Chapter 18: We can’t understand each other at all, the language of the other world seems to be pretty difficult. Part 2




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Day 18 – Afternoon, Omui Town

I never left Japan, let alone visited Europe, so I can’t tell if it looks European or not.

I also wasn’t born in the Middle Ages, so I’m not sure if it looks medieval or not.

It is also my first time coming to another world, so I’m not sure if it is typical for another world or not.

How should I put it, stone made? Or more like, rockpiled? Is what the buildings look like.

The buildings appear not like they were built to look like that, but more like they turned out like this after being built.

Every building happens to be made of stone, even though it doesn’t look like they have any plans or regulations for that.

And it also doesn’t seem like they built with organic architecture in mind. It’s just that all of the materials used are stone and wood. That’s all.

Almost everyone in the town looks western, with well defined features, like those of sculptures from the West. A lot of good-looking guys. If you like defined features so much, then how about I carve them even deeper?! Is the kind of feeling that I get.

There are also a lot of pretty women. The children are cute, and the adults are beautiful. A very nice place.

As the old men brought us here, it turned out that to enter the town we have to pay, but it seems that they also accept magic stones, so I paid for 21 people. 4 stones were enough. I also got some change in coins.

In Item Bag I have tons of magic stones, which I don’t even know where to use. There are so many that I wouldn’t even notice having 4 less. Still can’t be compared to the sheer volume of mushrooms though.

The president’s plan is to go to the guild, exchange stuff for money, register, and find an inn. And in the meantime, collect information on the geeks.

Finding the geeks would most likely finish the process of gathering information on this world.

And, that being the case, we head to the adventurers guild. The old men, who are guiding us, are full of intentions to storm into the guild with a yell. Meanwhile, the girls from the different world were swallowed and absorbed by the group of girls.

A yellow signboard, is that it? Woow, a real adventurers guild! Eh, wait, the building is completely ordinary. Made out of stone, like every other one.

The old men couldn’t endure it any longer and rushed inside the building. At that age, they sure lack control.

As we enter inside, all eyes immediately gather at… Me?

Is this popularity? Wait, it’s mostly dudes. I politely refuse.

Somehow, there are a lot of unpleasant stares. I also heard some click their tongues? The mood is bad, their manners are bad, and their faces are also bad. Such an annoying bunch.

A group of the roughest, most thuggish, and dumbest-looking guys stood up. Or rather, I’m quite certain they don’t just look dumb but are actually dumb. Glaring at me, they walk toward us.

Whooa, so cliché, how annoying.

Aah, it’s that? They are angry that one man is walking around with a bunch of girls?

Yeah, if I saw such a man I would be far from angry, I’d be outraged!

In light novels. newcomers will get in a quarrel after bringing cute girls to a guild. Standard, routine, and cliché.

They’d get picked on even if there are only one or two girls.

And absolutely so if there are three or four!

If they brought five or six, I think it’s fine to just attack them on sight.

With seven or eight girls, even guild staff would attack.

Ten or more girls? Are you screwing with us? They should be publicly remonstrated on the streets! Unforgivable!

And there are 24, the state itself would take action. That is the enemy of humanity! And he must be destroyed! No objections?!

「Hey you! The brat with nasty eyes!!!」


「Huh? What did you just say? The creature with the face, character, brains, upbringing, luck with women, future prospects, personality, nature, guts, and spirit being so much worse than that of a goblin that even comparing you seems like an insult to goblins. With that miserably dreadfully awful face, you are calling my eyes nasty?!」

I’m super-duper mad, why is the obvious winner of the grand prize for the most atrocious mug bitching about my eyes?

「I dare you to say that one more…… Eh?」

The bastards with dreadfully awful faces and miserable character, brains, upbringing, luck with women, future prospects, personality, nature, guts, and spirit slumped down to the floor, and while crying and trembling, prostrated themselves. What is this? Picking a fight with someone and then doing this?

「Haaruukaa-kuun! You shouldn’t do that, even the people behind them are crying. The receptionist ladies are trembling! Don’t glare at people!」

Eh? Well, I did glare at them, but? Wouldn’t you normally do that, a bit? What is this situation? Why are the guys that clicked their tongues hiding under the tables? Is this an emergency drill? Is my stare considered a calamity?

