ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 296 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 296: Just Like Icarus, Plunging Into the Sun With All of His Might Part 2


I try to approach the monster as stealthly as possible, wonder what is going to happen here. Kinsho’s ability is triggered by critical hit, so there are two possible outcomes here: either I am going to be able to extract the “Guiding Light” with Kinsho’s help, or I will be forced to try and obtain it without it.




Actually, now that I think about it…… Could that noise actually be a Morse Code or something like that? It’s a possibility, and a scary one at that……


But even if it is a Morse Code, I do believe that my IQ is not big enough to be able to decipher it. Worst case scenario, I would have to sell that information to the Magical Girl Wannabe, but…… Ugh.


Ah, I don’t even know your name, but Mister Broccoli! Please listen to me!




Honestly, I realize that this monster might not possess that much of actual intelligence, and groveling only tends to work on enemies that can be manipulated into feeling pity or remorse for you from doing such an action, but groveling is a strong contestant as far as options go. So it is not a bad idea to give it a go either way.


You see, actually…… My Big Bro came with me this time around…… Okay, maybe he’s not here, but he ordered me to bring him the “Guiding Light”! Big and scary Bunny, not to be messed with! So please help me out here, will you?


In the first place, it was only me talking for a while now, with like zero response from that monster’s side. I wonder if it can actually understand me? Understanding is the first step towards meaningful communication, after all. I know that it might be stupid, but I am soon about to run out of options, so what choice do I have?


I’m not going to attack you, okay? So please, can you do the same? …… Now, could you look here? This thing, right here? Can you help me restore it to its former glory? Or is it not possible in its current state?


At that moment I took our the decayed Aradval, all the while continuing to explain my circumstances, hoping that it would help me to stay in a mood that would not reek of possible hostility.






ALRIGHT––––!! I suppressed the urge to scream out loud and brandish the Aradval around in a victory gesture. I only allowed myself to smile broadly behind the cover of the bird mask.


What do you say about that, you bastard! This here was the result of all those shitty games I have conquered! All those Dating Sims that I have played! All my knowledge and roleplaying abilities! Suck on this, Shit Chronicle Online’s opponents!


You can always succeed at communication with enough effort and determination! Even if your talking partner is some sort of mysterious creature incapable of communicating!


That’s right, good boy, good boy…… Who’s a good boy? You are! Please, lend me, “Guiding Light”…… Your… “Guiding Light”… please share… with me…… Good boy… Good boy……!!


Broccoli X floats in mid-air, gazing towards the tip of the decayed sword that I was holding onto, making different sounds than the ones I have heard before.


I keep on getting closer and closer to it, maintaining the atmosphere as if Aradval was not a weapon, but rather a piece of decorative equipment.


I even removed all the other equipment that I had on me, which left me completely naked…… No, I mean! I still had my boxers on! So I’m not actually naked! Just half! Half-naked, that’s all!


Every second that I was approaching, the damage I was taking was growing even larger. All because I was practically naked, with no means of protecting me from the heat. It soon reached the amount that was exceeding the amount of healing I was receiving from the accessories, but even so I kept on moving forward. Even if it is going to kill me.


And contrary to the effect of Bone Shatterer and Dis Pater that I displayed during the duel with Saiga-100, this time around my body was truly catching on fire.


The amounts of damage I was receiving was so big that I wanted to scream and back away, but I had to push forward. And I did just that.


I don’t care what you do to me, but please! Bestow the “Guiding Light” onto this thing here! PLEASE!!!




I was slowly approaching my limit, when Broccoli X…… No, I could see it clearly now. It was not Broccoli. It was a butterfly made out of magma. A very, very big butterfly that was not spreading its wings.


When its wings fully spread, there was a small shockwave coming from them…… Accompanied by the heat wave likes of which I have never even felt before. It was increasing with every second, as if spreading around the place, when ––––




In an instant, my body was burned to charcoal and my remains dispersed on the wind like a pile of ash.


If it turns out that suffered all that in vain, without obtaining what I came here for, mark my words! I am going to come back here and kick your ass!





Additionally, I would have to voice a formal complaint if I happened to “wake up” at the bottom of that lake again, surrounded with water. Fortunately, nothing like that happened.


As for that monster…… Emotions are something that results from having a will. But for a program or a cluster of data, the identity, goals and purpose of those who descended all the way down in order to meet it are completely irrelevant.


It acts is specific way not because it wants to but because it has to. In the first place, it has no biological autonomy, it can only respond with B if the A takes place. It’s a simple action and reaction pack, nicely put together and given shape. And its only purpose is to continuously accumulate heat power while staying in that underground prison.


Although it shares a category with a certain other “Red”, its principle and origins could not have been different.


The monster that was named “Big Red Wing” was only following it reason d’etre. Nothing more and nothing less.


And that reason being: compensation with its own power to those who lacked the power of their own.


Therefore, it is that kind of a noisy creature that was able to burn to cinders even those with good fire resistance, and be able to do so just by virtue of standing near that character.


And after everything was said and done, the “Big Red Wing” just returned to its original state, without concerning itself with matter such as what was presented to it or to what purposes it was going to be used later.


For now, it sleeps inside of its solidified prison. However, the day when it was going to be exposed to the whole world was not all that far away. 




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