Chapter 268 Part 1

【Third Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★ 1【Returning to solo battles】
1. Rubin
I thought it was gonna be large-scale battles with unions, but I was surprised.
Tournament rules, applications, and schedule are at >>2.

Don’t pressure people into matches!
You better not!

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【First Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★ 1-7
【Second Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★ 1-12
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———————————- (Omitted) ———————————–

Keep in mind the format for the qualifiers has completely changed!

Also its been split into 2 leagues
Think its worth it to go in the beginner group?

Qualifiers won’t happen at Remut
Remut’s only for the finals
Player matches all over the place will make up the qualifiers
You can do the beginner’s league if you get more than 100 points
With more than 200 you can get to the intermediate league
There might also be an advanced or all entry one, but idk

Points will be awarded regardless of whether you win or lose the match
Of course, more for the winners
If you win against a player significantly lower level than you, you might not get any tho
When beating stronger opponents you get accordingly higher points
Calculation methods are unknown

15. Akemi
I want you to grill you about rules a bit more

16.. Cocoa
idk if theres some kind of skill limit or something for Finals!
calculations also suck

The Finals, beginner bracket, and medium bracket have the same rules as the 1st tourny
Stats and skills are capped so watch out!

Total Stat Values + Total Skill Level = up to 150
Total Stat Values + Total Skill Level = up to 250

Is it 256 ppl per arena?
For advanced players existence itself is unknown

Be especially careful of beginners!
If you’re a high-level player, you may have a surprisingly harder time.
For example if all your stats are at 20, you need to carefully select which skills to set.
Since there wouldn’t be more than 30, is it possible to end up with just one weapon skill and one magic skill?
Conversely, players who are just starting the game can get a wide range of skills.
dont worry about it

rn theres no way to tell if an advanced league exists

18. Yumi
A trap where if you just look at the rules minmaxing seems like the way to go
If class changed guys arent in the mid-class it becomes hard to choose.

19. Guren
Not doing qualifiers at Remut and all sorta feels like cutting corners or something, but whatever lol

It looks like it
It’s impossible to change skills during a match, but it seems that you can switch between matches
If you own a lot of skills, I think there’ll be changes in your skillset for each match.
Even if it you get investigated beforehand, you could outsmart them

21. Rubin
Is that so?
Including auxiliary skills, trying to make a loadout without experience is a lotta work!
It’s definitely better to be able to recombine!

22. Yosaku
Although it is about minmaxing, for people one point away from class change there’s no way!
Even in intermediate level, you have to remove things if you want to add auxiliary skills.
I want at least 300

23. ClaudeSin
Isn’t it fine to just not worry too much?
Rather, stuff about the matches might be more important
There are few players who’ll play against the top of the meta or near it
There being no meaning in repeatedly fighting the same guy might hurt quite a bit?

24. ∈ (-ω-) ∋
Hi ∈ (-ω-) ∋
When you don’t want to fight, fly in the sky and run away!

25. Hiruma
If you’re a magician, you want to have multiple magic skills.
I want 3 magic skills open
After all it’s difficult to get by with limited cards
I think that’s definitely different from vanguard types

You don’t have to worry as a brute force focus
The ones in trouble are support types like magicians, hunters, and treasure hunters
Front line fighters don’t have to worry that much, right?
Weapon skills should be removed from sub weapons as well.
After that, get one magic skill and finish off with auxiliary skills

27. Shinjiro
Its fast, but there was a case about pressured match-ups
I made a report
Itd be best if there were mutual agreement imo

28. Guren
gotta to think about moving to Remut while playing matches instead of qualifyiers
It’s first-come-first-served so it’s definitely better for those around a lot of people
Oh and i have a favor to ask of the production guild guys

29. ∈ (-ω-) ∋
∈ (-ω-) ∋ zzz

30. Kuju
I’m a hunter but, for matches and and one on one at that I feel a bit jilted
I’m best at having a wide range of options
Is there no choice but to bet on long-range attacks?