I had it, what is this, I even have Contacts properly equipped. It was written that they will make eyes better. What is this treatment? They were glaring at me with such awful faces, and now I’m the one to blame after I glared back at them just a bit? Just what is this?!

For some reason, the president decided to isolate me from the public. Isekai-bullying.

I’m all alone in the corner of the guild.

The adventurers won’t even glance my way.

All of them are sitting at round tables, so at least one of them has to face my way, but for some reason, no one would meet eyes with me.

They are forcibly looking the other way so hard, that I’m beginning to worry if they are going to break their necks.

No, you glared at me first? Why am I being treated as the bad guy?

What a cruel town. Maybe the geeks were bullied out of here as well.

A beautiful receptionist lady won’t look my way.

Scary looking adventurers won’t look my way.

A strong-looking knight-like man in armor won’t look my way.

A pretty swordswoman won’t look my way.

A suspicious mage in a hood won’t look my way.

I’m bored.

Ah, the old man came back.

The spear old man looked around and asked in wonder.

「I’m back, but what’s with this weird mood? You lot, don’t tell me you tried to pick on our benefactor?」

The spear old man glared at the surrounding people, but no one looked our way.

「……What is this? What happened?」

「Well, they tried to pick a fight with me when I came in? Insulting? And now I’m being bullied?」

For some reason, everyone in the guild shook their heads at once. No, this is bullying.

The sword old man also came back.

「Sorry, can I have some of your time? Looks like they want to ask something in regards to the Green Wolves…… Why is everyone staring into the distance?」

「Bullying rookies? Or maybe bullying outsiders?」

Once again, everyone in the guild shook their heads together. Eeeh, this is a bullying. Definitely.

「Something to ask? Me? If it’s about the Green Wolves, then they suddenly exploded and scattered around, so I didn’t see them that well?」

「「It was you who exploded them! You are the very culprit! And it’s not only about the Green Wolves. 」」

「I don’t get it, but I have nothing better to do anyway.」

For the talk, I will have to go to the second floor. Even though I passed right through the bar, no one made eye contact with me……

「I brought him. I’m coming in.」

「Yes, enter.」

Upon entering, I saw an old man. I had enough, what’s with this percentage of old men?

I got picked on after bringing 24 girls, but everyone around me are old men.

「I’m Guild Master of Omui’s Guild of Adventurers, Hakies. Sorry for summing you.」

「No, that’s fine…… I came since I heard you have something to ask?」

The guild master lowered his head. What? Is he the owner of the green wolves? Was he letting them run free? Why is he apologizing?

「Let me thank you for saving Ofta’s party. Thank you. This request was a complete mistake on the guild’s side. It could even get a B class party annihilated. Even if another party was passing by, they still wouldn’t have been able to rescue them. You really saved us.」

「No, as we said…… Rather than just rescue us, he…… Annihilated a Big Green Wolf. This young man.」

「?! A Big Green Wolf appeared? We have to relay the message and blockade the area……」

「As I said, already dead」


「No, you are safe, aren’t you? Who are you saying got annihilated?」

「Not who. That Big Green Wolf and the pack of Green Wolves, all annihilated.」

Yeah, looks like they can’t communicate well. Good grief, the people from another world these days. Can’t even report, inform, consult properly? How deplorable.

「The old men’s info should be correct. They were attacked by a Big Green Wolf and 36 Green Wolves. And all of them are dead.」

「No, I heard that everyone was rescued?」

Damn it, it doesn’t get through at all.

「A big green wolf and 36 green wolves, a total of 37, have passed away.」

「Passed away…… Why?」

「Why? How should I put it, I rushed to save the old men, and bumped into them? Kind of?」

「Huh? Bumped? Into Ofta and others?」

「No, the old men didn’t go poof! They are here!」

Why is it? We can’t understand each other at all, the language of the other world seems to be pretty difficult.

「Are you playing around?」

Ah, Elf-san. Finally, the density of old men decreased.

「Kirikiru, I’m glad that you are safe. I’m really sorry about this incident.」

「That aside. The Big Green Wolf and 36 Green Wolves were subjugated. By this Haruka-kun over there. So the Green Wolf Request is finished. Over.」

「……? Eeeh, Haruka-kun?……Subjugated them?」

「Well, as I said, I kind of bumped into them, and they went poof?」

「Aah, I had enough of those guys.」

Elf-san seems to be troubled. Troubling Elf-san, such mean old men.




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