30. Wolf’s Hidden Village (3)

There is no absolute justice in war. It is a struggle for survival, and it is providence that the strong win and the weak are robbed.

「Doesn’t culture and civilization exist to change that?」

I couldn’t get that question out of my head.

The human species is unique and special. They are creatures that have built a “civilization” that clearly sets them apart from other beasts. Living in defiance of nature itself is what makes humans human.

And yet, the weak are about to be swallowed up by nature after having everything taken away from them. In this case, I don’t know what society, country, or king is for.

「Master, that thing at the front…」

「Yeah, let’s stop for now.」

With such thoughts in mind, I continuously moved forward with my invisible arms clearing the way ahead. We stopped for the first time on the fourth floor. There was sand under my feet, and beyond that

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