37. Wolf’s Hidden Village (10)

「Leave the rest to me.」

I just barely arrived in time. If I had arrived any later – if I hadn’t penetrated through the dungeon floors – Shizuku’s scarred body told me of the tragedy that would have occurred in the future.

However, the “King” has been killed. The monsters in the dungeon should lose their power and be absorbed back into the dungeon. The only thing left is the monsters remaining on the ground.

「Marge, what about the dungeon!?」



I scanned the surroundings to get a read on the situation.

The Wolf’s Hidden Village was built to be concealed inside a valley. The entrance to the S-class dungeon was in one of the mountains surrounding it, and no new monsters appeared through the entrance at the moment. Although Shizuku has defeated over 100 monsters in the village, monsters of all sizes still roamed the valley, including the village.

The remaining number is 592. Not

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