ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 273 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 273: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast, Part 3 PART 2


The black sword let out a sound that was not all that pleasant to the ear.


This is not a freaking kendo match……!


If that’s how you want it, then I shall use every means available to me as well…… Take that!


Her left hand made a swift move, and in the next moment Kyogoku threw something towards Saiga-100.


Was it some kind of a debuff item? Or maybe a projectile, like a shuriken or something else like that? Although Saiga-100 had to deal with it before she would be able to identify the object, she would not risk blocking it with her own body, so she used the sword instead.


The true identity of this item was “Torimichi”, a kind of trap item of huge radius, effective both against enemy mobs and other players alike.


This item can technically be peeled off once it sticks to something. However, even doing that would still activate its effect, which is rendering enemies immobile for about five seconds or so.


Only one left in my way……!


Sword Saint’s unique ability “Sword Arts” can only use the skills that correspond to the number of the swords which had been deployed by the player. That is why right now, with three swords out of the way, if Kyogoku were to get rid of the fourth one, Saiga-100 would be left with no skills to defend herself with.


And even if the sword would move with inhuman speed, or some other own was to recover, there would still be a gap in Saiga-100’s defenses. A gap that Kyogoku was ready to exploit the moment she would notice it.


Right there……!!!


It was a skill that resembled one of the Gravekeeper Wezaemon’s moves, but it was actually something completely different.


The skill that wraps Kyogoku’s blade in purple flames, boosting her firepower to the very limits she would be able to produce right about now.


The Holy Sword is being swung at the very close distance, something that Sword Saints are not very good with. It was also a second too late, and Kyogoku’s sword managed to pierce Saiga-100’s defenses, aiming towards her side.


This here was Kyogoku’s skills shining at full display. One of them was called “Nine Tails’ Six”, and it allowed the player to choose the point at their opponent’s body and mark it. After that was the skill ‘Nine Tails” which would give normal attacks homing property, being drawn towards the places which had been marked by the previous skill.


(It’s in!)


There was a feeling of the sword going through, cutting through the armor, but not being able to reach the opponent’s flesh quite yet. No, it was something else entirely. It was as if something was pushing the blade out of the armor. Therefore, Kyogoku decided to remove her blade for now.


Her thoughts were racing inside of her head, but something was telling Kyogoku that right about now the best course of action would be to retreat.


“Sword Art: Quartet……!”


Apparently the floating swords were not enough to protect their master, so she deiced to grab onto them and make use of them herself as a countermeasure.


Skilled players can do one thing exceptionally well: making decisions at technically split of a second. Also, they can put their bodies into action right at the same time as the thought crosses their mind, which is really useful. Thanks to that, Saiga-100 was able to switch her Holy Swords around, blocking Kyo-Timate’s attack with that new sword of hers.


“Quad Delta!”


The moment Saiga-100’s holy sword pierced the triangle formed by the other swords in the air, there was a sudden burst of power emanating from that formation, shining and expanding like a soap bubble would.


And the only difference between that pyramid and a soap bubble was that the pyramid was not a sphere, but was triangular in shape.


I must make it……!


Even though she tried to avoid the triangular sword thrust with twisting her body with the assist of the evasive skill, the attacks still managed to hit her. And with just that one attack, Kyogoku’s overall HP bar went down by a huge twenty percent.


…… I see. Well, that much should have been expected from the leader of the top guild of the game, right?


Kyogoku-Ultimate, must I remind you that this here is ShangriLa Frontier? This is not a kendo classroom, so playing by the rules will not get you anywhere.


Whoa, talk about sounding disgusted here……


Twenty percent of her HP was gone. From the pure numerical perspective she was still able to fight, but the feeling accompanying that blow was not pleasant in the least.


(If you receive a lot of damage in short amount of time to one of your body parts, that particular body part will go limp and numb, and you won’t be able to use it for a while…… Now I wonder, just for how long will I need to wait for it to recover……?)


In the world of ShanFro, you don’t feel any pain from weapon attacks. The sense of pain is converted into the sense of numbness. Therefore, no matter what horrible manner of things happen to your body, be it stabbing, slashing, crushing or ripping to shreds, you would only feel as though that particular body part had gone to sleep and had trouble waking up properly.


In other words, that particular body part would feel too weak to be used properly. If you got your leg injured, you could technically still be able to run, but the numbness would hinder your movement considerably. And it was that sense of numbness that was spreading throughout Kyogoku’s left arm right about now.


When dealing with someone like Saiga-100, the fact that you cannot use one of your arms is something you would rather try to avoid having to deal with.


(Well, also to makes the matters worse……)


I cast a glance towards the audience seat and look at my allies.


If she was to lose here, she was sure that the three original members of the Wolfgang guild would not forget this to her so easily. And the amount of ways in which they would keep on messing with her was simply unimaginable.


(What is this, this bad feeling that I am getting here!?)


It was the instinctual feeling of dread and refusal. After all, she needed to win. She could not let herself to lose here. And while I do not mean to lose here, I need some more time before my left arm recovers enough for me to use it properly.


Kyogoku’s mind was working on full gear at the moment, looking for a solution. And it was at that moment, completely all of a sudden.


(………… No, wait, this is……)


It felt as though the Devil himself whispered the idea right into her ear.


That idea contained speaking some words out loud. And while those words would most certainly upset Saiga-100 enough for her to actually lose focus here, it was also something of a taboo, something that you would not dare to say to other player under any normal circumstances. It would be like attacking not the player’s avatar, but the real player in the real world.




By the way, Saiga-100-san?


What is it?


She did not use her weaker left arm. Instead, she shifted the weight of her whole body so that she would be able to hold her black sword in her right hand alone.


And at the very moment when the three blades were aimed at Kyogoku……





Wouldn’t it be so much easier for you to move without those two melons being stuck to your chest?




There, you’re wide open!


The swords that Saiga-100 used for defense make a slight gap, and Kyo-Timate did not wasted that opportunity. This time around, her own sword found its way to reach its mark, hitting Saiga-100 across the chest.




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