ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 331 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 331: Downward Movements With Lots of Souvenirs Part 2

After all, this event here is just like the kind of event where the rewards depend on your exact kill score, right? Or it’s like that time when the Rankers come to mingle with the other players just so that they can slaughter them all mercilessly one after another. …… And believe me, once people like that have a taste for blood and they like it, you will need at least a bunch of lower tier players to take one of them down.

「You see, the problem here lies in the fact that when the village of the People of the Forest was still around, it was really hard to find due to the fact that it was so well conceived that you would never know it was there even if you were right next to it.

「Well, that is certainly not good at all.」

「However, there is a way for you to know if you are nearing the village. If you are a friend of the People of the Forest, they can bestow a mark on you that allows you to ––––」

「Say, I was always wondering: what does the village of Forest People look like in this game? Is it located in the roots of the trees? Or maybe build up all around huge trees, like in that one movie?」

「What’s that supposed to mean? What are you talking about? …… The village of the People of the Forest is a normal village, but it is surrounded by tall trees. That’s its landmark.」

I see…… Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.

「Could you wait in here for a little while? I’m going to go and do some quick reconnaissance.」

Using bugs and glitches can give you a whole lot of advantages or can be really helpful, you just need to know in what exact way to use them. For example, if you charge at a specific pace at a specific wall, it will launch you to the other side of the map. Or that game where if you cast the healing spell the wrong way, the texture of your feet will basically peel off. Sometimes it’s shit, but most of the time it can be hilarious shit.

Regarding those small exploits and glitches, they are clearly something that the development team did not anticipate during the development of the game. But nevertheless, it is something that the system allows to happen. It’s like exploiting the game’s system to make a ton of money by reversing the buying and selling prices, which is technically not anything bad, but has the potential to be game breaking in the long run.

Now, what kind of materials will I need here?

INVENTORY, a totally not broken accessory allowing you access to possibly limitless storage space.

Frit Float, a skill that defies, a skill that allows me to have a foothold in mid-air and jump in the air.

Black Thunder from Levin Trigger / Disaster Hand’s Overflow state.

And the Arcana of the “Fool”, that is going to save me a whole lot of trouble and time.

The process itself should be relatively simple here. I enter the Overflow state, jump two times in the air and use the powerful jump to escape to the safety of the INVENTORY. Then I wait there for recast times to be over and return back, which would allow me to have infinite amount of jumps through the air.

Upon return, you just reverse the whole procedure and there you have it! To be honest, it would be great to have a mobile save point, so I would just kill myself and respawn shortly after, but that would surely not be good for my mental health.

「Hmm, I hope that this whole process won’t make me feel to sick……Hmm?」

Why is the horizon looking so strange right now? I know that this is ShanFro, but this definitely looks strange as hell. And the clouds are so high up, it’s actually an altitude at which looking down would most probably give someone with a fear of heights a heart attack or two.

Everywhere you look you can see a sea of green trees, the four ships docked in the harbor look like beans. The trees and sea line also seems to stretch endlessly. There is also a desert here. A snowy mountaintop. A volcano. And there’s also something shining bright like a jewel ––––

Even if I can reset the inertia here upon returning to the real world, I must be careful on how I want to approach this, since some initial judgement is always going to remain here depending on how I do this.

But I must say, this Full Dive technology makes this flight really immersive. But that being said, soaring through the sky like that while not being inside of the airplane or at the back of a flying mount of some sort is really scary! Plus, being in the state where one’s body has little to no propulsion by itself…… No, don’t get me wrong, this surely is fun! A little bit scary, but fun nonetheless!


「Oh shit, that’s not good.」

I’m going to fall! I’m going to fall from here for sure! No, let’s calm down here and try to think about a possible solution, shall we? If I try to use the INVENTORY here to escape, I am going to fall to the ground and die since I have only one HP.

「…… Hey, hey, am I actually seeing things here? Or is it actually a trend to just give every single monster on this new continent more than one head? Please don’t tell me that’s just how you do things around here.」

Like I was saying, this Pterosaur actually had two heads growing out of its body. At first I thought that it might have actually been a dragon or a monster similar to a dragon. But then I remembered that Dinosaurs and Dragons are actually two completely different species. So I wonder what would that thing be if it was not a monster. Maybe a bird or something other alongside of those lines?

Whoa there? What’s this? A strange blank area located in the middle of the sea of trees that was surrounding us at every possible direction? Is that what our destination is supposed to be? Whoa, talk about a really fast air travel. Normally I would have been fine with that, but this time it is different. This time around I am in a party play, so you will have to excuse me for I am about to stop you right there and disembark.

「I’m sorry, but who ordered some yakitori! One serving coming right up! ORA!!!」

What would be the skewers here, you ask? Well, of course that would be Aradval. I don’t even know why you would think it would be any other weapon besides Aradval. On a side not, in this particular case the skewers themselves are going to be way more expensive than the meat itself. Just saying.

That being said, I use Aradval Rebulit to slash away at the leg of the two-headed Pterosaur. In response, the monster lets out a might roar filled with pain as the scorching hot blade slashed through its flesh. The blade that was hot enough to melt away the blacksmithing anvil and a stone floor pass through the legs with ease, separating it from the rest of the monster’s body. At the same time, one of my arms was finally freed here. I’m glad that I was holding onto the monster here, otherwise I would have been falling to my dead right about now here.

「Oh no you don’t bitch! Did you really think I would have let you go that easily! Think again! Unfortunately for you, your fate has been decided! You are going to be turned into a splendid example of yakitori for sure!」

Are you tired of me grabbing you the way I do all the time? That’s fine with me, I can grab you in a different way if you so desire it! How about grabbing onto your legs, huh? Well, actually, I’m not just grabbing its legs. I use them as a makeshift ladder in order to climb up its body and eventually reach its back.

I’m going to show it to you! The power of the brave soldier who managed to score the highest number of planes taken down and brought the ground with nothing more but a power of melee! Say hello to the ground, for you’re going to get really well acquainted with it in a matter of moments!

There is one thing that I forgot to account for: the fact that the People of the Forest were sure to panic upon seeing a giant Pterodactyl coming towards the ground at a fast pace, even though it was already half-dead. And panicking was exactly the thing they did there. Oh well, you win some and you lose some, I guess……

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