ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 381 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 381: Side Story 4 – Unique Daily Life of a Man Who Is Not Unique at All – Part 2

「That person…… She’s really proud and she hates losing almost as bad as she hates wearing clothes and walking…… And now she’s on her way here.」

「Yeah, somehow I get a feeling that this means nothing but trouble for us……」

If Uomi Kei knowns as much, it only means that Silvia Goldberg would know even more about it.

The main driving force behind Amelia Sullivan’s actions is the polar opposite of holding a grudge and being jealous of others. In that regard, Amelia Sullivan is pretty much like a speeding train, the one that has no breaks on it and won’t stop no matter what may come in its way.

At the current moment, only Uomi Kei knows the identities of the mysterious players that helped them during exhibition match, hiding behind the nicknames “No Name” and “No Face”. Well, technically speaking Megumi knows some of it as well, but there was no need to tell Silvia Goldberg that particular piece of information.

What’s more, since the two of them tend to know each other, there is no way in hell that Amelia Sullivan has no idea about Silvia Goldberg’s current whereabouts.

「……Say, Kei?」

「Please stop it, Megu! I don’t want to look at it! I don’t want to look at that giant silhouette that mysteriously appeared right outside that frosted glass door!」

「No, I mean, sure, that’s about it, but that is my Manager, right?」

「Aaahh, say what now? Talk about needlessly confusing……」


「Ahh! There you are, Kei! There are a whole lot of people who would like to see you in person, but I guess that my relation is going to have to suffice for them for the time being…… That being said, would you kindly sign this, this, and that for me?

「Time for a strategic escape!」

「Ahh! He’s running away!」


Katsu: Umm

Sanraku: What, what do you want?

Katsu: Actually, I would like to consult you with something.

Sanraku: Is it going to be something amusing? Say, amusing enough to make me want to stop doing whatever it is I am doing for the current moment? Because if not, then sorry but I have to go, my people need me…..

Katsu: Wait……! Please, my own well-being depends on this! I’m in real danger here!

Katsu: Without your help, Im going to get folded in half!

Sanraku: What the hell? That actually sounds kind of dangerous? Just what kind of deep shit you’ve managed to step into this time?

Katsu: I would relate the details to you, but since that would take way too long and would be way too much of a drag to do, you will have to be satisfied with a shortened version.

Katsu: Okay so, remember that one time when you went with me to that event where you participated as No Face? Would you be willing to do that once more for me. Like, around November, perhaps……?

Sanraku: Eh, no way……

Sanraku: I just can’t begin to find words to describe just how much of a drag that was……

Katsu: Come on! Don’t be like that! Let’s negotiate! I promise you that I can make this worth your while!

Katsu: If this keep up, I’m afraid that my private life is going to be ruined beyond recognition!

Sanraku: …… Alright, tell you what – I will listen to what you have to say, and then I am going to decide whether or not to help you. But only if I find it to be interesting.

Katsu: Alright, then how about that? If you don’t help me with this one, I am going to disclose you address to Silvia Goldberg and watch as she raids your house!

Sanraku: Oh! So that it, huh!? Intimidation, huh!? Talk about a low blow!

Sanraku: This is what the general public calls taking someone hostage, you asshole!

Katsu: Shut the fuck up! Either way, Silvia is making a steady progress towards Fifthsia, so you can expect her to get to the New World in about three Survey Ship trips from now on! Don’t think even for a moment that you can escape her grasp! Best to give it up while you still can!

Sanraku: Whoa there, isn’t that a tad a little bit too fast?

Katsu: No, no I don’t think so. Seeing its Silvia, I’d say that’s about a reasonable pace.

Katsu: Well, getting back to the main story, that was only the first condition.

Sanraku: Say what now? There’s actually more? Dude, are you sure you’re sane?

Katsu: You have no idea to what lengths I am ready to go in order to protect my private life. Just know that I am willing to do whatever it takes.

Sanraku: Keep talking like that and one day some random chick is going to ruin that private life of yours for sure.

Sanraku: And honestly, with that pretty and feminine face of yours, I am surprised that no one took your photos and tampered with them using Photoshop. Some people would pay a hefty sum for pics like that, you know?

Katsu: S-Shut up! J—just shut up!

Sanraku: No, you are the one who should shut up!

Katsu: I don’t wanna hear that from a guy who fancies switching his gender left and right like that! Are you sure that everything is aright with your head? Or maybe you would like to become a woman for good?

Sanraku: Oi, don’t you dare laugh at me! This is something I do purely for the gameplay reasons! Gameplay! No deeper meaning to it!

Sanraku: If you are going to laugh so much at other people, you are going to turn into Mold before you even know it.

Katsu: Oh, fine with me! Bring it on! I’ll Mold (new verb) as much time as it takes if it means to spite you!

Katsu: And besides, this is all your fault, you know? Should not have fought Silvia Goldberg back then in such a flashy way!

Katsu: And no look what you have done! Because of your antics some professional gamer has come here all the way from America just so that they can play against you!

Sanraku: Huh……!? I mean, should it not be you who should be the target of everyone else? You were the one to beat Silvia Goldberg in a fight, so take responsibility for it!

Katsu: ……

Sanraku: Ahh

Sanraku: When it comes to November……

Katsu: Yes, you gave me your word! That you would consider playing with me some other time!

Katsu: I even did some screenshots, you know?

Katsu: Three, to be exact!

Sanraku: That’s an oddly specific number.

Sanraku: Alright, that’s one thing. But what about the other player? What about the “No Name”?

Katsu: We cannot just reveal her identity like that, can we?

Sanraku: It would get around the globe way too fast for our own good…… Yeah, so let’s just leave it at that.

Katsu: Hmm?

Sanraku: Are you absolutely sure that this is the only reason? Or is there something you are choosing not to tell me.

Katsu: It’s just your imagination.

Sanraku: And what’s the truth?

Katsu: Getting scouted to Star Rain……

Sanraku: Yeah, oversees is a little bit much……

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