Demon Lord’s Redemption

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Action Adventure Comedy Different World (Isekai) Drama Ecchi Fantasy Female Lead Harem Romance Sexual Content
  • Author: Literataku
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A former summoned hero turned demon lord, Haruko, the Lord of Domination, has lived in a four thousand year stalemate between gods and demon lords until a hero with Divine Magic was summoned forth by the gods and subsequently destroys him. But the Seven Gods mistakenly return their Hero before he could complete his quest to fight the other nine demon lords, leaving them with the threat that the Demon Lords will join forces and declare a full-scale war. Realizing this, the Seven Gods make Haruko an offer for revenge he can’t refuse: Destroy the other nine Demon Lords, and the gods will return him to Earth.

Emiyo is a seventeen-year-old Miko at the Temple of Demon Sealing, chosen to be the companion of the soon to be summoned Hero. Dealing with jealousy from the other MIkos and the budding of her own sexual awakening, Emiyo worries about how she will be able to best serve her duties while maintaining the temple virtues. Trying her hardest not to succumb to the sins of the flesh she now finds herself tempted by with Haruko at her side.

What neither of them expected was Emiyo gaining control over Haruko’s Demon Lord Powers. Now the pair must travel across the ten kingdoms to destroy the Demon Lords while dealing with each other. Haruko at the mercy of Emiyo giving him permission to use his powers. Emiyo in the hands of Haruko, who understands her temptations, teasing her while he builds a growing harem of women she has to wistfully watch serve him. Worse yet, if she gives him her virginity the Demon Lord will be unleashed upon the world unrestrained once more.

Can they work together to stop the demon lords? Can Haruko deal with being under someone else’s control? Will Emiyo succumb to her desires and give him the full power locked inside her? Will they survive each other on top of every demon and monster out to stop them? If one dies the other will lose everything as well. Fate tied them together, there is no room for failure.

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Alternate Titles:

Shōkan Akuma-nushi
The Demon Lord’s Redemption

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