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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 293 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 293: There Are Two Continents That Make The World, Part 2


Oh, so you have come, huh……?


Sup! And could you tell me about that weapon that the Big Bro is using?


Wait just a minute here…… I thin Bree is better suited to tell that tale instead.


After waiting for a while inside of the Throne room together with Weissash, I could see Break enter the Bunny Court with the tense look on her face.


P-Pops…… I was told that you wanted to see me? Could it be that it is about that Great Weapon we were discussing……?


Yes, that’s right. Let’s hear it. All of it, with as many details as possible.


When he took a glance at Break, she stiffened for a moment and then nodded her head vigorously a couple of times. It was then that the two would start to tell me of the “Decayed Aradval”, that weapon I managed to recover earlier.


Normally this thing would be called a “Great Weapon”, but at this point in time it has lost all of its original power. …… That is why it is something that all Blacksmiths out there are looking for: a way to restore that lost power and see what those weapons are capable of at their full potential. But for now, we do not know anything about them.


For example, before decaying, that blade, Aradval, that was actually a tip of a Giant’s spear, was lodged in the body of one of the Goldunine’s lackeys. But for how many years its been there? That is when Weissash mentioned something that was probably supposed to be a hint as to what needs to be done in order to bring the sword back to its full glory.


You see, when it comes to Aradval…… This is a blade that was meant to withstand the dragon’s fire and destroy their bodies with ease. But ow since the blade has decayed, it has lost its “guiding light”…… That is why, Sanraku my boy, if you wish to restore that blade to its former glory, you must find the “guiding light” that shall rekindle the fire within that weapon.


A “Guiding Light”……


It cannot be just an ordinary light or fire. It must be the kind of flame that originates in the very bowels of the Earth and reaches to the Heavens, burning away everything it meets in its path.


……… Hm?


From the bowels of the Earth, and reaching towards the Heavens…… Somehow, I happen to be familiar with a phenomenon and the place that meets all of those criteria no problem. No, wait a second, but that would be one of the top five place where I, being as half-naked as I am, would happen to be utterly useless. But still….. That has to be it. Nothing else comes to mind.


So we need a fire so hot to melt everything?


Melt? What does it mean, “to melt”?


Well, it is something that is cause because of a fire that originates deep underground and is capable of erupting high in the air, alongside the huge amounts of dirt, smoke and ash.


…… Ah! You’re talking about a volcano!


So, are you saying I am to jump inside one of those things?


No, I don’t think that anyone would actually expect you to go and scoop up lava with you r bare hands. Maybe somewhere underground is an enemy composed of magma, and we need to obtain its core to use it as a power source or something like that?


This sword was probably meant to crush bones more than to hack them away, but in order to fight a lava-based monster we would need a fire-resistant armor…… No, wait a moment, there are no active volcanoes on the old continent, are there? So that would mean that it is an entirely New Continent project……


 There was an inactive volcano here, but it is no longer active. It was a lake now, first and foremost. So it would be foolish to actually expect there to be anything fire-based when there is nothing but water wherever you can see. So that’s actually hopeless.


Now I wonder, is there going to be such class like a Magma Diver in one of the future updates? That would actually be convenient.


Ahmmm? Speaking of which, there should be a mountain like that that is still active, you know?


…… Are you being serious now?





They said that this volcano is still active, but not all that active, and for some “good, aggressively physical reasons”. And since I had no idea what they meant by that, I pressed them for some more information. What I managed to find out was that……


There is a “Red Dragon” in there, acting as a lid sealing off the place? One of the previous generation of dragons created by Siegwurm itself?


I do not happen to know the exact meaning of that myself…… Kukuku, but if there is anyone who can do it, you seem like a fine candidate, lad.


No, that is not what I am surprised about. I am surprised that there is actually a concept of former and new generations when it comes down to dragons. Combine that with the previous story, that with the bottom of the lake…… Yes, it could be something similar to that “secret garden” place where Wezaemon was waiting. Just how much does this mafia-like Bunny actually knows?


With various kinds of emotions starting to simmer inside of my head, I had to forcibly keep my thoughts on the right track and not think about anything unnecessary. Don’t mix up your priorities here, keep focused on what’s right in front of you.


I need to process all of the information I was given here. And with them being so much, it would be a task that would require focus and a moment of my time.  And no matter what the outcome here may be, I need to accept it.


But if we were actually to take a dive like this…… Then tie a weight to your leg like that……


No matter how you may look at it, it would be similar to execution……


…… Oh well, then please try to think about something on your own, then.


Thinking of a crazy solution took me less than two seconds, so there should be no problem with that, right? The greatest of legends would then be updated…… So now would water pressure be our only concern here?


Ah Break, if you’d be so kind…… There is one more thing.




I would like to leave it to you…… The restoration of Aradval, that is.



When I saw Break going crazy while jumping four or even five meters in the air, it really hit me: she was truly Emul’s sister, without a shred of doubt.




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