ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 297 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 297: Half-Naked, Long-Legged Onii—san (Bird Head) Part 1



 The weapon of the hero of the past, now in possession of the light able to restore it to its former glory.

 It is still far away from its original power, and as a weapon it is difficult to handle properly. However, the blade of the former Giant’s Spear can now shine with bright light.



In a complete silence, I strike the victory pose with my whole body. Since I died just now, the gender change effect is resolved and I return to my original appearance of a human male. But the gender or physique does not really matter that much right now, as I would feel the same no matter what my appearance may have looked like.


I can see that Emul staring at me with worry in his eyes, but for now it does not matter all that much to me. What matters here is that I finally managed to put all those years of pain and suffering through shitty games to good use, and that it allowed me to transcend the communication barrier! And a barrier between a player and AI, no less!


Right about now, no matter what kind of Shit Chronicles awaits me, there is nothing I am afraid of……


It is all thanks to being betrayed by former friends in previous games and conquering women that seemed impossible to approach if it was not in the game. I have learned from those experiences and I have grown as a character, now able to protect those who are dear to me from danger….. Yeah, right.


If it was an event scene, I would have surely cried tears of both joy and sorrow right about now, but who cares about that! In the first place, who would even come up with a scene like that in the first place!? It’s ridiculous no matter how you look at it!


Alright! Let us go, Emul! It’s time to pay that bouncing sister of yours a visit!」」




Just like that, we have enthusiastically waltzed right into Break’s workshop as if we owned the place, but what we have witnessed there was Break unlike we have never seen before. The change seemed almost too drastic……




B-Break-onee-chan……? Is that you……!?




T-That woman, she’s hitting a carrot with a mallet as if her life depended on it!


So, are you perhaps trying to make a carrot paste? Yeah, that can’t possibly be it, right?


And judging from the way in which she was placing the carrots one after another on the anvil and smacking them into oblivion, I was seriously starting to worry that she might have actually suffered some sort of a mental collapse.


Is it really alright to talk to her when she’s like this? How can we know that she won’t just jump at us and attack us!? You know, kinda like an auto-pilot guided by her survival instinct or something like that?


You know what, Sanraku-san? I would really appreciate it if you did not treat my sister like a golem or other abomination like that……


No, even if you tell me that, it is pretty obvious from the way she is acting that right now she is but a machine, and with a very simple and basic programming, at that. But on the other hand, I wonder just for how long will she keep on doing that if we just leave her like this……? Oh? And now she’s devouring the carrot paste? I see, it is in fact a perfect source of nutrition.


And what is that supposed to be?


Hmm……? Oh, it’s just you, guy……


WHACK! (The sound of the mallet falling down right on top of Break’s hand)








Those were the only sounds we made. I want someone to give us both a medal for not laughing outright at that slapstick skit just now.


For a short while Break writhes in agony on the ground while making the sounds that were truly difficult for me to describe. Then, when the sight becomes more pitiful than funny, I take out the Aradval and present it to her, all the while trying my best to hold back the laughter.


Because I know it all too well. If I laugh here, I am going to suffer a hammer strike directly to the shin or somewhere even worse.


Are you alri…… Bufufu.




…… Umm, Break-san? Let’s talk about this first, alright? Don’t do a full swing like that. Full swing is seriously not good here! I might even die if something like that hits me!


Dance! Dance, little puppet! Dance until you drop dead!




That one full swing took away about the seventy percent of my HP bar.





Pops left me with the task of reviving that sword to its former glory, so I am going to do it! Even if it is the last thing I am going to do in this life!


As I handed the Aradval to Break, she declared that with utmost confidence. Right now the blade was glowing slightly with the “Guiding Light” it received, looking kind of like my body after treating it with the Bone Shatterer. It was a huge difference from its rusty and useless state from before.


Right. So, do you need anything else for that?


Hmm, let me think…… The “fire” part is complete, so…… Yeah, right. A “container”. I will need a container for that “fire”.


Container? Something like a better furnace, for example? I take a look at the furnace that Break has in her workshop. It looked pretty normal to me, besides the futuristic apparatuses that was placed beside it. But I think that we can ignore that for now, since it must have been something that was used to create the Scorpion Gauntlets and Dis Pater. Or should I actually praise it for all it had done for me?


I happen to be a master craftsman as well, so the very first moment I have gazed upon that sword, I understood it…… That sword has an affinity for a Fire.


Fire attribute?


No, not Fire attribute. The Fire. Oh well, I guess thinking of it as a Fire attribute is close enough. But what I mean by that is that this sword has an affinity for the flames themselves.


I guess that the overly exaggerated metaphors are the bread and butter of every fantasy world out there.


Anyways, if Break says that this sword has the natural affinity towards Fire, I guess it really is like that. I mean, I have no reason in particular to doubt her words. So apparently it is not your ordinary fire weapon at that.


This sword is…… I guess it was a spear at some point in time, but now it is a sword. It used to have a “Flame” serving as the core of its power, so it is going to be our job to restore that flame…… For that end, I am more than sure that the current furnace is not going to be enough.


I see, I get it…… So, what would you need?




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