31. Guren
If you’re a high level player, the intermediate level seems to be quite difficult
Even if you can cut your skills to about 100, it still seems like you might not have room

32. zin
With your friends is fine so what if you try some different skill lineups in mock battles?
It‘ll be a pretty rough call
The search system can be removed first, but magic skills are certainly annoying lmao

33. Houghton
Our grappler was crying
In the noob bracket limits are tight lol
If you remove punch and kick, it becomes judo
If you remove joint and throwing techniques, it becomes karate.
The higher the level player, the more difficult the selection may be.
You have to compromise the fighting style itself

34. Yosaku
I tried to assemble a temp skill composition
No matter how much I thought about it beginners is no good lol
Even intermediate level is tough

35. Yumi
Lotta trouble huh
Since I’ve been slacking off my skills haven’t grown and I’ve got room but.
Even so, I want to use all my skills …

36. Guren
I tried to tentatively assemble a loadout
It’s no good
For magic users, it seems like there’s nothing to do but go all out with one supreme move lmao
Will all Elemental Sorcerers be like that?
Since they’re specialized, its efficient and all

37. Nonomura
Summoners’ most trained skill is Summon Magic but…
Thats banned for this so

38. Goody
For a tank you don’t have to worry about choosing.
I’ll take production skillssss

39. Houghton
Mage might be better because of versatility?
Even players with the same main magic will be quite different depending on whether they have a wand or a bow.
I can’t read the meta at all

40. Cocoa
Don’t sleep lol
The elf summoning magic …

41. Naris
I tried a temp loadout
From a different point of view, it kind of looks like a step to close stat gaps?
If it’s gonna be a contest of skills trying to crush each other then even if there’s a level difference there’s a chance to win?

42. Suruga
Rather, it might have a large impact on helping the matches themselves occur so lol
I’m not using it for anything but making Summoned monsters fight each other

43. ∈ (-ω-) ∋
But you know ∈ (-ω-) ∋ Be careful about your match opponent!

44. Hiruma
I like rope play, but lol

45. Mick
I hear there’s a masochist

46. ​​Houghton

47. Goody
Predicting the winner is getting tricky huh

48. Nonomura
If you’re a summoner in a solo battle you can’t use your specialty
You’re in trouble when it’s not a team battle
btw it hurts not to get points even if you fight against summon monsters.

49. Heffalump
I hear there’s a genuine weirdo

50. Hiruma
How rude!
More than getting tied up being stepped on is (ry

51. Guren
Do you have a mistress?

They’re all weirdos lol

53. Kukai
That sounds like cheating lol
Still pond

54. Suo
Well, for the time is it just certain that player matches will be occurring frequently?
That’s good enough

———————————- (continued below) ———————————-

Skill classification discussion 80
1. Kyoshi
For more threads specific to Combat Skills, Magic Skills, Production Skills, and Support Skills, please see >>2.
If possible, please add【】around skill names.
Try not to pressure someone to show their skill composition.
Please be careful.
Let’s have a calm discussion.

I’ll make the next thread once we hit about >>950.

Previous Threads:
Skill Consultation Office 1-79
Skill Information Comprehensive Thread 1-5
※Refer to the archive

———————————- (Omitted) ———————————-

455. Rubin
No, just meeting the conditions isn’t enough
I’m not sure it’ll be available
Probabilistically speaking, it’s better to have high DEX and STR.
The rest is the weapon you use
I think the possibility this works best was discussed a while back?
I’m not sure.
Use the heaviest sword you can handle.
Then you should be able to get【Two-handed Sword】

456. Romud
It looks like there’s value in taking both【Sword】and【Two-handed Sword】
Cases of both leveling up together are confirmed
You can also use the【Sword】martial arts with【Two-handed Sword】.
And vice versa
I’ve also confirmed the case of fighting with only【Two-handed Sword】.
There’s no noticeable difference, should be the tentative conclusion.
I think you don’t have to worry about it
【Heavy Armor】and【Heavy Shield】can’t be used without【Physical Enhancement】though.

