ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 355 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 355: Dragon! Dragon! Part 20 Part 2

The power of the arm was about to be released. And looking at it from the side, it looked as though the swollen to the critical point arm was starting to suck something out of the incoming masses of soil.

Next, thin lines of light started to run all over the bloated muscles of the oversized arm. Putting this in Sci-Fi terms, it was like watching a machine getting ready to perform with a one hundred and twenty percent power output. A fitting analogy, considering that this is ShanFro. A one-shot cannon that does not consider anything else beside getting the result it was created for.


There was a harrowing cry, and in the next moment something occurred, something that could only be described as a small-scale nuclear explosion. As a result of that, the cyclops body disappeared completely.

「“Transfer: INVENTORY Entrance!”」

It was the kind of violence that was so over the top that you would never even think it possible, not even by the game standards. But it was unleashed here nonetheless. And when faced with violence like that, the only option humans have left is to run as fast as they can.

That’s why,

That’s why this sight was imprinted into my eyes. The view of a “strong man” who still believed that he could do something here, attacking the Great Red Devourer amidst all this destruction and violence. I only saw that for a moment before my scenery went completely white and I could no longer see a thing.

A three minutes have passed. It was a time during which a cup noodles would finish getting ready to be eaten, and I am sure that there was quite a change of scenery at the bottom of that hole I was falling into.

「…… I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes, but that would end up in me dying for sure.」

There was no Great Red Devourer to be found here, most probably because it was already crawling its way towards the “surface” at this very moment.

In this pseudo underground space, I can hear the distant sound of heavy footsteps. There was also an abnormal amount of heat to be felt here for some reason. Looking up, there was also a diagonal tunnel made out of glass, reaching all the way towards the surface.

Going up the glass tunnel, I could not help it but to laugh at the balance of this game. Seriously? I wonder what would have happened if an attack like that was directed towards a player? After a moment of climbing, I finally saw what I was looking for.


「…… It got turned completely into charcoal, huh……?」

So, is this all that was left out of the might tri-headed Tyranno?

If I were to guess what happened here, I would say that Tyranno must have been very close to the Great Red Devourer the moment the cyclops arm discharged all of its stored energy, so TYranno must have ate a huge portion of it up front. It’s like being in the very Ground Zero of a bomb that was detonated.

Just how much heat and sheer destructive power this monster was able to facetank……? Looking at this thing now, it was hard to imagine that not too long ago it was a formidable monster capable of decimating even fifteen players all at once.

「But still, it is actually amazing that something remained out of it, even if only so little.」

In this game, it doesn’t matter if you are a player, NPC, or monster…… Once you die, you should have turned into polygons and disappear completely. It is something that cannot be avoided.

That being said…… Does that mean it is still alive? It’s hard for me to believe seeing it in such a state, but that is the only conclusion I can think off here.


I have two basic options here: a simple choice of kill or not to kill, but……

I heard a certain rumor pertaining not only to this here tri-headed Tyranno, but to its entire species. They were supposed to rule over this entire area of the forest, acting as a sort of bosses of this whole area.

There is another rumor circulating around players: that you are bound to surely encounter Dracarus Dinocerbersu while going through this forest, and the type of them that you are going to encounter are a response to the battle potential of your entire party. In other words, the stronger you are, the stronger executioner is being sent

Such a great monster is dying right in front of me. The occasion of finishing off as easily as this won’t happen again anytime soon. Not to mention that the loot from it would probably be the best, and the EXP would not simply get wasted on me. Also, I would get rid of a strong obstacle that was sure to get in my way as I would try to explore more of this new continent.


Killing it would be easy, since right now it was nothing but a lump of charcoal. So I could literally beat it to death with my own two hands if I really wanted to. And since the Great Red Devourer did most of the work for me, the odds of success here would be quite good.

Besides, I think that if I were to defeat this monster here, I would be able to get some additional points as an Avenger, since I now have some Avenger class skills as well.

I know that killing it would make my life here a whole lot easier and that a whole lot of people would praise me for doing that to no end, but…… I just could not bring myself to do it. Not like this.

「Oh well, whatever I choose to do here, my ultimate goal does not change much.」

I chose to bring out a new type of healing item. This one is called “Mystic Soma”, and unlike normal potions that regenerate a set amount of HP at once, this one heals the percentage of the missing HP over time. It was one of the items that I received from the Saint as a pre-pay for my services, and I did not hesitate to scatter it over the body of the tri-headed Tyranno.

「Don’t fall asleep here, you oversized lizard! Wake the fuck up and go finish what you started! But don’t forget, you own me one! I did not need to do this, it was just my whim!」

Maybe it was part of Tottori’s roleplaying empathy rubbing off on me, but I tend to think about it like this: it goes against the nature of the Vorpal Soul to strike the killing blow against the enemy that you have not contributed all that much against.

But when it comes to Vorpal Soul, I am sure that Crystal Scorpions are more than enough for it. Since fighting them constantly demands me to put my life on the line.

「Without you out there, our firepower drops dramatically. Also, I think that it would be just ride to let you get away and let you die in the wilderness just like that.」

Seeing how gradually the lump of charcoal was regaining its original colors and texture, I could not help it but smile in satisfaction.

Now I wonder…… Just how badly that perverted bitch is going to freak out upon seeing that she did not manage to kill me, the Great Red Devourer or tri-headed Tyranno with a stunt like that?

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