ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 290 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 290: Three Thousand Leagues of Looking For Half-Nakedness Part 2


[Witness Testimony?] Sanraku-san Search Bulletin Board Part 5 [Hoax? Gacha?]



1 Basashi Musashi

The main purpose of this board was to help us find a player named Sanraku, who was seen accompanied by the fully-clothed and talking Vorpal Bunny. We were trying to uncover his secrets, but so far we have made little to no progress in that that regard.

Even though I am doing my best to find or contact the guy, all of my efforts seem to be fruitless. However, I am still going to try, anyway……








723 Basashi Musashi

Witness Testimony

There are some people who report that he has been sighted near Eightdolt!


724 Dasai Fifty

I’m near the location, should I rush over there?


725 Add

I am currently at Fifthsia…… I wonder if I will be able to make there in time?


726 Minstrel Wind

There was this game that I used to play where one of the strategies was to cause the enemy to go into battle formation and rush into one place on the map, only for your main forces to emerge right on the opposite side of the map and launch an attack. This could be nothing more but a diversion.


727 Cochleux

I think that  I might have played that game before as well. How old are you again? Are you an old man, perhaps?


728 Minstrel Wind

N-N-N-N-N-N-Not at all! I just happened to find it amongst other treasures that my old man left in his secret stash for safekeeping!

…… Could it be that some games are well and good at transcending the generational gaps?


729 Cochleux



730 South Beauty



731 Kubotta



732 Camo Fountain



733 Basashi Musashi

Could you please stop polluting the message board with your aging sentiments……!?


734 Add

Is that game you mentioned is called “Armajiro”, by any chance?


735 Camo Fountain

It’s not surprising that you would at least know about that name. It stand from “Arcana Magician 6”, a game that was a true legend amongst the VR games right before the era of Full Diva kicked in for good.


736 Minstrel Wind

I remember sinking a good portion of my life into that title……


737 South Beauty

The heroine dies in the mid game. But in the end game it turns out that you can actually revive her for the best possible ending. Talk about a beauty incarnate and a masterpiece.


738 Kubotta

I was really surprised that a forshadowing of a game system like that was even possible……


739 Deepslaughter

That kind of conversation really seems to be sucking out all of your energy out of you……


740 Add

Sup! DeepSlo-san!






[Kutanid] Sanraku-san Search Bulletin Board Part 8 [Where the hell is this bastard?]



1 Deepslaughter

This message board right here is meant for exchanging information about a player named Sanraku, information that might actually enable us to effectively capture him. We are searching for him far and wide, and somehow not only we cannot find the guy, but he also managed to defeat a second Unique Monster! We need to take action, and we need to do that now! Otherwise he is going to make this game his own!








324 Deepslaughter

Oh wow, I managed to get my hands on some really useful magic here.


325 Add

And as usual, the flow of the conversations around these parts cut off and resume as the please……


326 Deepslaughter

Nah, man, this one is really good! It is the long awaited feature that everyone around here kept on asking for! The magic that enables fast travel!


327 Basashi Musashi

Right about now, I am at the New Continent, so for now I have given up on trying to find that Sanraku guy.


328 Basashi Musashi

No, wait a moment. What did you just say?


329 Deepslaughter

Umm, exactly what I said: fast travel. Unlike “Teleport” or “Teleport Gate”, you can use that magic in order to quickly travel to any place you happened to discover on your travels, and you are not limited to big cities.


330 Add

Say whaaaaaaaaattttttttt!?


331 Deepslaughter

Initially I thought that the conditions for obtaining it were kind of a bullshit to deal with, but overall it was a rather enjoyable process, if I do say so myself.


332 Vermouth

I know that it may very well be a wasted effort, but I don’t think you would be willing to share with us the conditions for unlocking that……?


333 Deepslaughter

I mean, I’m fine with that, really? I would do everything for my adorable little juniors, since they are asking me so nicely and all that……


334 Deepslaughter

You see, in order to obtain that Fast Travel magic, the total number of “Teleports” and “Teleportation Gates” used must exceed one thousand.


335 Vermouth



336 Cochleux

This requirement seems just like a mindless farm and nothing else…… Not to mention that this sounds like that kind of farm that only a total masochist would be willing to undergo of their own free will……


337 Deepslaughter

Like I said, with a proper mind setting and a plan on how to do this efficiently, it is not all that hard. Besides, got something against masochists……?


338 Deepslaughter

Better be a genuine masochist than some old pervert groping middle schoolers on the trains, don’t you think?


339 Ludoire

You know what is really sad about some games? Developing useless or nasty habits just for some good-for-nothing NPC to prosper out of this……


340 Deepslaughter

I think that if we keep this up we are going to scar the delicate minds of every innocent person reading this board……


341 Deepslaughter

Oh, for at least half a million mani I can arrange for an intercontinental teleportation gate, no problem. How about it? Pretty sweet of a deal, huh?


342 Vermouth

Uwah, if it is anything, it is a rip-off if I ever seen one…… But I think that I can arrange that amount of money no problem……


343 Zenith Guevara

What about paying in installments? Is that an option here as well? Or not really?


344 Deepslaughter

That would be twenty percent extra. And this price cannot be negotiated.


345 Zenith Guevara

That’s actually not so bad! We are going to discuss the details sometimes later!


346 Add

No, wait a moment! No matter how you think about it, that’s just a rip-off! And a very shrewd and nasty one at that!


347 Zenith Guevara

Shut up! I don’t expect someone who is only satisfied with buying things from the NPCs-run store with a shitty line-up to understand just how the real business is being done here!


348 Deepslaughter

You tell him, man! And everyone, you can rely on me more and more if you so desire…… Fufu, fufufu……




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