ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 310 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 310: Departure For Poaching, That Is Why I Like It (Abduction) Part 2

「I mean yeah. As long as you possess a Tactical War Beast and a skill that can act like Rei’s Armageddon, it should be pretty much smooth sailing. And if you do not possess any of those…… Well, I imagine it is going to be quite a grueling battle indeed.」

「Let’s not forget Akitsu Akane here…… He is also pretty dangerous, when the circumstances are right, that is. His Dragon’s Breath is quite leathal, and it can cover a wide area, not to mention shooting forward for quite a distance. You would be surprised just how useful it can be.」

Although it all depends on the overall HP and MP capacity, it is true. Dragon’s Breath is a very versatile ability that under a right set of circumstances can cover the whole enemy’s body or even a group of enemies on fire. Also, it can apparently be used while on the move, so combining it with ninja’s mobility is a match made in Heaven.

「…… So? If it is all like that, then why the look of a dead fish?」

「He was apparently forced to play all night long without rest, doing some sort of a quest with certain someone. You know, because the Kutanid of the Abyss battle takes seven days and nights to finish, so they would be unable to do other stuff for that period of time.」

「I honestly thought that I was going to drop dead on the spot from exhaustion there……」

By the way, it seems that aside from his Wolfgang responsibilities, Katsu was also playing with that person and was helping her get stronger, which was also coming at the cost of him looking more and more tired as the days were passing by. …… And you keep on wondering why it is a common sense to not make an already strong boss character even stronger?

「Oh well, enjoy the sightseeing trip.」

「Sure thing…… But just you watch! We are going to clear it all in one fell swoop!」

「Could you please stop doing that? Cheeky lines like that are only awesome when you are a unique character who says them out of their own free will, not because they were forced to do so.」

「Ahh, yeas, yes, that’s right. How did I know that you were going to say something like that?」

Since the players Pencilgton and Katsu would be taking to Lulilas were not told what they are going to be going up against in there, all the participants were walking around harbor, enjoying some friendly chat and making some last minute preparations. But even amongst all those players, there was one group that was standing out way more than the rest of the players.

「Hmm? Now that’s a surprise. I thought that you of all people here would be getting on the ship heading towards the new continent.」

「I still had some time to spare on my end, so I thought I might as well drop by and send you off.」

It was a person who was clearly standing out from all the rest, both in terms of looks and aura surrounding it. Yes, this surely must have been the “Professor”, the biggest all of all brains in the entire “Library”.

「Ara, you must be Sanraku-kun, right? I have heard stories about you from both Saiga-san and my husband. My name is Massive Dynamite…… I hope that the two of us can get along well.」

「My name is Sanraku…… Ah, pleasure to be meeting with you as well.」

Muscles. Muscles. Muscles. I have always assumed that it would be some sort of a weak-looking “science type” kind of a player with a lab coat on his back and a pair of glasses. However, the one standing before me had a form of a professional body builder, with muscles so bulgy that I was shocked that they did not start popping one after another. If there ever was some sort of saying that players would adapt as their personal quotes, I believe that for this player it would have been: “Strength is Justice”!

He also looked like a tank/warrior hybrid, with a form that was even more imposing than that of Rei’s.

At the same time, his voice was calm and composed, like of someone who experienced a whole lot of things in his life. That aura of experience combined with his short blonde hair and sculpture-like facial features were giving him a true vibe of the academic, unlike a certain Magical Girl Wannabe I know.

「Ahh, this here fine lady is my wife. She is the member of the “Black Wolves”…… Ah, no, that’s not it. I guess they go by “Black Sword” from now on.」

「Ufufu, when I heard from Rei-san that Kutanid of the Abyss is a Unique Monster that is crazy strong, I simply could not contain my curiosity, you see……」

Now, won’t you look at that? The Professor’s wife surely must be in her fifties or even sixties, but for some reason I can feel the same youthful aura that I could feel from Akitsu Akane.

However, it was a pretty grotesque sight to see a pretty lady accompanied by the mountain of muscles who looks as though would have no problem with swinging a two-handed sword with one hand and cleaving a horse in half with ease.

「But I must say here, talk about a dream team here. But it should be no surprise, since the presence of “Black Wolves” guarantees nothing less but top quality.」

「And you are right in thinking that. For you this whole voyage may not amount to much, but for us first timers, the decisive battle with Kutanid of the Abyss is the event that holds a great amount of significance.」

Saying that, the Professor looked towards the harbor, where you could see the three vessels that were going to the new continent. Then, he completely changed subjects and said something that was completely out of the blue.

「The way I see it, I would say that the decisive battle with Sky Ruler Siegwurm is a long way off.」

「And what makes you say that, prey tell?」

「It makes sense when you think about it, right? The conditions for this particular Unique Scenario should consist of killing five…… No, I guess one of them is already dead, so that would make four dragons, or taking down Siegwurm itself. But the Golden Dragon is nowhere to be found at this point in time, and the five dragons are most probably scattered all throughout the new continent. So that makes it quite clear that at least one condition for clearing this quest involves going to the new continent and traversing its entirely.

And now it is widely known that the players have come into contact with at least two dragons. The green one, it was in the Elven forest, right? Some player accompanied the elves and stumbled upon the Green Dragon. And then there was also a Black Dragon who decimated the forward bases in the new continent.

「In other words, my dear Sanraku-kun, what he’s trying to say here is that unlike Gravekeeper Wezaemon and Kutanid of the Abyss, the Unique Scenario EX of Siegwurm is more closely connected to the World Quest. And the conclusion that can be drawn from it is that……」

「Unlike those previous quests that were more like side quests to begin with, this one is a longer, main one, in which a bigger amount of players can be involved at the same time?」

「–––– Splendid answer. A perfect score. I would give you a flower stamp if I actually had one on me here.」

Right about now, the Professor’s face was showing a bright smile. It was the face of an educator who managed to guide his/her students towards figuring out the answer to a difficult question without actually having to handing out the answer on the silver platter. It would have been a very pleasing expression…… if only it was not plastered onto a walking mountain of muscles like that!

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