ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 298 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 298: I Forgot That You Are Like That Part 1


「…… That being said, the seventh Unique Monster is most probably a monster that looks like a humanoid and tree hybrid.」


「Ah, could it be something that resembles that one enemy I have encountered before? What was its name…… Loser’s Woods? I believe it was something like that.」


「Yes! Yes, that’s it! That is exactly right! I’m surprised that you know of its existence!」


「Oh well, you see, it happened as a result of a certain “invitation” that was handed to me sometime in the past. That particular monster is pretty dangerous at first glance, but once you manage to take his staff out of his hands, it becomes virtually harmless.」


「Oh, I see, I get…… Maybe I should give a fight with it a go sometime in the future.」


Although I must say that because of that last incident things were still kind of awkward and uneasy, we are all playing the same game here, so if we want to put the most effort into it, there is nothing wrong with helping one another out in times like this.


While at school, I was talking about the ShangriLa Frontier to Saiga-san, giving her various tips and hints. As it turns out, right about now she was also right in the middle of braving through the various tasks that Weissash was imposing onto her.


「Oh, yeah, that’s right. I was originally planning on posting that on the group chat of the Wolfgang later, but I guess I can tell you this right now: we are pretty much set when it comes to the prospect of our base.」


「Really now? That’s great news.」


「I mean, it was something that had to be done eventually now that our Guild has grown in new members. We also need a place where we can store our shared funds, as well as give both Rust and Mold their share of the reward for the Kutanid battle.」


Not to mention that both Rust and Mold log into ShangriLa Frontier quite sporadically, so it is hard to actually set one concrete date to meet and talk about things. The only instance Rust logs in is to remind me to let her use the Mecha, so it would probably yield a better result to contact her in Nephilim Hollow. Talk about confusing.


It seems that recently she came up with an idea for a new frame and was vigorously testing it out ever since. It is most probably connected with the fact that a new update came out, the one that was disabling all the limitations when it comes to weapons that you can put on your machine. I am sure that one of these days I will receive a duel invitation from her, and I will be forced to fight some sort of mechanical monstrosity armed to the teeth with lethal weapons……


「Umm, this is, I mean…… Rust-san… where did you manage to meet her?」


「Eh? Ah, I happen to meet her in another game, the name’s Nephilim Hollow if you are interested. And I say another game, but…… It was mainly just me taking a little breather from ShanFro, is all.」


「…… Oh, I have heard of it. It is that game where you get to ride those huge robots, right?」


「Eh? So you do know about it, huh?」


That was really surprising. So much that for a good moment I could only stand there and look at Saiga-san in amazement. Then, seemingly embarrassed by my staring at her like that, she turned her head away. She looked as though she was looking for the right words to say something.


「Umm, you see, I…… I once gave it a try, but I could never get used to the controls so I kind of left the story right in the middle……」


「Yeah, I guess it’s true. You need to really have a grasp on the movement of your machine if you want to play competitively against human opponents, but for casual games it’s not so bad. Most of the machines move just like your normal body, so you only need to get yourself familiar with the way in which the boosters at the various parts of your body tend to change your movement pattern.」


It looks like the sequel to Nephilim Hollow is already on its way, so I wonder if they are going to fix that problem in the future? However, if the movement system is too close to reality, it is going to be hard to immerse yourself in the game’s world. Then on the other hand, as the player I would also not want for the controls to be too clunky, so it would not be that hard to move around the battlefield.


「Umm, this is, you see…… If it was not too much trouble to ask, would you be willing to tell me more about how to operate within Nephilim Hollow? Give me some tips? Maybe I could go back to it that way……」


「Hm? I mean yeah, sure, why not? But…… Don’t you think that either Rust or Mold would be much better teachers than me? They surely know much more about that game than I do.」


I even managed to discover recently that perhaps Mold is even better to teach about Nephilim Hollow than Rust, mostly because Mold tends to be the operator the vast majority of the time. Such a position allows one to have deeper knowledge about the game’s inner workings and gives you the unique perspective, unlike which the normal player could never have.


It was also thank to his insight that I was able to come up with some unique battle tactics that I happened to name “Mold Slaughter Methods”. And originally it was something that was mine alone, but recently you could see the methods very similar  to my own starting to spread across Nephilim Hollow like wildfire. It was also thanks to that that Mold was receiving more and more mail from the people wanting him to teach them, and the sheer number of those requests was starting to take its toll on his mental health. 


And even though he was trying to come up with excuses such as “It was not me, it was Sanraku! He came up with those strategies!” It was doing him no good. The requests just kept on piling up. 


And it was no wonder why people were flocking onto Mold like bees to flowers. I mean, he IS the right hand man of the once invincible Rust. So there you have it.




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