ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 308 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 308: However Shitty Games Addict Part 2

「Hizutome-san, I beg your pardon, but I best be on my way for now.」

「Ah, yes. It was nice meeting you.」

「Talking to you was rather enjoyable…… I’ll leave you two alone for now, Rei.」

「Y-Yes! Right!」

「This Shanfuro game you were talking about…… I wonder just how long does it take for one to reach the position where you can be someone on who other people can rely on? I hope that the two of you can become such people, so please work hard and support one another in reaching that goal.」



I’m sorry in advance, Saiga-100, but I guess that because of me your sister may have a wrong impression of what you are doing inside of the game.

「Umm…… I cannot guarantee that working together part, but we are surely going to give it our very best, so please rest assured.」

「Is that so? Very well. In that case, I shall go and have a talk with Momo for a while.」

I’m sorry, Saiga-100. This is not going to be a stray bullet hit. This will most probably be a headshot from the experienced sniper.

Sen-san then left the room, not even once breaking that mature smile of hers. Only after she was gone from the room for good, I could relax and I let out a big sigh. I realize that it might be rude to do so right in front of Saiga-san, but she would have to forgive me for that, the Saiga Family Boss Rush left me quite spent here.

「Umm, this is, I’m sorry……」

「No, no, no, there’s no reason for you to apologize here, Saiga-san…… However, I can no understand how the teachers must feel when they come for a home visit……」

Regaining my composure, I took the VR device that Saiga-san brought here in my hands. I then removed the cover of the main unit, which was so big that I had to hold it in both of my hands. Then I proceeded to inspect the insides of the device with the special toolkit that I have brought with me here.

「Hmm, maybe some cords or crevices got clogged up with dust? Everything seems to be intact and nothing is damaged, so maybe it’s all the output system’s fault?」

「S-So, how is it……?」

「For the time being, I don’t see anything wrong with the main unit. Maybe some of the output parts have failed, but…… We also need to see how the head gear itself is working.」

「T-Thank you so very much in advance……」

If the problem lies in some of the replaceable parts of the device, you can easily replace it yourself without the need of having to send it for repairs. That is because nowadays the VR devices are built in a very customer-friendly way, so that some basic maintenance can be easily done without any specialized knowledge on your end.

However, if the problem lies somewhere on the software side of the device, then I guess there is nothing that can be done here about it. If the software parts of the headgear are broken or are malfunctioning, it is going to be much easier and faster to just replace the device altogether rather than trying to repair it.

「On the hardware side of things…… There does not seem to be any form of external damage, but…… Can we try to switch it on with the spare parts that I have brought with me? Maybe when we will be able to see what seems to be wrong.」

「Sure, it’s fine with me.」

「Those parts are mostly unused, and judging by the way in which you were disappearing, it will surely be some sort of an error or damage on the output part…… But if that does not work, then the problem surely must lie on the helmet part. Incidentally, how old is this device of yours, Saiga-san? When did you bought it?」

「Umm, it was a couple of years ago…… About two or three, I think?」

「Hee…… I wonder if you would still be able to repair it with the insurance if it was not all that long ago……」

If the insurance is still applicable here, even though it will surely take a lot of time, it is better to send the device for the repairs there. That way you can be sure that it is going to be repaired the right way. Not to mention that if it is some sort of internal error or damage, there is nothing I can do here about it.

「………… Ah!」

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

「Umm, this is, you see, the thing is…… If I just let the honored guest waiting in the waiting room all the time, Sen-nee-san is going to get angry with me…… Yes, she would definitely get angry, so…… You see, here’s the thing, umm.」

Saiga-san kept on opening and closing her mouth for a while there, as if she was struggling with saying something. Could it be that she could not bring herself to draw the words out of her mouth? She then turned her head away and started to stare into the floor for a moment or two. But then she nodded her head and looked me straight in the eyes, apparently making a resolve of some kind. She then opened her mouth.

「M-My room…… Let’s go to my room! Right this way!」

「……………… Huh?」


「…… Eh? Whatever should I do in this situation?」

I murmured those words under my nose unintentionally, but there was no response coming from Saiga-san. But it was hardly any surprise here, since right now Saiga-san was in the middle of the Full Dive and would not wake up for at least three more minutes.

I mean come on! Was it always taking that long to log into a Full Dive VR game? From my experience it should take less than a minute! But in this case, first about minute and a half passed without trouble and now we were slowly approaching the three minutes mark. But at the same time, if we pass the mark of five minutes, this means that there is surely something wrong with the device itself, so it will be qualified for the specialized repairs. With a delayed response like that even the simplest of games would be simply unplayable, not to mention the ones based on PVP or demanding split-second decision making.

「Now then……」

There are no chairs in this room. And in the same fashion, there is no bed here.

It was only a given, seeing that it was a Japanese styled room with the floor laid with tatami mats.

I had no idea that the concepts of “High School Girl”, “Japanese Style” and “High Tech” could co-exist so well in a single room like that…… But no, seriously, just what am I going to do in here?

Just what am I going to do here while Saiga-san is taking care of her business in the VR world!? …… For now, I just sit on the tatami floor in the upright position, not daring to move even an inch.

「Man, I’m so bored.」

Right about now Saiga-san is right in front of me, unaware of anything happening around here since she is logged into the VR world. And while I do not think that this is some seriously clichéd R-18 situation here, if I take a wrong action here it might actually turn into something resembling softcore R-18 situation…… Honestly, I would like to return to that waiting room and wait there for the results. The tension here and the stress in literally killing me right now.

Kuh…… And now what do I do? Oho, I can see that there is some dust gathering in the corner of Saiga-san’s eye.

「Fuh…… I guess the only one with enough guts to actually make a move here in this situation would be a dating sim protagonist.」

If this was a game, right about now I would be trying to get closer to Saiga-san, our hands would accidentally touch, Saiga-san would wake up at that exact moment a scream upon seeing what I was trying to do here, and I would have been kicked out of here faster than I could have explain what I was trying to do.

In other words, the correct answer in this exact situation is to continue doing what I was doing, sitting upright! This is the fastest and the best solution, right!?

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