ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 295 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 295: Red From the Depths Part 2


But now was the time to use it, I see.


That being said, I take out one more Holy Grail that I managed to obtain from the battle against Kutanid…… The Indigo Holy Grail.


The ability of this Holy Grail sure is powerful, but it also comes at an appropriate price. Using this Holy Grail, you can swap the numerical values of two statistics of your choosing, but after a set period of time the effect ceases, and the affected statistics are given a certain debuff. That debuff lowers the numerical values of those two statistics by more than half of their original amounts.


So after recovering my Magic Points inside of the INVENTORY, I activated the Indigo Holy Grail, and……




The moment my body exited the Tactical Warbeast and I returned to the real world, I could feel a huge mass of water attacking me from all directions, pressing onto me as if it was trying to mercilessly crush my whole body.



Of fuck the hell yes……!!! See that! I managed to survive!!! I cannot believe that I managed to survive that!!!


Reaching the bottom of this volcanic lake filled with water from thousands of hundreds of years, I managed to pass through the “lid” blocking my path by going through the cracks in substance that seemed to be solidified lava…… There is no need to go into the every single detail here, so a short version is as follows: after some trial and error, I finally managed to find my way to the underwater cave where it was possible to breathe normally.


As one might have expected, there was indeed damage due to water pressure at this depth, but thanks to my cleverness and intuition I managed to pull through!


The statistics that I have switched thanks to the power of the Indigo Holy Grail were “Vitality” and “Luck”. Damage coming from water pressure can be said to pass as environmental damage, just like poison pool, lava pools swamps. And pressure seemed to hit you like a jackhammer, so it was actually a good guess on my end that I should be able to withstand it with the increased Vitality.


What about the Magic Power stored in the Star Cloak? Did it all run out on me already?


But it doesn’t matter all that much anymore. It’s not like I need magic lights anymore.


After all, it is so bright in here that there is no need for artificial light.





How should I even describe it?


I do not have any real skills in that field, so I cannot be sure about anything when it comes to geology. However, even someone like me can understand that this is not how a magma chamber would look like in real life.




What the hell is that……?


This place located so much underneath the bottom of the crater lake…… Let’s call it “Depths” for convenience sake. The Depths here were shaped like a dome the size of a small stadium.


Due to the nature of this place, the lowest layer of this place constituted of the cold and solidified lava. Then there was a layer that was covered in huge amount of cracks that looked much like spider webs. And up above, you could see torrents of water flow from the ceiling like waterfalls. It was an impressive sight in its own right.


The material making the walls and the ground is the same as the one making the canopy of this place, that is cooled down and solidified lava. Normally such a place would never even hope to exist in the real world. Being cooled and solidified means that this place must have been submerged at some point in time, but normally magma must have had a place to enter it, and water to get out. But I cannot see how possibly it could have been done here.


In other word, this place here looks like a stone dome with pillars of water coming down from the ceiling, and creating a shallow pool right under your feet. Of course, this dome had no other exits. And the thing that was resting in its center…… I get a feeling that I do not want to get involved with that thing, but no matter how you look at it, that is the target that I came here looking for in the first place.




A monster…… No, could it be that this thing is actually an NPC……?


No, how should I even describe that thing……? It looks like a sphere? Or is it more like a cross section of a broccoli? It also emits a mixture of both white and red light, similar to the pulsating light of magma. Not to mention that it makes those strange snoring-like noises that makes me want to laugh for some reason……


And since I can feel my wet body starting to dry at an extraordinarily fast rate, I guess that this light also must be generating some sort of heat as well. As you would expect from magma-like substance, I guess.




I need some mask here. It may sound clichéd, but ever since I have started playing ShanFro, I got so used to that mask of mine that I cannot feel at ease without it. So I become a birdhead once more and prepare some weapons in advance, just in case things are going to go south here.




Okay, I get it, I understand. No weapons, no weapons. If that’s how you want to play it……


I shove my weapons away into my inventory with a speed that could have very well been a contestant for the world record, and then the changed sound coming from that broccoli-like thing changes and reverts back to its previous snoring.


For the time being, that monster….. Let’s call in Broccoli X for now. It looks like it has some properties similar to non-active field monsters. I thought that equipping my weapons would not be a problem her, but it must be capable of detecting that somehow and go into alert mode. That’s why let’s try to not aggravate it too much for now…… However.


What the, is this thing going to transform?


I could not be too sure about that because of the bright light it was emitting, but it looked like that broccoli-like thing was trying to open itself like some kind of folded cloth. So I guess it is reasonable to think of its current form as a mere stand-by state.


A mysterious floating object shaped like a broccoli right at the bottom of the crater lake. So no matter how you look at it, this is the object of my search, the reason why I came here in the first place.


Recently, you were not able to do anything because I got better equipment and was doing so many crazy things…… So how about I let you in on the action after all this time!?


Let’s try to break some ice and have a proper talk!




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