ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 313 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 313: Just Leave It to Tias Sensei! Part 1

「Little Girl Tias-sensei! I have come here to consult you about something that is troubling me……!」

「…… Please don’t take it personally, but I liked you better when you were a woman!」

Really? No problem! Just give me a moment and…… Here! Holy Grail flash!

「Let me start over, then. …… Little girl Tias-sensei! I have come here to consult you about something that is troubling me……!」

「Hmm, that’s better. Definitely.」

Oh well, whatever you say, Tias-sensei. After that I have waited for a moment, before Tias-sensei showed me with her chin to take a seat right next to her at the bar’s counter. And I did just that. Well then, now give me…… Not, not that, I mean: please give a an apple parfait.

「…… What it is?」

「Ah, oh yes, that’s right. Onto the point. Sensei, is it possible for one to accept the quest that happens in the city that you are yet to visit personally?」

「…… Umm, of course you can? What is even with that question?」

「Umm, seriously? Is it not kinda…… weird?」

「Hmm, as far as accepting the quest goes, it is no problem at all.」

Ahh, so there is no problem with that at all, huh? Not even with places on the other side of the map or in a different continent? I see, fumu, fumu…… But, hmm, is it not way too convenient even for the video game’s standards?

I started to dig through the literal mountain of sweetness that was the apple parfait, and Tias-sensei must have sensed that it was a good occasion to strengthen our teacher-student bond, for she started to give me some advice and explain some things.

「…… You see, it is basically like journeying from town to town. You can go straight from one town to another, but you can also so some side activities, like sight-seeing and checking out the back alleys. Right?」

「Ah, now that you mention it, Sensei, it is indeed as you say. There is a system quite like that……」

Basically, in this game maps of the cities are like the branches of the trees. You have the main arteries that are the main streets and such, and you also have the side streets and alleyways that diverge from them and lead in the totally different directions. And that is not to mention the roads and alleyways that are not even displayed on the map.

That being said, not all of those branching paths are easily accessible or safe to traverse. Some of them possess high level monsters roaming the roads, and some of them even contain mini-bosses or genuine boss monsters that stand in the players’ way. Take the Crystal Cliffs, for example. If you are able to traverse through them, they make for an excellent shortcut. However, in order to pass you need to be strong enough to take care of the Crystal Scorpions in the area, which are not the easiest of monsters out there to take care of. So if you wanted to pass safely, your only option would be to fly over the cliffs, but there is no was players can do that, right?

「…… So? Since you came here to consult with me about this, do you have anywhere in particular that you want to go to?」

「Oh, yeah, right. You see, there is this one monster in particular called Dominion Hornet that I want to hunt for. I need materials from it in order to strengthen my weapons.」

Yes, that’s right. What I am currently doing right now is hunting for the ingredients and materials needed to strengthen my weapons. I have quite a few of them on me right now, but some of them only look dangerous, having no real threat behind them. Not to mention that some of those weapon had abysmally low durability, completely unsuited for the kinds of foes I am about to be fighting against in the not too distant future. One of such weapons for strengthening would be the Emperor Bee Swords, who I believe have the potential to grow truly deadly. Maybe even so much that they would actually be able to take out a whole bunch of HP out of Saiga-100.

Let’s face it here, it is truly a miracle that for so long I have been able to get away with many dangerous situations thanks to the Duxaram Blade, simply because of its stats and reach as a great sword. And it is way too convenient to just keep hoping that this sword in particular is going to carry me even further than it already had. Such overconfidence and over-reliance will only get me killed one of these days. However, if I had something that supports my Absolute Avoidance build and would help me against tough opponents like Nightprowler Luukan…… Then strengthening and reforming my current equipment becomes a matter of top priority.

So far I have been strengthening my weapons little by little. But doing only things like that is not going to cut it in a long run. It was time for me to jump into the deep water of strengthening here and do some major remodeling if I was going to remain on top of my opponents.

「…… Master, could you please bring us a map here?」

「As you wish. Please wait a moment, it should not take too long.」

I also learned something that I consider to be quite interesting. Apparently this here “Mister Dandy”, the Master and bartender of this “Wandering Sword” café is the one after whom every other shopkeeper of the “Snake’s Apple” across every city takes their looks. It’s the kind of detail that does not change anything, but for me it is really interesting piece of trivia. Also, you can get into this café from any “Sanke’s Apple” of your choice, since all of them are nothing more but a front for this place.

The Master bowed his head to us and withdrew to the back of the shop, where he remained for a moment or two. Then, after a while, he came back to us, holding a huge roll of parchment paper in his hands. On a side note, the way in which he went there and brought the map to us was very majestic and filled with grace. As it turned out, that piece of parchment he was carrying was a drawing illustrating the map of the entire continent.

Once the map was spread out in front of us, Sensei tapped with her finger on a certain place on the map, and then began to trace her finger across the map’s surface, stopping it when she reached a certain point.

「This here place is the well-known area where the Dominion Hornets tend to make their habitats…… The Magnanimous Sanctuary.」

「Tias-sama, please pardon my rudeness here, but when it comes to that place in particular, I am afraid that the conditions might be a little bit……」

For a few seconds, there was nothing but silence in the room. Then, Sensei’s finger traces slightly back, to the place just before this whole “Magnanimous Sanctuary”…… “Sanctuary of the Unseen Clouds”.

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