29. Wolf’s Hidden Village (2)

「Marge! Mother and father aren’t breathing! And they’re badly burned!」

「Don’t worry.」

「T-The healing skill you used on Guran!」

Shizuku’s parents had suffered severe burns, but Seraph’s Grace instantly healed all injuries. They had passed out from inhaling too much smoke, but should wake up in a while.

While protecting Shizuku as she carried her parents into safety, I turned towards the village.

「……What is this?」

Looking around at the devastation in the village, my thoughts escaped my lips despite myself.

「Just what in the world is this?」

My thoughts wavered at the sight of the werewolves, who were once unparalleled warriors, helplessly being trampled, eaten, burned, and running about trying to escape.

The strong rob and become stronger, and the weak are robbed and become weaker.

That is the law of nature. These are rules that nature has forced upon all living things. However, humans have created civilization, culture, and wisdom in order to resist such nature. That

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