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Vol.4, Ch.1, P.1





Much of our number had returned to Hensen.

Not more than a week had passed since I’d last seen this oaken townscape, a sight that well-seemed like an old memory. Yet seeing also its reparations still underway was a whelming reminder that it was no fewer than five days that spanned between its deliverance and the downfall of its offender: the fiefburgh of Arbel, the Fiefguard, the margrave… indeed, the whole of Ström itself. No doubt a thunderclap of a campaign, one to be remembered as a military miracle by a great many generations of chroniclers to come—whether with reverence or rue.

Yet the quill of history never halts. Our battle may have been won, but the war would only quicken from hereon out. With the stretches of Ström captured and new horizons hewn

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(Language: German) “Vault” or “arched ceiling”. In Soot-Steeped Knight, a division of a Nafílim army, larger than a Staffel. The Gewölbe is also the equivalent of the Londosian battalion. Pronounced and spelt the same in both singular and plural forms. The e vowel is pronounced with an open e sound, as in “edge” or “bed”. The w consonant is pronounced with a v sound, as in “voice” or “village”. The ö vowel is pronounced with an elongated, rounded o sound, as in “burn” or “learn”.



(Language: Old Norse) A “thing of winds”. In olden times, a þing or thing was a meeting held amongst the leadership of clans within a region. The word thing derives from this very term, albeit its meaning has morphed over time. In Soot-Steeped Knight, the vindarþing refers to much the same: a council held amongst the high personages of a clan to deliberate and decide various affairs. The þ consonant is pronounced with an unvoiced th sound, as in “think” or “thumb”.



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