because of the time that had passed? There is no way for me to actually verify the exact trigger, but there are some things that I do know.


Apparently, I have misunderstood the meaning behind that monster’s name. I mean, this thing has nothing in common with a snake……


The only thing it had in common with a snake…… is that its skin was now starting to peel off……


「In other words, this thing is molting.」


So what I was doing up until now was like attacking the pavement instead of the street. It was doing something, but the main part must have remained untouched. It was also like breaking the armor of armored knight, while the man itself was unharmed.


And right now, something inside of Tsuchinoko was awakening…… I mean, was about to shed its skin and reveal its true identity.


Why would it do such a thing? It’s simple: because it was also a kind of a role play. It wanted to lull me into a false sense of security, so it could strike me down.


Soon enough, the shape of Tsuchinoko starts to distort and change, as something inside of it starts to rampage about, thrashing like a ball inside of a balloon.


As far as I can tell, it looks like four “limbs” that are rampaging inside of Tsuchinoko. Two of those things must have been the arms that went back inside of it, and there were two more limbs. So it was only an assumption on my part, but it was something that had two arms and two legs.


It was then that one of the “arms” pierced Tsuchinoko’s body from the inside, breaking free.


Instead of a previous “arm” that looked like a twisted version of a human limb, this one had proper skin, nails, joints, flesh sticking to bones and proper skin.


You know how you always compare woman’s skin to snow, right? Well, the arm that burst out of Tsuchinoko right now…… I cannot be all to sure, but it was probably purple in color. Combined with Tsuchinoko’s black bodily fluids, it was the most eerie of combinations.


「Oi, oi…… That was just a warm up…… wasn’t it……?」


Even though I am yet to generate the Unique Scenario EX for Goldunine, I cannot help it but wonder…… Is it a humanoid type of monster, or maybe a giant snake like the rumors are saying?




「The sensitive parts are all covered by scales, so we are in the clear here, but…… No matter how you look at it, this thing is a perfect humanoid.」


Yes, you can certainly call this thing a humanoid. That is, if you disregard the fact that it has about three meters of height and looks like a monster straight out of a horror movie. Even her breasts were huge, and I am sure that those things would surely kill you on the spot if you were hit by them. Or at least you would suffer a major damage.


She was also so big that I had trouble seeing her face without looking up. If it was not for the facr that shed Tsuchinoko skin was laying by her sides, I would never even think that it emerged from a small snake like that. Also, the BGM was now gone…… kind of like in a horror movie, wouldn’t you agree?


At that time, I decided to talk to the demon.


「Oi, Snake Woman.」




Luukan had the intelligence to understand human speech. Same with Wezaemon, who could even communicate to some extent. Kutanid used telepathy to visualize the things and concepts he did not fully understand. And Weissash…… he has been using human speech as if it was no one’s business.


Then maybe Goldunine is just the same?


There was something that needed to be said here. And even though I knew that it might be futile, I tried to communicate with a snake woman.


「Get dressed, why won’t you? Learn some common decency.」


「…… Hu, man……」


Hm? What was that? Did I heard that right? No, I am sure that I heard the word “man” what the monster inhaled.


「Want me to introduce myself? I am……」


「I…… Ai em…… Gol…… Goldu…… nine……」


Self proclaimed Goldunine looks at me.


Two eyes, nose, ears…… Mouth reaching from one ear to another, a long tongue extending from that mouth and split like that of a snake’s, plus the scales that grew all over her face, making her more similar to a snake rather than a human.


「I must…… kill.」


「Nice, that’s more like it! I’ll slash you to ribbons and loot all the materials from you to my collection!」


What was the spell used to exorcise Kuchsake-onnas? I have that at the tip of my tongue…… Ah, oh yeah. Now I remember.


「It was NAPALM!!!」


Napalm. A flaming and sticky substance said to have worked exceptionally well against the Kuchisake-onna youkai.




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