457. Rothschild
Certainly there’s a limit to the skills that can be selected in the Finals.
I want to select carefully
I could sorta tell in a match.【Two-handed Sword】isn’t a complete upgrade of【Sword】.
No, it’s easy to dodge

458. Horai
Probably, even if you contact admin I don’t think you’ll get the answer you want lmao
Admin doesn’t like disclosing things

459. Clausa
A big fighting competition huh
Also, while I think the usual upper ranks are tied up, is it easy for things to turn around?

460. Jiro
You don’t really have to worry since skills are limited
Restrict skills and oop, how refreshing

461. Li Guang
When I temp assembled I had leftover room for mid-class
Should I aim for the beginner qualification req?

462. Rubin
Well, getting qualified to participate is first-come-first-served
Hurry up and try to get qualified asap

463. Yumi
On the other hand if you have a lot of room you’ll have too many choices to decide
If you mainly use magic skills, there are a bunch of auxiliary skills you want to add

464. Clausa
Will the difference in strength be reduced by setting an upper limit?
In that sense, there might be a chance to win.

465. Tsutsumi
I’d actually like to see battles limited to just swords and hand-to-hand.
It came out like this huh.
I would have preferred to stick to team battles.

466. Moko
I like individual battles better
In team battles I abstained because I couldn’t agree on a schedule with my pty members.

467. Tsuzuki
Isn’t it virtually impossible for the leading class changed group to enter the beginner class?
If you’re a player stuck on the top, even in mid-league, you have to sharpen your skills considerably
Isn’t there a chance to win against that Summoner?

468. Clausa
The map I’m on rn is empty
Guess ill get moving
If I wanna train being here is more convenient but

469. Romud
The question is how to assemble auxiliary skills
I think【Dash】or something might be effective

470. Shelvi
I’ve become able to fight nicely on horseback
Should I change what I’m working on?
I haven’t earned any points at all yet.

471. Moko
It seems that without working that hard you can get into the beginner league right away
I don’t think intermediate level is that bad either
2 days should be enough

472. Yosaku
Maybe I’ll ask the Player’s Guild people to fight

473. Goody
In a crowded place with many players, it seems like you could do it in a day.
In fact, I should hit intermediate level soon

474. ∈ (-ω-) ∋
Hii ∈ (-ω-) ∋ I didn’t intend to participate in the race, but I exceeded 100 points!

475. Suo
Actually the people at the forefront of exploration might not have people around
Is having to move harder?
Even if you have a horse, it’ll take a lot of time if you are 5 squares away.

476. Tsuzuki
It’s an honorrrrrrr

477. Horai
Well, let’s just say it’s still early to talk about skill comps for the tournament, alright?
Just give priority to getting qualified

478. Romud
I made a temp loadout
On the premise of the beginner league

Race Human Male Racial Lv10
Job Fighter Lv10

DEX 15
AGI 15
INT 15
STR 25
VIT 25
SPI 15

Stat Total: 110

Sword Lv8 Buckler Lv8 Evade Lv8 Block Lv8
Fire Magic Lv5 Dash Lv3

Total Skill Level: 40

Total Stats + Total Skill Levels = 150

You can tell from this. For someone at around Racial lv10 it’s pretty tight.
Can’t get anything but the minimum skill loadout
I think that the noob group is impossible for anyone with a class change
If you’re around Racial level 8, you could add something like a secondary weapon skill
You could even take a single magic or support skill

479. Shelvi
I haven’t even reached 50 yet
I guess ive gotta give it up

480. Goody
Certainly it seems easier to assemble for a front-liner
But if you take【Heavy Armor】and【Heavy Armor】plus【Physical Enhancement】, you can make intermediate.
Maybe we should give up on beginners…

So beginner is impossible after all huh

482. Moko
What are you saying lol
I’ll take an all-level bracket pls

483. Clausa
It might be even harder to decide if you’re trying to come up with a varied kit
This is pretty much completely different from normal
it’s hard huh

———————————- (continued below) ———————————-


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