ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 344 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 344: Dragon! Dragon! Part 9 Part 2
This monster was unlike everything we have seen before, its body quite different from that of birds or insects. If there was something you could complain about it, that would be its bright red color scheme. Dark red or black would have fitted way better in here.

Or maybe not? Could it be that it was actually a perfect fit? Because, you know, bright red is the color of “blood” and all that?

「Look at that, Sanraku-kun! A bat with six wings! Doesn’t that remind you of a certain creature from that certain game!?」

「Stop throwing flying monsters my way! Stop throwing flying monsters my way! Stop throwing flying monsters my way! STOP THROWING FLYING MONSTERS MY WAY……!!!」

「Ah, so because of you falling SHORT in some aspects, you prefer to have your opponents (partners) in as close proximity to you as possible? I understand.」

Oi, why do I get the feeling that this comment was VERY rude towards me? Are you really looking for a fight that much?

However, thanks to that situation just now we were able to find out a few interesting things about those blood crystals…… Just like the amber crystal that contained the essence of fire inside of it, if you were to break the crystal, or ‘casing’, whatever it was that was inside would crawl out into the world.

This may sound like it is not that big of a deal in and out of itself, but in reality…… this is making our situation her even worse.

「What are we supposed to do now, Sanraku-kun……? It seems that if we carelessly approach those blood pockets, a monster will come spitting out of there. Yes…… Just like from a portable crotch baby factory, and ––––」


「Pure ecstasy!」


「I’ll accept it all with pleasure!!!」

This is DIVINE PUNISHMENT!!! (And that is exactly how one is supposed to use it.)

With Deepslaughter’s HP falling to the level of about ten percent, I throw her away and leave her be. Then, I turn towards Tottori with whom I wanted to discuss our next course of action.

「Listen here, Tottori. Just before you came back here, this monster over there emptied its stomach of all the things it managed to devour so far, and it seemingly went on a rampage as a result of that. And just because it is like that now, it is extremely hard to predict what it is going to do or in what fashion it is going to behave next.」

「Oh, yeah? Alright……」

「You can tell from their color scheme that those six-winged bats are the same as the Great Red Devourer right there. We should also assume that their qualities and characteristics are the same as the other small fries from the first and the second form.」

「Y-Yeah, sounds good to me……」

…… Fuh.

「So here’s what we are going to do: we are going to annihilate them. Every single one of them, without exceptions.」

「Dude, you should have told me that from the start!」

I see that this guy does not have nearly enough intelligence as he has bravery, but that’s okay. More than enough games have already proven that as long as you have more muscles than brains in your head, you are going to be just fine, even if you would have it a little bit harder than the rest of the playerbase.

「Alright! Stand the fuck up, Pervert! We have a Raid Boss to defeat!」

First order of business: defeating that six-winged bat.

Next, we must get to know the positions of every single blood crystal in this area.

Then we are just going to defeat whatever it is that is sitting inside of those one by one.

But there is also another thing. Something that is way more important than those blood crystals and monsters sealed within them.

「Someone has to keep an eye on our tri-headed Tyrannosaur there.」

「If our pal is going to lose and gets eaten, we might not be able to handle the abomination that is going to be created as a result of that.」

As for the Great Red Devourer, we must take it into consideration that it might be more than a match for the tri-headed Tyrannosaur. Both of the monsters are formidable creatures, but only one of them is classified as a raid monster.

What if the tri-headed Tyrannosaur loses? Is it really going to become part of the Great Red Devourer and be spat out as part of the small fries during the next encounter?

「Yeah, the risk of something like that happening is too much of a shitty game-vibe, but it is best to be careful there. Otherwise we might end up with more than we can chew.」

「But we don’t have nearly enough people here for that…… Even if we were to include the People of the Forest in the search for the blood crystals, the possibility of defeat here is still way too big for comfort……」

Then it comes to the chimera small fries, the strength of each unit is an individual thing. The ones using Tyrannosaurus’ parts were truly tough, but the ones using Rapotrs’ parts were significantly easier to handle. As for the Pterodactyl…… I hope to never have to deal with shit like that ever again.

「…… Emul.」


Whoa there, are you reading my thoughts there, little buddy? But that’s nice, I like it.

The flying slash of magical energy flies through the air, hitting the bat square in the face.

So I guess that the really battle can finally begin, huh……?

The six-winged bat gets shot down and falls toward the ground. As it does that, we all stop breathing in anticipation what is going to happen next.

Eh, there is just no way…… No, it’s alive, ugh! No, but not for long! I have an idea!

「How about this!?」

I lounged towards the six-winged bat with Scorpion Gauntlets equipped, thinking it would be ready to fight some more. However, the look on the monster’s face upon seeing me was like: “For fuck’s sake! That’s overdoing it!” …… And sure enough, after just a single direct blow to the face, the six-winged was no more, writhing in agony on the ground.

「What the hell? If it is something like that, even I can beat it no problem!」

「No, wait! It’s still too early for us to decide that only after one……!」

「Just gaze upon this! This here Hesh-sama is going to make a short work of every single one of them!」

Ah, such haughty and robust behavior. This was surely a flag if I have ever seen one……

About thirty seconds later.


「NOOOOOOOOO! Somebody, please help mmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!」

「Whoa, that’s actually amazing. It is really something that you can’t see in normal life, failing so hard and so fast……」

「People of the Forest really are something else…… But hardly in a positive sense……」

「Somehow…… I’m sorry, guys. I really am.」

Right about now, Hesh was being chased around by the monster that looked like a combination of a cow, a gorilla and a lion. Or to make a long story short, she was being chased by something that looked like a demon. So it seems that the appearance of the crystal monsters is randomly selected as well. So I guess in the end People of the Forest are not going to be of much use after all……

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