Chapter 129 – Not even a sliver of remorse




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Chapter 129 – Not even a sliver of remorse

「Umu, I can’t help but regret what I have done. Let’s go to the cathedral over there and apologize. I didn’t exactly do it out of malice.」


I regained my sanity as soon as possible and stopped Yoro-san who tried to issue a crime statement disguised as an apology.

「Evil Dragon-sama. If the god of this country dies, then there is no other choice than to reign in this land as its new god. Please make the decision.」

「Did you even consider other options before saying that?」

Rēko is looking at this crisis as if it is some kind of opportunity. How does she come up with these ideas every time?

In most cases, even if I declare myself as the new god with this timing, I would have been suspected as the Demon King (Yoro-san) ‘s accomplice.

「Anyway, you shouldn’t just thoughtlessly turn yourself in like that, Yoro-san.」

「To turn away from your sin without admitting to it… Dragon, that is a very bad thing to do.」

「Fuh, naturally. You are just incomparable towards Evil Dragon-sama’s great darkness.」

「I wonder. Why am I the worst evil even though the perpetrator is right here.」

Moving to the corner of the square where the thunder statues are displayed, the three of us sat face to face.

「Listen to me, okay. First of all, we should organise the situation and think of countermeasures. Err—For the time being, why did Yoro-san do that?」

「Because it suddenly struck me with lightning.」

「Well, I thought that it would be something like that.」

It would have been great if you take a deep breath and think before fighting back at least.

「There is no need to worry. Your misconduct is usually a mortal sin, but Evil Dragon-sama is here. Even in the absence of god, there will be no problem as long as Evil Dragon-sama is here. Come, believe in Evil Dragon-sama.」

「Oh, I see. Then, I will leave the rest to you. Now will you excuse me—」

「Rēko. I want to stay on the sidelines as much as possible, so would you please stop trying to get me involved in the story? And please sit down, Yoro-san. If you don’t, I’ll get angry okay?」

Yoro-san’s armor rang as he quietly sat down. It is a relief that I can communicate properly with him, unlike Rēko.

「However, Dragon. I also have something to say.」

「What is it?」

「The acquaintance I came here to see is “The god worshipped in this country” in the first place. But as far as I know, the god of this country is not a thunder god. That’s why I didn’t think that thundercloud is the god of this place.」


My head is starting to twist with the information that is suddenly revealed to me.

「Isn’t Yoro-san just on the fourth day of his life? How could you have met the god here before?」

「Well…you could say I did, and I did not.」

「What do you mean by that?」

Yoro-san himself seems to be wondering what he means about what he just said. For a while, he thought about it while putting his hand on his chin.

「I was born four days ago, but I have a faint memory of before I was born. One of those memories is that I am the Demon King.」

「…then, does that mean that you have amnesia? Instead of being born four days ago?」

「No. I clearly remember my birth from nothingness.」

If that the case, then the reason that he has memories—

「The end of my former memory was “The appearance of me who was defeated in a battle with my enemy”. In other words, it was probably the memories of my previous life.」

Previous life?

I have heard of such a concept in human religion, but I thought it was just stories of fictional affairs.

「Err…are all demons reborn the same way?」

「The origin of a demon is negative emotion such as “fear” and “awe” from human beings. Even if you defeat the demon itself, if the emotion that had originated it did not disappear, a similar demon will eventually be born. Well, I was like that too.」

「By the way, what kind of origin do you have  as a demon?」

Rēko suddenly interrupted us here. To be honest, I am also curious. Depending on his origin, one can roughly tell this strength.

Yoro-san spread his palm and produced a pale lightning on top of it.

「I am the incarnation of the horror of all “Lightning strikes” in this world.」

When I heard those words, my eyes blinked twice.

「Isn’t that the same as the god here?」

「Don’t put me together with such a small thundercloud. But—I can’t deny that we are similar. But the god I know here is not a weak thunder god. He was more ridiculously amazing.」

Yoro-san laid his back on the chair with his legs outstretched as he crossed his arms.

「Geez, I wonder what is going on. All I want to do is to meet the real god again.」

「Ah, come to think of it, why did Yoro-san want to meet the god here anyway?」

「Umu, I also want to hear it.」

With electricity on his fist, Yoro-san laughed cheerfully.

「He was a god who defeated me in my previous life. Therefore, I came all the way here to achieve my long-standing revenge. Ah, I want to meet him soon and openly fight with him.」

I wailed and pounded on the ground as a protest to his declaration of committing a second offense in this country.



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