ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 312 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 312: At the Crossroads Leading to Great Success Part 2

「Here it goes! Dry ball, coming through!!!」

My hand makes a motion that my virtual muscles seem to remember all too well, and the amber crystal with the flames sealed inside the size of the golf ball is released from my hand at just the right time with just the right amount of both force and speed.

Just like that, the amber crystal makes a straight line towards the bowels of the furnace, disappearing in the bright light and melting almost instantly in the heat. It was a wonderful throw on my end, one that you would most likely get a whole round of standing ovations.



In the next moment, the insides of the furnace that were all pure white from the increasing heat undergone a drastic change, changing its color from pure white to that of deep crimson. The bright red flames burst forth from the inside of the furnace, overflowing into the workshop. At that moment I reflexively jumped in front of Break, shielding her from the increasing heat. I felt as though my body was about to perish into fine pieces, so she would have been incinerated into fine dust for sure.

In the next instant, all I could see was a blinding light, and then there was only darkness as far as I could see.

「……!!! Haa!!!」

Respawn! Alright, I guess it was a good move on my side to make a save just in case once I got into the Bunny Court. Otherwise I would have been in some really deep shit!

「S-Sanraku-san!? What was that loud noise just now!? What happened!?」

「Explanations later! We must check on Break! Her safety comes first and foremost! Come on, guys! On the double!」

「My fair Lady may be in danger!? I’m coming , my fair Lady! I’m coming to save you now!」

Aramis started running, as if the wind itself was carrying her towards the Break’s workshop. Needless to say, both Emul and I gave chase almost right away. That heat wave was truly powerful, I wonder if the workshop even managed to survive that blast just now? Maybe there won’t actually be anything to return to? However, once we have arrived at our destination, we could see that the workshop was still standing, and the amount of light oozing out from it was once again back to normal. It was as if that light eruption did not even take place.

「For the time being, we can assume that Break is alive. But I wonder about her condition……」

It would really help me out a whole lot if Break was alive and untouched. Otherwise, if she happens to die on the spot or after a few days spent in agony, I might be subjected to execution for killing Weissashe’s child. Not that it would do anything to me, but still…… Please Break, don’t die on us now……!

「Oooh, my fair Lady! You are asleep! Here! This should wake you up! A kiss of true love, coming right up……!」

「After my dead body! Now drop dead!」


The strength of Bunny legs is nothing to scoff at, let me say that again here. The sheer strength of the kick just now was more than enough to send Aramis flying in the air. Aramis launched in the air and made a splendid arch, before eventually falling into my extended arms. At the same time, Emul helped Break to pull herself together.

「And you, lad…… You are prohibited from adding anything into the furnace from now on, or you can only do so when I verify what the ting you wanted to put there is!」

「No, you see, I was surprised, too…… I had no idea that the heat would increase there by so much in such a short amount of time……」

「Increase? Increase my ass! It did not increased! It straight up doubled on the spot! …… However, it was actually a good thing in the long run. I’d wager that it was more than enough to fully revive the decayed blade.」

Inside of the furnace was no longer burning and there was no more light coming out of it. It was actually as if there was nothing there in the first place. The only thing that was left there was one lonely sword, looking as though it absorbed all that heat and light into itself. But it also looked brand new, as if the flames and heat did not affect it in any way.

「At long last…… This Heroic Weapon has finally managed to regain its true power and apprearance…… And thus the repair or Aradval comes to a close.」


It was the sword with the blade in the shape of the leaf, with additional “veins” of fire running all over it and pulsating as though it was alive. I tried to reach out my hand for it, and see just how it was going to feel. However, the blade seemed to be exceptionally light, and even though I made a few swings I could not actually feel the weight and power behind them at all.


「No way……」

The anvil, which should have been exceptionally sturdy and hard, melted away as if it was a block of cheese meeting the thousand degree knife. And we talk about melting from just the heat alone, the blade itself was not even near the anvil itself. No, that’s not right…… That’s not a blade at all. It’s just a “belly” of this sword?

「Uwaaah!? You moron! Don’t put this thing near my precious tools! And don’t put it on the ground, either!」


I just noticed that the dropped blade started to melt the floor away, eating through it at tremendous speed! The blade itself also started to rapidly sink into the ground, so I grabbed it in a hurry and put it away in my inventory. But then again, I thought it might actually be a bad idea, so instead I put it back on the furnace. It was then that we could all let out a long sigh of relief.

「What kind of heat is this……? Does that mean it assimilated the whole fire and heat from before? That it is all inside of it right now?」

Aramis muttered to herself while looking with round eyes at the sword-shaped hole in the floor.

「It might actually be a little bit too much for me to handle in that state.」

Since this is a fairly large sword, I can either use it for striking attacks, or for shielding myself from the enemy attacks. However, doing so would mean that I would often have to touch the sword myself. But if I were to do that, my hands might just burn away. But no the other hand, melting my opponents away surely would be an effective way to fight.

「Just like I thought…… Handling this thing without a proper sheath might actually be impossible.」

Now I see. It would certainly end in a disaster if I tried to put it in my inventory like that, but if we had a sheath that would contain its immense power, it would have been so much better.

「But that being said, is there even a sheath in this world that is able to handle a sword like that?」

「That, and we have to take weight into consideration here. A sheath that is heavier than the actual sword would do us no good here.」

But judging from the look in Break’s eyes, this bunny who was way more than a mere “master” blacksmith might have actually come up with a solution to this problem already.

「While it is true that we have here the materials capable of withstanding this heat, it would do us no good simply to remodel the furnace into a sheath. However, there is magic in this world, so there might be a way to actually do this.」

「And what do you have in mind?」

「Efuree can help us with that, since she knows her way around water magic. We would also need lots of materials with water affinity. Strong water affinity……」


Aircraft Carrier Angler Materials (Leftovers)

Lots of materials made from those aircraft carrier-like monsters that the Angler was carrying.

Materials from the Seafood Emperor.

Remaining materials from the Atlantic Reaperorca.

Remaining materials from the Arcturus Regalex.

A whole lot of other marine-themed materials from Lulilas.



I smile widely while Break looks at me and makes a loud sigh. Then I can see that my bird mask actually caught on fire and that its nose was about to fall off.

「For the time being…… Do you think you could repair my mask for me?」

「Pleasure doing business with you, lad!」

The durability of this thing really is shit-tier.

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